The favoured makeup artist of many celebrities, Eric Sen has been transforming faces for the past 17 years. Sana Zehra gets the latest tips and bridal makeup trends from Eric

What is your take on bridal makeup?

It should be subtle. Not over the top and begging for attention. Brides come to me wishing to look fair and a tone lighter I always tell them let’s just enhance what you have instead of making you look fair. Less is always more.

What are universal beauty tips?

Glowing Skin

Natural looking foundation

Less pressed and loose powder

Biggest makeup mistake women make?

Wrong foundation and over the top back combing.

Top current beauty trends?

Neon pastel colours as well as plum, orange and deep blood red lips.

Do you think these shades would suit everyone?

You need to have confidence to carry any trend tbh (to be honest).

What are the three makeup items that no one should leave home without?




Favourite beauty brand that you think suits our Asian skin types?

MAC and Estee Lauder

How can a bride get beautiful skin?

My advice to them is eat healthy, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and sleep tons. Make a detox water with cucumber slices in it and stay well hydrated. Another tip is to stay away from bleach and use sunblock when going out.

There is a huge trend of using whitening products and bleach is one of them. What would you suggest.

I am against the idea of bleaching. I think we should enhance our natural complexion rather than using bleach. Bleach is extremely bad for your skin. Brides especially must bleach with extreme caution. Who wants blotchy, inflamed, reddish and over sensitive skin on her wedding day?!

If someone really want to bleach their face what would you tell them?

Try using face polish instead if you really insist on bleaching your face.

How has the makeup evolved over the last 17 years since you’ve been working?

Huge change! We have a small industry and my mentors have actually brought in trends that no one else was using at that time. Makeup and hair has seen a huge change but makeup trend seems to repeat itself the most.

How much should a bride trust their makeup artist and how much input should be given?

Always have consultation first with your makeup artist. But some brides are adamant that their lips are bold and eyes are smoky at that point I listen to them but then try to keep eyes a bit subtle since it should have my signature look also.

Which actress or model transforms the most?

Sunita Marshall and Amina Ilyas

Who is the most finicky celebrity to work with?

Haven’t had the chance to meet someone like that, have had a pleasant experience so far with everyone.

Who needs a good makeup artist badly in our industry?

Hard question! I’d rather not answer.

Which celebrity would you want to work with?

I really wanted to work with Sridevi but she alas she’s no longer with us. In the Pakistani industry, luckily I have worked with almost everyone.

Any message for upcoming new makeup artists?

Focus on your work. Respect your seniors. and focus on features don’t get stuck on makeup. Work on enhancing the features instead of just slathering on colourful makeup products.

Photography: Raza Jaffri

Hair & makeup:  Eric Sen


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