Acclaimed couturier Ali Xeeshan tied the knot in a resplendent ceremony that lived up to his artistic reputation. He speaks to Mehek Raza Rizvi about married life and what he’s learnt so far. The gorgeous Myrah chimes in as well

Tell us about how you two met and the journey from love to marriage.

I first saw her at a fashion show in Islamabad and something just told me she’s the one; I just followed my instinct.

Have your expectations about marriage changed from what they were when your were single?

Yes, of course! I could’ve never imagined what a huge impact your partner can have on every aspect of your life.

How do you make sure your bond is continually nurtured and grows with time?

We both try to give each other love, respect, time, and most importantly,  space.

Do you believe it’s important for partners in a marriage to maintain their own separate lives and identity?

Well, I believe that’s a personal choice. However, one should always remain supportive of their partner.

What’re the things you two have in common? And the things that set you apart from each other?

We have a lot of things in common. We always have the same opinion about people when we’re judging them for example! What sets us apart are our sleep patterns for sure.

What has been your fondest memory together so far?

Travelling together to Rashakai to procure fabric.

Tell us about your beautiful wedding — who was more involved in the preparations?

We planned everything in three days only. My amazing team and I were in charge of most things, but I have to say, more than any other detail, getting the shade of a giraffe sculpture right was the prime concern; this was Myrah’s responsibility. She had to pull a few strings, get a few factories to open and have it painted on time.

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by?

The fact that it’s made me calm and wiser.

How do you envision your lives together ten years from now?

We want to grow old with each other and just live happily ever after, together forever.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples about to tie the knot, what would it be?

Please respect each other’s personal space.


Who’s the better cook?


Who apologises first after an argument?

We haven’t really had any massive arguments yet. Let’s wait and find out.

What’s an activity you two enjoy doing together?

Hisab Kitab.

Ali, do you have a say in putting together your wife’s wardrobe?

I like her personal style and don’t want her to be an extension of me. However, there are a few minor tweaks that I make here and there.

Myrah, do you ever give input to Ali on his designs?

Yes, he always asks my opinion.

If you could, which one trait would you change about each other?

We’ve embraced each other the way we are. Even if we have shortcomings, we accept them as part of the package.

What are the traits you value most in each other?

Ali: I admire her spirituality

Myrah: Honesty and creativity

What do you think is your greatest strength as a couple?

Our love and admiration for each other

What’s the most challenging part of being married?

Knowing there will be no days off—you’re married for the rest of your life.

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