Share five fun attributes about yourself

I’m an introvert

I can be moody

I love video games

I love animals

I’m a hoarder

How did you start your career?

I started with commercials three years ago. The rest as they say, is history.

Why do you think your drama serial Kaisa Hai Naseeban has drawn so much attention?

No woman chooses a life of pain. The drama serial sheds light on an issue that is close to many Pakistani households. Since the day our first promo aired, people began sending me messages and sharing stories on social media of women with experiences similar to my character Mariam. It’s the realistic portrayal that has captivated audiences.

You’ve receieved criticism for playing a victim at a time when females are in dire need of strong, powerful roles. How do you respond to that?

The drama serial narrates Mariam’s journey. She’s a typical, middle-class Pakistani girl who involuntarily agrees to her parents’ decision of marrying her first cousin in Malaysia. To her, this marriage signifies a picture-perfect future. However, that’s not the case. Many young girls are brought up with the belief that marriages are forever and it’s incumbent upon them to always please their husbands and in-laws. It takes time for my character Mariam to fight back and find her footing. If you watch the drama serial, you would see how she manages to save herself from a horrible marriage. If that’s not showing a strong, powerful character, what is?

What intrigued you about this project?

It was a no-brainer, considering it’s a real story and sends a strong message to everyone about marital abuse. It’s wrong of parents to marry off their daughters without knowing the other family properly, especially if they’re abroad.

What’s next in store for you?

I’ve just signed a rom-com opposite Ahsan Khan.

How do you choose scripts?

I base my decision on whether the script appeals to me or not. If it excites me, I go for it and let the team know.

I only sign scripts that speak to me personally. God has been very generous with the kind of projects I’ve landed so far and how the audience has received them.

What are your thoughts on the emerging concept of web series in Pakistan?

While I haven’t signed a web series project yet, it’s a great platform to share alternative stories that the television audience is not ready for. Even our conventional drama serials have massive following online. Almost every episode of Kaisa Hai Naseeban took YouTube in Pakistan by storm and received millions of views. As actors and content creators, it’s to our benefit if we are accepting of this change.

What secret can you share about the entertainment business?

There isn’t any secret. Everything is out there.

Do you find today’s media invasive?

To a certain extent, yes. However, one needs to know where to draw the line. The media is inept to figure out everything on its own. It also depends on how much you put out on social media for people to see and talk about.

How do you approach a rough situation?

I try to forget about it, so it’s easy for me to move on.

Describe your personal style.

I enjoy sticking to the basics. Fashion needs to be personal and comfortable in my opinion.

Is marriage on the cards?

Right now my only priorities are family and work. Life’s good!


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