Dhruv Kapoor’s electric and cerebral aesthetic is a jolt to the senses. His approach to design is invigorating and belies the temperament of a perfectionist. An Istituto Marangoni (Milano) alumnus, he  previously worked under the prestigious house of ETRO in Milan before starting his own label. He was recognised as the country’s best emerging talent by making it to the top in Vogue India Fashion Fund 2015 and Elle Graduates Top 5. His designs have been worn by superstars like Sonam Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh,  Kajol, Malaika Arora Khan to name a few. Afshan Shafi catches up with Dhruv in an exclusive interview about his latest collection: New Romantic

If you had to sum up your aesthetic in three words, what would they be?




What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your fashion company?

We learn something new every day in technical terms from the materials, and from new approaches in the fashion industry in general. The biggest thing that has stuck with us is decisiveness and commitment.

I have learnt to trust my gut. It’s important to come up with a decision to avoid delays and boredom. A commitment once made should be processed and completed within a certified time frame.

Our industry is all about believing in the “right thing at the right time.” Timing is of utmost importance and the only way to achieve that is through commitment.

Who is the embodiment of the Dhruv Kapoor brand? Who do you feel carries your clothes the best?

The brand channels authenticity. Each collection depicts a combination of ideas to define our idiosyncratic and ever-mutating identities. Styling is key.

Each piece of the collection is worked on separately and a look is created by combining multiple pieces or layers in sync or mismatched with each other.

We respect all belief systems and defy all at the same time, so an individual who is true to their personal system, versatile and open to newness, works perfectly with our brand.

There is something for everyone from a 15 year old to a 65 year old.

What were your inspirations for your latest collection?

We built on Steve Strange’s underground scenes in London from the 1980s, which catered to a large group of varied identities, each special in its own way. The subjects’ personalities shone through their ensembles, which would be a combination of brand new clothes, hand me downs and surplus stores.

What are the most memorable responses you’ve had to your work?

Every response is memorable, though I only follow the opinion of a select few. The most memorable however was winning the Vogue Fashion Fund 2015, which was the biggest response for the brand in general and can never be forgotten.

Also  it feels good whenever I see someone wearing something from our collections, which is a tiny but a nice pat on the back. But we try not to get attached for too long.

Who is your dream client?

Miroslava Duma! (A Russian digital entrepreneur and investor in the world of international fashion, she is the founder of digital company Buro 24/7 and its fashion and lifestyle platform Buro247.com.)

Who is your muse?

A muse is a restrictive term.

We try not to focus on one person or a small group of people during our design process, it’s more about the idea and depiction of one’s personality.

The whole idea is not to be like someone else and just be yourself.

Who inspires you the most from the fashion world, internationally as well as locally?

There are a lot of people who have a fresh take on traditional strategies. Currently, I look up to Miroslava Duma who makes a lot of effort to cast a spotlight on unexplored territories with immense talent.

There are very few people who  make all the effort to push you beyond your potential. Miuccia Prada, works in a manner that is inspiring at all levels. Her approach is twisted and forever fresh.

Sabyasachi is my favorite from India. That vision, clarity and compassion is rare to find in our country. His focus inspires me.

What advice would you give to young, aspiring designers?

The best advice is to believe in yourself.

Keep track of time, timing is the most important thing after vision.

Vision brings one clarity and something to look forward to.

The last but really important tip is to DREAM and dream big.

What are your future projects?

There are plenty in the pipeline from new product categories to fresh territories. We shall announce those when the time is right.


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