1. Tinku and Co:

Tinku and Co a new non-profit start-up from Karachi, Pakistan, makes the loveliest trinkets that are woven around whimsical little characters. Founded by Maham Zehra Tinku and Co. was born out of the need to help emancipate low-income women artisans the products range from small toys (that can be used as bag accessories), necklaces, bookmarks, garden sticks, wall hangings and more, lovingly made out of recycled materials by six women artisans.

2. Ashkam_Jutties

The wedding season is in full swing and all our traditional mehndi and mayoo outfits look even more beautiful by wearing khussas. Ashkam Jutties have some beautifully embellished khussas with velvet inner padding that makes the khussas so comfortable and wearable for a long period of time.

3. Cake Mansion by Khadija

It’s a festive season with both weddings, engagements and birthday parties happening all around! Check out cake mansion’s scrumptious cakes as they specialise in making small cute comic cakes and some beautiful wedding cakes.

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