Most Pakistani actors dream of working in Bollywood. However, Indian actress Aditi Singh has crossed over to our side with her movie Wajood. Belonging to a family of Bollywood actors, she’s the daughter of Jainendra Pratap Singh and niece of Aditya Pancholi, and started her career with the Telugu movie Guppedantha Prema. Sana Zehra asks Adhiti all about nepotism, love and her movie new Wajood

What was the response to the trailer launch of Wajood like?

Well I wasn’t here in Karachi when the launch took place, but after it, I received so many messages praising the trailer of Wajood and my look in it that I was overwhelmed. Though I was miles away, people really made an effort to convey their liking.

Does other people’s approval matter to you?

Not in my personal life, but when it comes to my professional life, of course it does. My audience’s appreciation makes me into the artist I am. I won’t ever want to do anything that makes them feel any less love for me. Whatever I do, I do to entertain my fans and their approval matters. The happier my fans are with my work, the longer and more successful my career will be. Simple!

How do you deal with the uncomfortable questions about your personal life?

When a person decides to become an actor, he/she should be well prepared because once you put yourself out there, your personal life isn’t so personal anymore. I started acting at the age of 16, and I accepted whatever was part and parcel of my field.

Having said that, yes some things are private and I keep them that way. I guard my privacy, am not an open book and like to keep certain aspects of my life mysterious. But I still have to give some insight in to my personal world. It adds a personal touch to my story.

Have you signed anything new?

There are a few things in the pipeline, which I’ll disclose them soon.

What is the one thing that you look forward to every day?

I look forward to doing what I love every day, which is performing in front of the camera.

Who, according to you, is the best dressed actor in Pakistani cinema?

Javed Sheikh, Shehryar Munawar and Humayun Saeed.

Who, according to you, is the worst dressed woman in Pakistani cinema?

Nobody. Pakistani fashion is graceful and the actresses are so elegant.

Any infamous incident of the past that still haunts you?

Yes, I lost both my grandparents within a month in 2008. I was the closest to them.

Do you admit that the film industry operates on a flawed system of nepotism, one that blatantly prefers family over genuine talent?

What ultimately decides an actor’s fate is purely his/her talent and luck. Nepotism is not only in the film industry but in every industry. Parents prepare their children to take over the family business. The film industry too has this system. This does make it easy for bagging the first film, but thereafter only capability decides stardom.

Acting is not inherited; it’s inherent and gifted by God.

What drives you to act? Is it the attention, the perks, or the joy of experiencing different lives every time you play a new character?

Experiencing different lives every time I play a new character is a great feeling. Also the high and happiness I receive, when I succeed at making the character believable and entertaining. That happiness is immeasurable.

Strangest rumour you heard about yourself?

Still waiting to hear something strange. (Haha)

If you wake up one morning and found out that you turned into your costar what would you do?

If I woke up and turned into Danish Taimoor, I would straight up go to Rayaan (his son) and cuddle him all day. He’s so cute!

If I woke up as Sheikh Sahib, I would commission a biography on myself.

What would your matrimonial ad say?

“Priyanka hai pheeki,

Theek thak hai Kareena Kapoor,

Kudh ko khushnaseeb samjhein janaab,

Main hoon Kohinoor!” (Hahaha)

(Priyanka is plain,

Kareena is OK.

Think yourself fortunate,

I’m the Kohinoor!)

Acting is not inherited; it’s inherent and gifted by God

One thing men should know about women?

Give a woman respect, and you’ll have her world.

Meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?

You’re not good enough to be an actor.

Do you believe in true love?

ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt

Which writer would you like to write your biography?

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series

Which film would you like to have directed?

The Queen

Which book would you like to turn into a film?

The Untold Story of Rekha, I’d make it into a biopic.

Which film would you like to watch over and over again?


One TV show you would have liked to produce?

Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai

What makes you cry?


Greatest work of art?

All the music created by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib

Which colour describes you best?

Red because it signifies power and fire

What gives you pleasure?

Travelling and spending time with the people I love

Whose body would you inhabit while keeping your own mind?

Mahira Khan

The five most important things in life?






The most difficult question you could be asked?

How to fall in love

Good Times


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