It’s true. Winter is almost here. A new season means changing makeup and beauty trends and we’re here to update you with the latest trends for fall/winter.

Sunburnt Blush
Yes I’m sure you’ve already seen all the viral Tiktoks recreating this beauty hack. Love it or hate it, but the sunburnt blush look is here to stay. Achieve it by putting on some cream of powder blush on the apples of cheeks and on the bridge of your nose instead of the tip.

Big Brows
Fluffy brows are all the rage right now and to be honest, this might just be one of our favorite trends because it’s so easy to do. Get your hands on brow gel or just regular get and a spoolie and swipe your brows upwards.

Statement Eyes
Whether its graphic eye liner or bright eye shadow, statement eyes are spotted all over the runway this season. Swap out your regular black eye liner for some colored ones or use a single color that goes well with your skin tone. You’ll thank us later.

Yes, you heard it right. Products such as glitters and embellishments are all back. Basically everything you wore in the 90’s and swore off of has made its comeback. Most people are referring to this trend as the Euphoria theme, inspired by the super popular TV show and its stunning makeup looks. “As the Euphoria theme carries on, there are splashes of frosty shades, a play with metallic accents with block silver or colour foil,” says makeup artist and founder of Studio One Makeup Lan Nguyen-Grealis. “Think shimmering highlights and adornment jewels around the eye with clean skin.”

Beauty trends will come and go but it’s important to make sure you give extra importance to your skin during fall. Drink lots of water to make sure you’re hydrated, apply that extra lip balm to keep those chapped lips away and run a humidifier!

Good Times


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