Dermatologist, laser specialist and aesthetician Dr. Amna Ahmar of skin clinic Cleo shares her guide to a no-fuss skin routine

Step 1: Sunblock
The first, most important step is the use of sunblock. I’m sure you hear this a lot and to be honest, it is the most important skincare step — one you should never miss! It’s never too late or too early to start add it to your routine. In my opinion, any sunblock should work fine but my favorites include: Cleo Sun Screen, Neutrogena sunblock , Neobrella sunblock, Supergoop, and Shesidox

Step 2: Double Cleanse
Due to the high level of pollution in Pakistan, our skin needs a deep cleanse daily. We’re exposed to smog, dirt and dust all day. The sebum builds up under our masks too. A double cleanse takes literally 2 minutes! Wipe off all the gook on your skin with a Micellar water, followed by a Face Wash. We offer 2 face washed in The Skin Theory products: Acne Wash for oily/acne prone skin and Va Va Voom Face Wash for dry to combination skin.

Step 3: Moisture
No matter what type of skin you have, whether its oily, dry or combination, needs that extra dose of hydration. The artificial environment we live in dries up our skin. Try finding a non-comedogenic, light weight moisturizer. My top favorites would be Cleo Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser, Cleo Moisturiser, CeraVe moisturizer and Physiogel lotion.

Step 4: Skin Nutrition
Identify your skin’s need. If you think your skin is dull and lacks glow, add Vitamin C to your regime. If you have acne prone or oily skin, the daily niacinamide serum is the way to go. If you have started noticing irregular texture and wrinkles, incorporate retinol.

Lastly, always remember to apply product on your lips and neck as well!

Start with a single step and gradually build a regular skincare routine. Even though you might see social media full of complicated routines and different serums, the trick is to keep it simple and be regular!

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