GT – November 16-30 2018

Maliha Lone

As the weather turns chilly and the colours turn autumnal, fashion brands are putting forth new collections for the Fall/Winter season. Colours that are very IN for this season are burgundy, forest green and even fuchsia, more of a summer colour but in vogue for fall this year. Animal prints ranging from leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and snake cover everything from coats and jackets to boots and bags. There is more on this and more fashion within the pages of this issue.

Additionally, Afzal Khan tells us about providing the voice over for The Donkey King. Angeline Malik talks about founding the initiative #InkaarKaro. And Hira Tareen explains how and why she started her own YouTube channel. GT comes to you brimming with fashion, people and celebs. La Dolce Vita!

Who? Neha Maneka

Why? What a sight for sore eyes she is her sunshine hued outfit

Who? A

Why? A tie wouldn’t have hurt at this black tie even, otherwise the couple looks flawless

Who? D

Why? The socialite is wearing a stunning kaftan and knows it

Who? Amina

Why? She’s dressed in autumnal colours from head to toe

Who? Ian Braithwaite & Sarah Boukhari

Why? These visiting friends carry their desi outfits with aplomb

Who? Anam Zaman

Why? Stylish indeed!

Actor, model, DJ, content creator, mother, Hira Tareen sure is one of the most multitalented artists of our entertainment industry. Over the years with sheer hard work, dedication and professionalism, she has become a household name across Pakistan. Her recently launched YouTube channel displays her outstanding production and content creation skills and she has already become a favourite amongst the youth of Pakistan. Hira tells Sana Zehra about her DJ-ing, acting with veteran actors, YouTube channel and clothing brand

You’re considered one of the most versatile media personalities of the local entertainment industry, what motivates you and keeps you going?

We only have one life to explore all the beautiful things around us. I’ve always had a natural drive to dabble in all forms of creative expression. I don’t always wake up wanting to do the same thing as the day before, but I am always pushing the envelope to do what inspires me.

How did you enter the DJ-ing business? And how does it feel to be the first female DJ of Pakistan?

Music was something that I had a natural flair for as a child, especially percussions, which I picked up at the age of 10. In my university days in Dallas, I met and became friends with a lot of budding DJs who spoke about spinning vinyls and turntables. I soon had a realization that DJ-ing is the one thing that unifies my love for music and mixing, matching beats and performing in front of large crowds was second nature for me.

I made some demo tapes and was offered to spin at some of the top venues in Dallas as a headlining DJ.

I don’t think it’s possible that I’m the “first” female DJ of Pakistan. Maybe just the first that came in the limelight because I took it up professionally and did a lot of mainstream gigs. I am not too keen on being known as a “female DJ” and certainly not the “first female DJ.” Gender should never be the defining factor of talent or your claim to fame. I rather people just know that I am a good DJ.

Has motherhood changed you? Tell us about this new venture and your daughter Mahgul.

Becoming a mother has taught me so many things and has definitely changed me for the better. Being a parent gives you perspective and most importantly gives you a solid purpose in life.

I remember I used to be a worrier. I would always worry about what will happen next or what if things don’t work out. Now that I have her (Mahgul) in my life, I know that nothing is more important than her, in fact, everything else comes second.

You’ve also made a name for yourself in the acting business. Tell us about some of your most memorable roles and the journey so far.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have had to work in some great projects and with such amazing people that I have learned so much from. I got discovered and a landed a role in my first ever drama serial which was shot in Austin, TX when I was 15 while giving cues to my brother who was auditioning for a role.

On my visit to Pakistan in 2001, I got a role in the first ever sitcom of Geo TV directed by Nadeem Baig called Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki and fast forward to a few years I got a chance to work with him again when I landed a great role in a hit project called Manjali. It was surreal finding myself on set with legends like Faisal Rehman (in Mahe Thamam), Usman Peerzada (in Goya), Saba Hamid (Manjali), Adnan Siddiqui (Maher Bano Shah Bano), Aisha Khan (Khuda Mera Bhi Hai), and the list goes on. Every role has been memorable for me because of how different and complex each character that I have played has been. However, the characters that I have really enjoyed portraying so far have been Zara from Goya, Sumbul from Tum Kon Piya, Kashmala from Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and most recent Sajal from Zard Zamano Ka Savera.

Why did you decide to launch your own YouTube channel?

In the past few years, I noticed the enormous amounts of messages from my followers wanting to know how I do certain things, what products I use, where I buy things from and generally wanting tips from me. Plus, I feel being in involved in so many different enterprises (such as TV, fashion, visual design, music, etc.) as well as all the experiences and skills I’ve gathered throughout the years of growing up and working in the US.. and then moving to Pakistan really gives me a unique perspective on things.

Traditional media portrays me in a certain way because you usually see me either in TV dramas playing a character or in fashion weeks modeling, or as a guest on a talk show, which is geared towards a different kind of narrative.

Having my own YouTube channel gives me an opportunity to not only share the real me but also give my fans tailor made content that they want to see.

I truly believe that the future is about more interactive and digital content, as people want greater control over what they would like to see.

I don’t think this takes away from my passion for acting on traditional mediums, like film or television, but I guess you can look at my YouTube channel as a medium that compliments and unifies my entire body of work.

Do you have a team dedicated for your online channel?

My background in art direction, graphics and visual design from the U.S. really gave me an upper hand in being able to launch a channel by myself. However, now as the channel is growing I am engaging talented people and developing a team that helps me formulate ideas for my video and also streamline things in order for me to sustain it.

You’re also the brain behind the successful clothing brand ICON, what should your fans expect from the brand in the coming months?

I had to take a small break from ICON during and after my pregnancy, which really gave me an opportunity to rethink and strategize how I want to take the brand forward. In the coming few months, my customers should expect a fully functional website that allows them to shop online as well as a new collection that really reflects the true spirit and essence of what I envisioned the identity of ICON to be when I started the brand.

Hira Tareen has become a full fledged brand. How long did it take you to establish yourself as a mainstream media personality of Pakistan?

I think it’s important to be comfortable with your uniqueness, be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses, know your values in what you will do or won’t do and most of all share your knowledge and give back. If you are consistent and disciplined, all these elements eventually help define your brand persona.

Establishing myself as a mainstream media personality was not easy considering I wasn’t related to anyone super famous or part of any clique or group that was pushing me forward. But it’s also not impossible if you stay true to your value system and know your worth.

Would you like to send a message to your fans?

I think it’s important for all my fans to know that all the celebrities they look up to and admire are all normal people just like them. We all have our days when we feel insecure, unattractive, lost, and feel that things aren’t working out despite of how perfect you might think our lives are.

These days there are a lot of people finally coming out and talking about anxiety and depression, which is very important. I feel that everyone reading this should know that it’s okay to feel that way as long as you know that tomorrow is a new day and feelings are not permanent.

Try not to idealize other people and focus on being yourself, find your values and what’s significant to your life and don’t let any image dictate what your norm should be.

Photography by Zara Tareen

Afzal Khan is most famous for his character John Rambo in Guest House despite of starring in more than 150 films. The actor has achieved whatever he set out to in his life, including marrying the love of his life Sahiba. Afzal Khan tells Sana Zehra about his new project as a voice over artist in The Donkey King

What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better?

I don’t think that any producer or director makes a film with the intention of making it as a not so great movie. I believe the qualities of a hit film are always there but what clicks with the audience is what really matters.

Why should anyone watch The Donkey King?

It’s a great animated movie catering to all audiences whether it be children or adults. The jokes are relatable to both audiences. Children and adults will equally enjoy it.

Why did you say yet to give your voice over in this movie?

Aziz Jindani, the writer, director and producer of the movie met up with me, made a demo of my voice and mailed it out to me after 20 days. My children loved it. My mother in law veteran film actress Nisho was also there. She loved it and told me that she was the lead actress of the movie Insan aur Gadha opposite Rangeela and this is the second in the industry that anyone is ever making a movie with a donkey as a main character. That gave me encouragement and my children pushed me. I loved the storyline and said yes to do the voice over.

What else is coming up apart from this movie in 2018 that you are super excited about?

Nothing. Allahamdulillah! I have achieved everything I wanted. I wanted to work in films I did that; I wanted Sahiba to be the lead actress in my first movie that happened; I wanted to marry Sahiba the minute I laid my eyes on her and that happened; I have kids and a house in Lahore. Everything I ever wanted I achieved thankfully.

If you can change one law in Pakistan what would it be?

Traffic laws are horrendous. Would like to change that for sure.

Your movies and your work has impacted so many lives, especially your character John Rambo. How do you feel about it?

That character was truly defining for me, after Guest House I worked in almost 150 feature films, hosting a show, etc. but people still to this day talk about John Rambo. I believe it related much to the audience at that time more than anything else. I remember I was in interior Punjab and a very old man walked up to me and said that he had bought a TV at that time just so his whole family could watch that Guest House. I am thankful to God for all the love I have received.

What is the secret behind it?

There is a lot of hard work involved. For Guest House, we had to do rehearsals four days prior to our shoot date, there was a dry rehearsal and several rehearsals on set. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is in a rush and the hard work and dedication is hardly seen.

What is the secret behind you not ageing?

I don’t hurt anyone and try not to break anyone’s heart; I don’t lie. These things do matter because it affects you from inside and whatever you are from inside does show on your face.

What excites you every morning?

That God has given me the power to give happiness to others. When you spread happiness you get happiness.

What is success to you?


If you get a chance to live someone else’s life who would it be?

Prince Harry maybe!

And why is that?

Would like to experience all that protocol and attention and experience how it would feel to have a princess walking right beside you.

What do you do if there is an awkward silence between two people?

I try to break it right away by saying something.

Best age to get married?

At an early age is best because you get to enjoy your kids more. My wife was super young when we got married and now our kids are MashAllah taller than us. It gives us extreme joy that we are able to enjoy them while we are healthy and still fairly young.

If you get a chance to make a remake of your old movie which one would it be?

Chor Machaye Shor and if I get a chance Naukar Wohti Da

Rate the following according to their professionalism: Shaan, Saud and Babar Ali.

Babar Ali


Then Saud

Rate the following actresses according to their professionalism: Resham, Nimra and Saima.




Best dancer in the industry right now?

Everyone claims to be a dancer but no one is the best.

“I was in interior Punjab and a very old man walked up to me and said that he had bought a TV at that time just so his whole family could watch Guest House”

If you get a chance to write a book on your life what would the title be?

Hawelian say Lollywood tak.

What comes to your mind when you hear the following:

Number 1?







Extremely important


Desire to have a bigger award

Foreign passport?

No importance

Living in the U.S.?

I like my home country

Item song?

Very important nowadays

Baarish main gana (singing in the rain)?

I enjoy it a lot

Comedy or action?


What is the secret to your happy marriage?


One thing that a person should omit from their lives forever?


Describe The Donkey King in three words.

Will cater to a child from 9 to 99 years

A very well made Pakistani animated movie.

The next step in animation in Pakistan

Heart breaker or rule breaker?

I don’t break either.

Who needs a stylist badly in our industry right now?

Can’t name anyone as he/she might get upset.

Who needs a psychologist really badly in our industry right now: Sahir Lodhi, Wasim Badami or Mubasher Luqman?

Sahir Lodhi

If we could make a remake of Godfather  here in Lollywood who would be best able to portray it?

Javed Sheikh

An inside look into the lives of one of the most talented bunch of musicians in the country and their experience with Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Loves: Singing


Snazzy cars/bikes

Pet peeves: Being disorganized

Talking a lot

Favorite moment from BOB: When we got the much awaited standing ovation

Favorite judge: Strings

That one moment when you felt you owned the stage?

While performing Azaadi

Moment you felt most nervous on stage?

First danger zone

The band you enjoyed competing with most in Pepsi Battle of Bands?

Tamasha and Xarb

Your biggest fear has always been?

To die before fulfilling my dreams

Your biggest driving force?

My parents

If you weren’t a musician, what you would be?

I have no freaking idea. I think I would have loved to be a professional driver and drove across the globe

Your ultimate inspiration from the global music fraternity of all times, and why?

I love the fact how music is not bound by time or any single person. A lot of people inspire, play their part and leave. But one person who I regard highly in terms of performance and dedication is MJ (Michael Jackson). I have never ever seen better performer than him

Three things you cannot function without?


Sleep (although I’ve been compromising on that a lot lately)

My favourite people

Muqueet Shahzad

That one moment when you felt you owned the stage?

I can recall such feeling from two occasions. First, when we played at the Lahore Music Meet 2018 to an amazing crowd with good weather and a brilliant setup. Second, when we performed Azadi at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Emotions during that performance were really high and we are glad we were able to translate our emotions into our performance

Moment you felt most nervous on stage?

Most nervous moment wasn’t pre-performance or during performance. In fact, it was post-performance. This was while on stage, receiving feedback from the judges after our Episode 3 performance. That was really something.

The band you enjoyed competing with most in Pepsi Battle of Bands?

Xarb: what a brilliant bunch of individuals to experience this journey with! One may call it competition but it honestly wasn’t a competition, more than anything else it was a celebration of music. Looking forward to work with them again in future

Your biggest fear has always been?

Not trying for something I want

Your biggest driving force?

Inspiring someone, using your existence to improve someone’s life. As Einstein said, “The best life is the life lived for others.” That sums it up for me.

If you weren’t a musician, what you would be?

Well, the interesting bit is that all of us are doing something else alongside music in our lives as well. We have different jobs that we feel as passionate about as we do for music. However, speaking strictly in terms of artistic direction – if I weren’t a musician, I would be a filmmaker or a designer.

Your ultimate inspiration from the global music fraternity of all times, and why?

There is never one inspiration, you get inspired by so many artists as you journey through life. I would like to mention two artists here who have had a profound impact on me not only as a musician but as a human:  Iron Maiden and Hans Zimmer.

On a deserted island you’d wish to be left alone with…?

Christopher Nolan

Three things you cannot function without?




That one phrase or line which describes you to the core is?

Zindagi mukhtasir hai tou pyar karein, kyun larein, kyun apna shikaar karein. (Life is short so let’s love, why fight, why prey on oneself.)

Mansoor Lashari

That one moment when you felt you owned the stage?

Definitely during Azaadi. We barely remember what we were doing on stage. There was so much energy and passion during that performance that we felt unstoppable.

Moment you felt most nervous on stage?

The first danger zone. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting the danger zone so early on and I was worried.

The band you enjoyed competing with most in Pepsi Battle of Bands?

The most direct and high stakes situation we had to face was against Tamasha. They’re awesome guys making great music and I’m humbled to have been able to share that stage with them.

Your biggest fear has always been?

Stagnating in my work and music.

Your biggest driving force?

A deeply embedded spirit of randomness mixed with the undying support of my family.

If you weren’t a musician, what you would be?

I’d probably still be working the same day job but I’d be bored with life :p

Your ultimate inspiration from the global music fraternity of all times, and why?

The source of inspiration changes as one grows and matures. But I guess if I had to choose someone, I’d choose John Bonham from Led Zeppelin.

On a deserted island you’d wish to be left alone with?

Some books. And the ability to get back to normal life when I want to.

Three things you cannot function without?




That one phrase or line which describes you to the core is?

Building a life of purpose is the purpose of life.

Shahrukh Aslam

Loves: Catz (no, not a typo)


Pet peeves: People who are always late

Launda style badtameezi (hooliganism and bad manners)


Favourite judge?


Favourite moment?

The fact that Paani Aur Mitti doesn’t have a “composed” solo. I winged it and it didn’t suck.

That one moment when you felt you owned the stage?

When I played part of the national anthem during Azadi

Moment you felt most nervous on stage?

The top 8 episode when we played the Hadiqa Kiyani song

The band you enjoyed competing with most in Pepsi Battle of Bands?

Xarb, for sure.

Your biggest fear has always been?

Losing the people I care for.

Your biggest driving force?

Honda City

If you weren’t a musician, what you would be?

I’m not a musician right now either. I’m a program manager who plays the guitar.

Your ultimate inspiration from the global music fraternity of all times, and why?

Pearl Jam’s Alive

On a deserted island you’d wish to be left alone with?

Ahem. Catz (still not a typo).

Three things you cannot function without?



The company of the people who matter

That one phrase or line which describes you to the core is?

I am mine.

Haider Abbas

Loves: Trekking, Nature, Positivity

Pet peeves: Negativity, closed-mindedness

Favorite judge: Bilal Maqsood

That one moment when you felt you owned the stage?

The performance of Azaadi was one of the greatest highlights on stage for me. The attitude, energy and the preparation all made up for the performance.

Moment you felt most nervous on stage?

Going into the danger zone for the first was quite taxing mentally. Since it was the start of the competition, we weren’t expecting to receive such criticism.

The band you enjoyed competing with most in Pepsi Battle of Bands?

The second finalist, Xarb, was the perfect competition in the show. They had a seamless journey with some great music. The boys from Xarb are amazing humans and we’re looking forward to a collaboration with them in near future.

Your biggest fear has always been?

Getting stuck in a mundane lifestyle with little to look forward to.

Your biggest driving force?

The yearning to make an impact and be a source of inspiration for generations to come.

If you weren’t a musician, what you would be?

In an alternate life, I would be a video game developer.

Your ultimate inspiration from the global music fraternity of all times, and why?

I have a range of inspirations from different styles and genres of music. But if I were to choose just one musician, it would be Hans Zimmer. Music itself is a story for the listener and presenting it with the perfect visuals is something I’ve always wanted to do.

On a deserted island you’d wish to be left alone with…?

A Playstation, endless supply of games and a music instrument (piano ideally).

Three things you cannot function without…

Sleep, food, air

That one phrase or line which describes you to the core is?

We are One.

Juggling two vocations side by side can be a challenge but showbiz veteran Angeline Malik, who has directed and acted in many mainstream dramas as well as founded the social movement #InkaarKaro, makes it all seem effortless. Helping victims of injustice find their voice, she successfully transverses the glamorous make-believe world of showbiz and the harsher reality of everyday life. Angeline tells Haider Rifaat what drives her “People offer me complex characters simply because of my looks”

What best describes you?

It is very hard to describe oneself but I would say I am a visionary and a storyteller. I am passionate about whatever I plan on doing.

Tell us about your family and heritage.

My father was a professor and an ophthalmologist. My mother was from India. While she was visiting Pakistan, they fell in love. It is actually a beautiful love story that I might get a chance to tell one day.

Were you more inclined towards acting or direction in the beginning of your career?

I was always inclined towards direction. As a director, I can tell my stories and share my experiences. I interpret the script and regulate most of its creative aspects. I personally find it more challenging. It can emotionally drain you for sure.

You hold a double Masters, one in Fine Arts and the other in Computer Imaging and Animation. With such an impressive education background, why did you choose performing arts as a profession?

I was always into direction and acting was just a stepping-stone for me. Animation helped me hone all my skills from scripting, creating characters to lighting, camera work and editing.

You are a standout actor in my opinion. How do you step into the shoes of a fictional character who is the complete opposite of you?

First off, you have to be very sensitive and aware of everything around you. You need to trust that character for you to become that person.

With acting, do you think you are changing perceptions of Pakistanis in view of beauty and desirability of a “pretty faced” actor?

I don’t feel as though I am a typical, pretty faced actor and I am glad that I am not. People offer me complex characters simply because of my looks. From a personal view, I prefer casting faces that intrigue me the most and not someone who is just pretty.

Would you rather play negative or heroic characters for the rest of your life?

Definitely, negative characters! I feel such roles have more depth and villains drive the success of most projects.

Is there any actor you would like to work with in the future?

If only wishes come true. The list is endless.

What are your new and current projects? Talk to us about #InkaarKaro. What is your role in the movement and why should people know about it?

My productions are in the pipeline. I recently performed in the film Kalasha. I worked as a creative producer for Saqib Malik’s movie Baaji. Both projects will release middle of next year. Currently, my focus is on the movement #InkaarKaro. I initiated the movement but I need likeminded people to take it further with me. If I have started something, I have to see it through. Hence, it is very important for people to know about it.

Have you been a victim of harassment or violence?

If you would ask women that question, 93 per cent of them would say yes. I fall in that percentage.

Is harassment an issue restricted to women only? What about men? Why are men immediately accused if any form of harassment takes place?

Harassment is not only limited to women; men face it as well. However, women are more likely to be victims because they are vulnerable and generally lack the power men have.

Our society and state of mind cannot change unless we address the fundamental problem, which is to teach people how to say NO, and there is nothing wrong in saying no. If you give people confidence, they will not allow themselves to be victims anymore.

As you know, #MeToo is a platform for victims to come out of their shell and express their stories. However, do false allegations contradict the very essence of this movement? What are your thoughts?

It is very rare for anyone to come out with false allegations. I am not saying it does not happen but we are aware of its consequences: pressure, shame and blame. I strongly believe someone in their right mind who has not gone through it would want to face such consequences.

Are you drawn to fashion? What is a fashion fail in your view?

To me, fashion is more like wearing whatever you like and being comfortable in it. That on its own becomes a fashion statement.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend a lot of time with my dogs. They give me solace.

What is your star sign and to what degree do you believe in astrology? Does it define your personality in some way?

I am a Cancerian. To some extent, I think it does define one’s personality. We are loyal and hard on the outside but soft on the inside, emotional, sensitive and creative. We keep certain people close. My friends and family can tell you how much this holds true.

What trait or quality about people do you dislike the most?

I believe in energies. We know that no one is perfect. We need to be honest with ourselves and with everyone around us.

What things in life inspire you?

Ideas and the possibilities to make them happen.

By Afshan Shafi

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