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Stunning to look at, Saadia Mirza is also a talented and successful fashion designer with a long standing career. We are all familiar with her glamorous couture, but now she has come out with a line of reasonably priced but glamorous Unstitched Luxe Collection. On top of that, she offers a stitching service ensuring that you look like you are garbed in a detailed designer outfit. Saadia Mirza tells Mahlia Lone more about this formerly untapped niche in a market saturated in other respects

How long have you been a fashion designer for? Did you study this? Take us through your journey.

I’ve studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion. (For anyone interested in attending, this is the only college in Britain that specialises in the business of fashion, ranking in the top five fashion schools and universities in the world. Amongst its famous and successful alumni are shoe designer Jimmy Choo and former Prime Minister of Morocco Driss Jettou.)

I started my own brand in 1998 in Karachi and then relocated to Lahore; I’ve never looked back. I’ve been nominated seven times for the prestigious Lux Style Awards in the Couture category and also had the honour of representing my country proudly all over the world.

I’ve even had the privilege of designing one-of- a-kind master pieces for the royals of Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Ras al-Khaimah.

You have found a niche in the unstitched market that you are filling with your Luxury Unstitched Collection. And, on top of that, you are offering stitching services also. What is your price point for both and how did you discover this gap in the market?

I have ventured into this formerly untapped niche market with my Unstitched Luxe Collection, which has just taken off. The price point is very reasonable between Rs. 15000 to 18000. The outfits are ideal for members of the bridal party and to be worn at dholkis and dinners. They are dressy enough to even be a part of the bride’s trousseau.

I realised there’s a huge gap in the market for designer luxury pieces that are affordable and yet beautiful.

What are this seasons trends i.e. colour, pattern and silhouette?

I’m doing shades of silver with sparkly embellishment and long silhouettes with some structure this season.

What is next on your agenda?

That would be my Couture Lawn Collection called Evangeline releasing mid-March.

I realised there’s a huge gap in

the market for designer luxury pieces that are affordable and yet beautiful

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