Step into a world where tradition meets modernity, where sage advice intertwines with breathtaking design. Say Shaadi Mubarak and discover “aath baatein”, where age-old wisdom meets contemporary style for the modern man. From opulent sherwanis that exude regal elegance to kurta pajama ensembles that breathe comfort and charisma, As grooms embrace these words of insight, they adorn themselves in more than just clothing; they drape themselves in the richness of experience, merging culture, and celebration seamlessly.

Designer’s Note

Me mohsin and my brother Abu Bakar designed this collection keeping our rich wedding traditions in mind. We constantly see in the media at large talking about the ideal wife and advice geared towards them. We instead thought of reversing it all. Embracing our “8 Baatein” grooms nikkah wear collection isn’t just about style, it’s about honouring traditions that hold wisdom for life’s journey. In a world moving at lightning speed, this campaign carries the essence of advice that resonates today-respect, understanding, and patience. And each piece of clothing too is a testament to the harmony of tradition and modernity, reminding us that embracing timeless values can illuminate our paths in any era. Here’s to stepping into the future with hearts rooted in traditional wisdom.

Designer/Brand: @hauteformstudio
Photography: @stopstyleofficial
Muse: @sadafkanwal
Stylist: @yasserdarrr @yash645
Makeup: @syedhussain_mua

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