Saba Qamar has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Through her poignant performances, she’s captured the hearts of millions and continues to be a voice for downtrodden women everywhere. Mehek Raza Rizvi speaks to the reigning queen about her upcoming projects and how she’s spending time in lockdown

“Fortunately, criticism has never been a source of fear for me. I enjoy criticism as much as I enjoy appreciation”

Through the characters you portray on screen and the content of your recent YouTube channel, you echo the sentiments of many women. How important a part can female role models like yourself play in making the world a kinder place?

I believe that I’ve been blessed with the utmost responsibility of influencing. As an actor I hold the power of breathing life into stories; the characters I play not only leave a mark on screen, but they also leave a mark on the audience. Thus, it’s extremely important for me to carefully choose the message I’d want to convey to my audience and how I’d want to impact their lives. Playing my role in making this world a kinder, safer and better place is a priority for me.

Do you feel gender portrayal in Pakistani media has seen a shift in recent years?

I do believe that as an industry we’re breaking free from the world of gender stereotyping. The ethical value of the work I’m creating is far more important than any monetary value and I believe that’s what makes me stand where I do today. Ending gender stereotyping on screen is a cause close to my heart and I pray to continue working towards this cause.

Unlike most actors, even the biggest critics would find it challenging to typecast you due to your versatile body of work. Has this been a conscious effort from your end?

Definitely! There’s nothing that excites me more than a challenging and out-of-the-box script. That’s what keeps me going as an actor: the hope that I’ll get to live a new character every morning. I’ve grown both individually and professionally through the characters I’ve chosen to play over the years.

What led you to explore YouTube as a platform? Is digital media the way forward for mainstream actors too?

My underlying passion for writing and direction led me to explore YouTube as a channel. I’ve found it to be a medium which enables me to communicate with my audience through my creativity, and most importantly, my originality. People are finally getting to know Saba Qamar up close. I do believe that exploring digital media is integral in the world we live in today.

Your video titled “Isolation”, the first episode on your YouTube channel, resonated with many on  a personal level. How’re you dealing with these strange times?

This has been a period of reflection for me—these challenging circumstances have drawn me closer to myself and God. I took this time as an opportunity to reflect on all that I’ve neglected and to pay attention to the smaller things in life. I find myself to be healing as a creative and exploring new strengths every day.

“There’s nothing that excites me more than a challenging and out-of-the-box script. That’s what keeps me going as an actor: the hope that I’ll get to live a new character every morning”

Most people are keeping busy by exploring new talents—from cooking to painting and writing. What does a typical day in quarantine look like for you?

The talent I not only explored but revealed, was the talent of writing along with the talent of direction. A typical day in quarantine is filled with the warmth and presence of my family, far away from the noise of the world, where my soul and body heals from all the exhaustion, where I find time for my creativity, where I work and hold Zoom meetings with my team, where we keep each other motivated with new ideas.

While most fans find your sincere, unfiltered and genuine spirit refreshing, there are certain disapproving parties that can subject you to criticism. Is that ever a fear?

Fortunately, criticism has never been a source of fear for me. I enjoy criticism as much as I enjoy appreciation.

You’ve been part of the industry since 2004, experiencing countless highs along the way. What’re the biggest lessons you’ve learnt?

To stay consistent and persistent despite all odds and setbacks. It’s also extremely important to stay positive and take everything in a positive manner.

Tell us about your upcoming films “Kamli” and “Ghabrana nai hai”.

The characters I’ve played in both the films are poles apart from each other. In one my role is quiet and calm, whereas in the other I’m overly enthusiastic and vibrant. I can’t wait for the audience to watch both the films.

How would you like Saba Qamar to be remembered?

I’d want to be remembered as someone who was more than just a good actress. I’d want people to remember me for my soul, heart and faith—for the positive change I’ve tried to bring in this world through my work.


What’s the first thing you’ll do once this global pandemic is over?

Get on the next flight and explore a country I’ve never been to before.

What’s something you’re surprised you don’t miss in quarantine?

Going to the gym and working out.

What’re some things you’ve come to realise aren’t as necessary as you thought earlier?

My YouTube video ‘Isolation’ is an in-depth response to this question.

If you could only eat one thing in quarantine, what would it be?


If you could only use one app during this time, which one would it be?


Are you guilty of panic buying?


Are you an early riser or night owl?

Night owl

Texts or phone calls?

Phone calls

Do you have a nickname?

My sister calls me ‘Sabi’, my elder brother calls me ‘Bubniya’ and my best friend calls me ‘SQ’

Out of all the characters you’ve played, which one do you relate to most?

Mashal in ‘Besharam’

A dialogue from one of your projects that describes you best?

‘Kabhi Kabhi Kadion Ko Apnay Kaid Khanay say Mohabbat ho jati hai. Mujhay Bhi Ho Gayi Hai’ (Sometimes prisoners fall in love with their prison; I too have fallen in love with mine)

Your favourite performance of yourself so far?



Photography: Rizwan Baig; MUA: Shoaib Khan; Stylist: Zahra Sarfraz; PR & Coordination: Meshal Cheema

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