Afzal Khan is most famous for his character John Rambo in Guest House despite of starring in more than 150 films. The actor has achieved whatever he set out to in his life, including marrying the love of his life Sahiba. Afzal Khan tells Sana Zehra about his new project as a voice over artist in The Donkey King

What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better?

I don’t think that any producer or director makes a film with the intention of making it as a not so great movie. I believe the qualities of a hit film are always there but what clicks with the audience is what really matters.

Why should anyone watch The Donkey King?

It’s a great animated movie catering to all audiences whether it be children or adults. The jokes are relatable to both audiences. Children and adults will equally enjoy it.

Why did you say yet to give your voice over in this movie?

Aziz Jindani, the writer, director and producer of the movie met up with me, made a demo of my voice and mailed it out to me after 20 days. My children loved it. My mother in law veteran film actress Nisho was also there. She loved it and told me that she was the lead actress of the movie Insan aur Gadha opposite Rangeela and this is the second in the industry that anyone is ever making a movie with a donkey as a main character. That gave me encouragement and my children pushed me. I loved the storyline and said yes to do the voice over.

What else is coming up apart from this movie in 2018 that you are super excited about?

Nothing. Allahamdulillah! I have achieved everything I wanted. I wanted to work in films I did that; I wanted Sahiba to be the lead actress in my first movie that happened; I wanted to marry Sahiba the minute I laid my eyes on her and that happened; I have kids and a house in Lahore. Everything I ever wanted I achieved thankfully.

If you can change one law in Pakistan what would it be?

Traffic laws are horrendous. Would like to change that for sure.

Your movies and your work has impacted so many lives, especially your character John Rambo. How do you feel about it?

That character was truly defining for me, after Guest House I worked in almost 150 feature films, hosting a show, etc. but people still to this day talk about John Rambo. I believe it related much to the audience at that time more than anything else. I remember I was in interior Punjab and a very old man walked up to me and said that he had bought a TV at that time just so his whole family could watch that Guest House. I am thankful to God for all the love I have received.

What is the secret behind it?

There is a lot of hard work involved. For Guest House, we had to do rehearsals four days prior to our shoot date, there was a dry rehearsal and several rehearsals on set. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is in a rush and the hard work and dedication is hardly seen.

What is the secret behind you not ageing?

I don’t hurt anyone and try not to break anyone’s heart; I don’t lie. These things do matter because it affects you from inside and whatever you are from inside does show on your face.

What excites you every morning?

That God has given me the power to give happiness to others. When you spread happiness you get happiness.

What is success to you?


If you get a chance to live someone else’s life who would it be?

Prince Harry maybe!

And why is that?

Would like to experience all that protocol and attention and experience how it would feel to have a princess walking right beside you.

What do you do if there is an awkward silence between two people?

I try to break it right away by saying something.

Best age to get married?

At an early age is best because you get to enjoy your kids more. My wife was super young when we got married and now our kids are MashAllah taller than us. It gives us extreme joy that we are able to enjoy them while we are healthy and still fairly young.

If you get a chance to make a remake of your old movie which one would it be?

Chor Machaye Shor and if I get a chance Naukar Wohti Da

Rate the following according to their professionalism: Shaan, Saud and Babar Ali.

Babar Ali


Then Saud

Rate the following actresses according to their professionalism: Resham, Nimra and Saima.




Best dancer in the industry right now?

Everyone claims to be a dancer but no one is the best.

“I was in interior Punjab and a very old man walked up to me and said that he had bought a TV at that time just so his whole family could watch Guest House”

If you get a chance to write a book on your life what would the title be?

Hawelian say Lollywood tak.

What comes to your mind when you hear the following:

Number 1?







Extremely important


Desire to have a bigger award

Foreign passport?

No importance

Living in the U.S.?

I like my home country

Item song?

Very important nowadays

Baarish main gana (singing in the rain)?

I enjoy it a lot

Comedy or action?


What is the secret to your happy marriage?


One thing that a person should omit from their lives forever?


Describe The Donkey King in three words.

Will cater to a child from 9 to 99 years

A very well made Pakistani animated movie.

The next step in animation in Pakistan

Heart breaker or rule breaker?

I don’t break either.

Who needs a stylist badly in our industry right now?

Can’t name anyone as he/she might get upset.

Who needs a psychologist really badly in our industry right now: Sahir Lodhi, Wasim Badami or Mubasher Luqman?

Sahir Lodhi

If we could make a remake of Godfather  here in Lollywood who would be best able to portray it?

Javed Sheikh

Good Times


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