Hong Kong-based jewellery designer who currently lives in London, Maria Khan was trained at the London College of Fashion. With strong ties to Middle East, Asia and the U.K., Maria has been one of the few lucky ones to have been exposed to a variety of rich cultures and was able to draw on her experiences to create her unique jewellery pieces. Her eponymous line attracts a well-heeled global clientele, looking for something different. Her jewellery has been featured in no less than Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazines. Maria sits down with Sana Zehra and tells her about her design aesthetic and company ethos

How did you become a jewellery designer?

I studied Fashion Technology & Womenswear at the London College of Fashion. While working in fashion, I became obsessed with completing looks with right accessories.  A few years later I moved to Hong Kong with my family, and that’s where I discovered my true passion for jewellery and gems. That was almost ten years ago

What jewellery trends do you predict for the coming months?

In my opinion, jewellery is timeless and the theory of trends doesn’t apply as much to it.  My new collection is Art Deco in theme, and I have incorporated the sensibility and mixture of Asian aesthetics with this.

What is different about your designs?

My designs are based on the fusion of cultures.  I keep my designs versatile and fashion flexible, thus, making them very sustainable.

How did you get so many famous faces to wear your pieces?

It’s been a journey for my brand, and certainly didn’t happen overnight.  When your work is good, ultimately it gets noticed.  At the same time, I have been amongst the lucky few who have had the chance to showcase my designs via some famous faces.

What’s your favourite piece/s from your collection?

I work for my passion and each piece is very close to my heart.  But what I love most is my collection of bracelets; I don’t leave home a single day without wearing one.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Travelling has been my biggest inspiration. I am fortunate enough to call several amazing cities around the world home.  I have had the chance to live and learn through various cultures and people.  My biggest inspirations come from people-watching.  I can spend hours wandering around in bazaars and streets to find the uniqueness in people.

What are some of your top achievements so far?

Every stage I get excited and keep counting my blessings; I hope that biggest one is yet to come.

What are the dos and don’ts when accessorizing?

Top rule of accessorizing would be is to keep it simple.  Less is more.  Our super star, Mahira Khan is a great example; one statement piece speaks more than a thousand words.  Invest in key pieces, quality is more important than quantity. Keep outfits simple and choose solid colours so that it doesn’t go out of trend fast.  These few outfits can be accessorized in many styles.  Like how French women do it.

Biggest fashion mistake women make when they choose their pieces?

My pet peeve is when woman follow trends without understanding what will work on them. For example, there are many styles of earrings and different shapes works differently with each face cut.  Additionally, the length of your neck should be a consideration for the length of your earrings.  A similar rule applies for necklaces; check your type and then decide the length.

Is this quote ever true, “I have enough jewellery?”

I would not agree to that at all.  One can have fewer clothes, but never enough jewellery, since those can be passed on to the next generation. Jewellery holds the beauty of being timeless.

Any messages for upcoming jewellery designers?

Find your style, and don’t follow trends blindly. And of course, promote sustainability.

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