December 1-15 2022


We speak to influencer Jehangir Khan AKA Khan Diaries about his goals, his career as a male influencer and more.

How does it feel being one of the few male influencers in the industry?

It was pretty weird at first, but also game-changing. I always wanted to pave the way for male creators and encourage them to take risks.

How have you seen the social media game change since you started out?

When I started blogging in 2015, there were very few people in the game. Now you pick up a rock and you’d find an influencer underneath.

Who are your favourite Pakistani designers?

Munib Nawaz’s outfits are meant for me, they fit like a glove every time. I also love wearing my mothers brand, The Chapa House which is bringing a fusion of organic block printing back into the fashion game.

What do you do on your days off from work?

As a creative person, the mind never rests. I do like to spend quality time with family and friends and Netflix with my dog Odin.

Do you work out?

Yes! The only way I can fight all my demons. I believe it’s the best therapy for everybody.

What are your hobbies?

Traveling, experiencing different cultures, I also love learning languages.

Name three things on your bucket list.

  1. Do a short film as a lead.
  2. Be a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Take mama for Umrah / Hajj (In’sha’Allah).

What advice would you give to aspiring young people who want to be like you?

People will drag you down even if you join the herd mentality, so be fearless & BE YOU. Don’t be like me or anyone but discover yourself and be the best version of yourself. Also, stay humble!

What’s it like seeing yourself on the cover?

Amazing as always!

How did you decide to pursue acting as a career? Did you always want to be an actor?

Becoming a doctor or an architect was something that used to excite me. Theatre production followed by acting legit just happened randomly. A tiny tv appearance and here I am.

Has your perception of acting industry in Pakistan changed over the years?

Not really although there are surprises every now and then.

What are your hobbies outside of acting?

Travelling, reading, watching shows, exploring – I’m into a lot of things.

What is your beauty routine?

Lots of cleansing, moisturizing and hydration. Face masks every now and then. Also, I like to get hydra facials whenever I get the time.

Do you work out?

I try to keep up with my yoga routine.

How do you handle the fame that comes with being an actor? Does the hate or the pressure ever get to you?

Who doesn’t like fame? No complaints in that department Alhamdulilah. As far as the hate is concerned – I’m blessed with thick skin I believe. Trolls can be horrible and I’ve seen people suffer because of them but fortunately I can conveniently skip the hate. Also, who cares about the hate when there’s so much love in your life?

What’s your favourite part about your work?

Acting: I get to play different roles. I love doing character acting.

Production: the creativity and chaos of shoots

Activism: the satisfaction of fighting the good fight.

Who is your favourite designer?

I’m really liking stuff by YSL these days. I’m not the kind of person who likes everything by her favs so hard to name the list.

Name three things on your bucket list.

Blessed to be ticking a few recently. Some more are:

  1. Perform Umrah
  2. Designing and living in the house of my dreams
  3. Go to every Michelin star restaurant

Who is your inspiration?

My Amma

Describe your perfect day off when you’re not working.

Waking up to a lazy coffee hour in bed with my fur baby and the baby I married. Spending the day with my loved ones, maybe squeezing in an hour for yoga or taking a nice walk in the gorgeous Islamabad winter evening, planning for the upcoming vacation, having dinner at my fav Chinese restaurant followed by late night chit chats while munching on fresh peanuts and Kashmiri tea. Last thing would be catching up on an episode of whatever I’m watching or reading a few chapters of the book I’m reading then.

What advice would you give to young aspiring actors?

Don’t do everything that comes your way. Be selective. Choose wisely and most importantly never get disheartened. There’s always a place for talent!

Kiran Malik opted for a classic black blazer with a deep neckline and a skirt. She accessorized her black outfit with layered diamond necklaces and bracelets. Her exaggerated eye liner adds drama to the look.

Saheefa walked the red carpet in the gorgeous red gown. The beautiful dress featured a cascading trail behind it. She tied half her hair back and kept her makeup simple. She added pearl earrings to accessorize the look.

You can always count on Mehek for a winning red carper appearance. She turned heads at the LSA red carpet in this stunning number by Namah. She kept her style sleek and simple with foxy eyeliner, slicked back hair and a matching clutch bag.

Another clear winner on the red carpet was Urwa Hocane in Sana Safinaz. Urwa wore a dramatic look befitting a top actress and now producer in this all encompassing Sana Safinaz gown. She finished the look with diamond earrings.

Nimra Jacob was another one of the nights big winners taking home the award for the Model of the Year award. She dazzled on the red carpet in this stunning velvet crop top and saree-esque skirt paired with a matching velvet blazer. We love her minimalistic makeup. However, we do wish that she had accessorized the look.

Zainab Reza was the picture of modern elegance in this pink and black dress. The black bodice of the dress fit her to perfection while the pink larger than life, ruffled sleeves added drama to the outfit. She wore her hair in a slicked back bun and accessorized with a black clutch.

Allure by MHT hosted their seasonal exhibit with much fanfare at Fashion Pakistan Lounge.


Coffee Planet and Karamel desserts opened their stations inside Cafe Ganache at Mall One with a fun-filled coffee evening.


Fashion Pakistan Lounge hosted their annual festive multi-designer exhibit with a bang.


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