Influencer and socialite Mahnoor Arshad Mahmood takes us inside her closet

My personal style in three words:

I’d say my sense of style is super feminine and very trend driven. Also, sophisticated — very mindful of intricate details.

My top 5 wardrobe essentials:

Oh well that’s surely my favourite question but 5 is a tricky number so excuse me if I exaggerate a bit too much. I’ve always been a pants girl; I love me a good pair of pants! You’ll find my wardrobe flooded with black, beige and white culottes and bootleg pants. Super easy to style anything and everything with them. Second, a white button down shirt. You can pair it with some colourful accessories to add that extra oomph. Third, an oversized chunky sweatshirt with black leggings or basic jeans depending on if it’s a casual day or if I’m feeling a little extra. Lastly, bodysuits are my latest obsession — they give such a good fit and can be paired easily with almost everything.

My favourite vintage item:

My dad’s sweatshirt from Boston University — a go-everywhere, do-anything essential. It’s oversized, super comfy and so close to my heart.

My top 5 shoe essentials:

1. An affordable pair of black patent leather pumps for everyday use
2. A pair of nude loafers making everyday outfits chic
3. My mama’s white Hermes Oran sandals to pair up with all my colourful lawn outfits.
4. A minimalist pair of sneakers
5. A class pair of gold Louboutins to make all my boring outfits a tad bit extra. They are so worth the splurge.

My most prized possession:

A hyperbolic gold anklet given by my late grandfather to celebrate my birth, since I was their first grandchild it meant a lot to them.

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