Not just another carefree 16 year old, Aashir Wajahat has been working as a child actor since the age of 9, having worked with his father producer/director Wajahat Rauf in Sauteli Maa and Karachi se Lahore as well as having recently launched his music career with a solo single Naya Raasta. Sana Zehra sits down with this bright young spark for quick tete a tete

How did you first realize that music was your niche?

Great artists, like Asim Azhar, Strings and Noori have inspired me a lot in my musical journey. I hope my music connects with people of all ages. I’ve been told by a really senior musician that my first song Naya Raasta sounds way too mature to be coming from a 15 year old. I’m not exactly sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Who helped you achieve where you are at today?

I told my father that I’m interested in starting my musical journey and he helped me get me an ustaad (master) to improve my skills. I learnt how to play different instruments, which led me to composing my first song.

What do you think are the biggest challenges you face being an upcoming artist in the music industry?

Tons! The market is very competitive and there are so many better singers than me. I have to work really hard to make a mark and do something unique.

What hopes do you have for your new song Naya Raasta?

I hope my single brings inspiration to all the young aspiring artists and of course that it is on everyone’s playlist.

How difficult is it to write your own songs?

I’ve always struggled with writing my own songs. For me, that is definitely the hardest part of composing any song.

Do you aim at trying to set your music/lyrics apart from the mainstream conventional music produced in the Pakistani music industry?

I think sometimes we try too hard to be different, hence, almost always end up losing the essence. I try hard to bring some uniqueness to a song or any cover song I attempt to do.

“I’ve always struggled with writing my own songs”

What genre of music would you be interested in working with that hasn’t yet been introduced in Pakistan?

I think most genres have been done in Pakistan but then the beauty about producing music is that you can play around and do something new every day.

Who is the one singer that you would dream to collaborate with and why?

I would love to work with Asim Azhar. He is one of my inspirations and who better to work with than your inspiration.

What insight could you give us on your next projects?

I’m working on Karachi se Lahore 3 releasing next year on Eid. Apart from that I will be releasing my second single soon, so stay tuned.

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