Morning Show host, Sahir Lodhi is foremost a humanitarian, contributing through the Sahir Lodhi Foundation, which has been providing quality education and health care for those in need for three and a half years now. Sahir reveals his true self to Sana Zehra

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You are probably one of the most misunderstood celebrities. People have called you “an over the top narcissist” and your Morning Show “one of the worst shows that has ever happened to television.” What’s your reply?

You yourself are admitting that I’m the most misunderstood person. It’s a misunderstanding that has been created by people’s own insecurities. I only praise people. I’m a down to earth person who meets and greets new people on a daily basis; I don’t think of myself as a big personality. Honestly, I’m a nobody! I live a really simple life; I work all day, go home and sleep.

Everyone can think what they want to think of me, I can’t change their thinking. If they envy and blame me for my success that’s their own problem, not mine and I can’t fix it. If somebody is successful that doesn’t mean they are narcissistic or self-obsessed. I have earned my success. That’s why I am where I am today. It has not been gifted to me by people. I have worked hard for it. I’m working even when people are fast asleep; I work 22 hours a day!

As far as my Morning Show is concerned, it’s one of the best Morning Shows and it’s been proven. No matter which channel it’s on, the ratings prove its popularity. Morning Shows are a vital part of our daily dose of infotainment

Whether you like it or not, I’m going to be there. People should not judge, but should learn to be more accepting.

Though your debut movie Raasta was considered a flop, you were adamant that it was a success. What is your definition of success?

I never said Raasta was a success at any point. I never even said I wanted it to be a success. I just wanted to make a good film, which I believe we did. As far as Raasta being successful or not is concerned, there was a lot of conspiracy attached to it and a lot of harm was done to the film before it was even released. I won’t go into the details.

I’m doing another movie. I’m not producing it, but I’m acting in it and I hope people like it.

The makers of Morning Shows are known for doing absolutely anything to increase their show’s TRP (Television Rating Points). What are your views on that?

What about in journalism and social media? Why single out Morning Shows? Isn’t everything about ratings? It is, in television, journalism or on any other platform!

Morning Shows raise awareness about various issues. We have helped people in need whether it has been related to financial issues, education or saving someone’s life. Then, how come we are always the ones to be blamed?!

The Sahir Lodhi Foundation has been a saviour for many. Please tell us more about it.

A lot of details have already been given out about SLF. SLF was my dream and we started this about three and a half years ago. Alhamdulillah we are running the Roshan Clinic successfully, which caters to approximately 150 patients everyday with zero money charged, everything is funded. I pay for it from my own pocket. We’ve catered to 176,000 patients so far in total, out of which 56,000 are registered patients.

My dream now is to build a 25 bed hospital. All the medical facilities are going to be provided free of cost. First, we’ll start from Karachi and InshAllah later on we will spread our branches in other cities. I’m not sure if this is going to be possible during my life or not but it’s my dream to build at least 15 hospitals.

As far as SLF is considered to be a saviour, I don’t think so because Almighty Allah is the only saviour and He has gifted me this wisdom to cater those in need.

What’s the real Sahir Lodhi like?

The real Sahir is a different person than Sahir Lodhi, the celebrity. Sahir Lodhi can do wrong, but Sahir can never be wrong. The day Sahir Lodhi takes over is going to be a really sad day. Sahir should always be in charge of Sahir Lodhi, as the former makes the right decisions in difficult circumstances.


Tell us about your wife. How did you guys meet and how has married life been treating you?

My marriage has been a blessing for me, Alhamdulillah. My wife’s a much better person than I am. We were best friends and I had never thought I would get married to her. It’s been 11 wonderful years. I’m blessed to have her and I don’t think anyone else could have borne me for this long. She’s someone I can always count on.

We have a daughter, Zara. The way I feel for her, I’ve never felt for anyone in my life. Ever since she came in our life, everything has changed. The love and peace I feel in my heart is something I can’t express in words. I’ve always adored my mother but after Zara was born I started worshipping her for raising me and my other three siblings. Now I see my wife do the same for my daughter. Being a mother is not an easy job.

Any message for your fans?

I never call anyone a fan. I’ve always thought my viewers are my friends. I say to them, keep working hard. People will say what they want, you can’t change the world but don’t let the world change you. Whatever you’re doing is for your own satisfaction and you’re only answerable to yourself. If you think you’re doing right, then keep doing it.

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