Who? Shazia Ammar

Why? She’s kept the focus on her Cult Gaia bag and Chanel suit chain fob while keeping the rest simple

Who? Musharaf Hai

Why? Who says you can’t head a major MNC and not be feminine at the same time? She embodies post-modern feminism in her flirty fuschia top

Who? Nomi Ansari

Why? A well-fitting blazer, jeans, streetwear sneakers with black specs is a no-nonsense look that exudes confidence

Who? Anusheh Shahid

Why? Sultry!

Who? Sophie

Why? Just look how effortlessly and expertly she carries off an Ali Xeeshan dupatta with a Western outfit

Who? Sherbano Taseer

Why? She’s pretty in a flattering fit and flare dress

Who? Sara Lalani

Why? Love her whimsical tape measure belt

Who? Saba Qamar

Why? She’s elegant in an Elan princessy ballgown

Who? Saheefa Jabbar & Hussain Rehar

Why? Coordinated neutrals are so pleasing to the eye

Who? Mawra Hocane

Why? Nothing spells sexy like a well tied sari

Who? Seemi Pasha

Why? This is how to do a print

Who? Misbah Mumtaz

Why? She is working that tribal patchwork jacket. Ab-tastic!

Good Times


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