Most of us have the urge to get fit, but very few have the motivation to follow through. What drove you to adopt a healthy lifestyle? 

The moment I turned thirty, I realised being overweight made me susceptible to multiple health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and knee/joint pains. The thought of having to deal with any of the aforementioned ailments or letting the quality of life I lead get affected is what scared and motivated me to get into shape.

How often do you work out and what exactly do you do at the gym?

For the first six to eight months I used to workout five days a week, but now I’ve cut it down to three days a week. My training includes a combination of everything and I seriously never know what my trainer has planned for the day. I trust him completely and he decides what exercises I should be doing.

Did you make any major changes in your relationship with food? 

Diet is the main element if you want to shed weight. I strongly believe 80% of the process includes monitoring nutrition, while 20% is exercise. I didn’t follow any specific diet plan but changed my eating habits completely. I’ve shifted to healthier options and avoid carbs. You need to do something that’s sustainable and make it a lifestyle.

What’s your take on fad diets like keto? 

I haven’t tried keto myself, but know people who have and the results are phenomenal. Personally, I don’t think fad diets are for me though; they just don’t make sense or appeal to me. I feel there are no shortcuts if you want long-term results.

Drastic transformations involve a change in your lifestyle for good, so it’s better to adopt eating habits that are realistic and maintainable.

Your transformation is incredible. How long did it take you to get to your current weight? 

I’ve been working out regularly since two years and started watching what I eat a year and a half ago. Weight loss isn’t an overnight process.

Do you still have any fitness goals to achieve? 

Yes, of course. I want to lose another ten kilos.

Have you managed to drop a steady amount each month or were there times it got frustrating?

It gets frustrating every now and then. For example, my weight hasn’t dropped in the past five months. It’s like I’m stuck. One can’t lose hope and give up though.

How do you manage to remain consistent? Are there days you lose motivation? 

There are definitely days when I feel lazy. However, if I end up skipping a day at the gym, I try to make up for it by controlling my diet more than usual and not eating carbs at all.

How do you think your life has changed after your transformation? 

I was always very comfortable in my skin, even when I was overweight. So I wouldn’t say my confidence got a boost, but I’ve seen an immense change in how people view me now.

What advice would you give to those struggling with their weight?

You need to be consistent and ready to work hard. There’s no magic potion or shortcut to losing weight. Change your entire lifestyle and make peace with it.

Interview by Mehek Raza Rizvi

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