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With a smorgasbord of delicious breakfast buffet, Bistro serves up a treat for the entire family. With a variety of Desi to Continental Breakfast options, this is a restaurant where everyone will be sure to find something to tempt their palate.

The Juice Corner is as much as a delight for the eyes with its vibrant colours as it is for the tastebuds.

Trays of Donuts offering yummy flavours, like Glazed, Chocolate Sprinkle, White Chocolate, Oreo-filled and Boston Cream, cry out for your indulgence.

Live Egg Station is our absolute favourite. The fluffy cheese omelette made with the perfect seasoning was definitely one of the best ever.

We tasted a bit a everything. Bistro has local Nashta options offering Puri, Halwa, Aloo Bhaji and everyone’s favourite Parathas. Continental options include Sausages, Beans, Pancakes, French Toast and Waffles. We loved the Cold Meat Cuts as well.

Budding actor, Inayat Khan has made his mark quickly with drama serials, like Dil Lagi and Muthi Bhar Mohabbat. Making his film debut with the recent release Jackpot, Inayat reveals to Sana Zehra what makes him tick

Tell us about your journey

I’ve done commercials, dramas, soaps, etc. and caught a big break landing the role in Dil Lagi opposite Mehwish Hayat. Next, I signed on to do Jackpot and it has been great so far.

How do you feel about Jackpot?

Jackpot is very special to me because it’s my debut film. I know I’m a good dancer, a skill I haven’t been able to utilize till now.

What is the one thing that always becomes an argument for you?

That I look like Feroz Khan. I normally get messages on Facebook or Instagram from people asking me if I am his brother or related to him somehow. It takes a while for me to convince that I’m not his brother.

What do you think people say behind your back?

That there is a new actor named Inayat who looks like he has a lot of attitude, which isn’t true I swear to God! I actually don’t have any attitude at all, these are just rumours.

How hard is it for you to tell the truth, even if it means to hurt someone?

If my lying would break someone’s heart then I’d rather stay quiet because I don’t think anyone’s heart should be broken because of me. Kindness comes first.

How would you explain love to a blind man?

To be honest, in my opinion, love is a waste of time; it’s useless. If you have a career you are working towards, it’s best to stay away from love.

It sounds like your heart has been broken before. Has it?

No, not really. I’ve seen heartbreak happening to a lot of my friends so I know to steer clear of this.

What change would you like to bring into the TV Industry?

I would really hope that everyone becomes more humble and less stuck up. There’s a fixed mindset of maintaining your class, attitude, not speaking too much, etc. For crying out loud, please change it. Take it easy and relax. We’re all humans; we are all going to die soon.

Who is that one person you’ve met and thought I wish we would’ve met?

I think Shahrukh Khan Sahib. I don’t copy him but when I was around 12 years old, I would ride my bike about 5-6 km just to watch his films Darr, Baazi, all of his 90s films. I wish to meet the great Khan during the 90s.

Who would you rather have dinner with?

Mehwish Hayat, hands down! She’s not only a good actress but also a good person.

Would you like to hang out with Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari?

Asif Ali Zardari. I just want to know what kind of qualities he possesses that everyone is so mesmerized by him.

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Of course Hilary Clinton

Have you ever been in love?

No, never. Seriously, I don’t even know how. Teenage love doesn’t count as I believe that’s just childishness. Being in love consists of passion that you can’t have with just anyone. Love means passion and passion is a big deal.

“Love is a waste of time; it’s useless”

If you were stuck on an island, who would you take with you as your best buddy?

Noor Hassan

Who are the most influential celebrities in our industry in your opinion?

I’m new in the industry so please don’t make me answer this.

Would you ever endorse a male fairness cream?


Beauty in one word?


Fame or fortune?


Competition is necessary to excel in life?


“If you have a career you are working towards, it’s best to stay away from love”

If you could steal one thing from the following people what would it be?

Humayun Saeed

Ladies’ numbers

Farhan Saeed?

His voice

Nouman Ijaz



Tell us about your role in Jackpot.

I’m playing the character of Sameer. The movie is really special to me because, firstly, it’s my debut film, but also because if you’ve watched the trailer you’ll know everybody is looking for Sameer. To find out what’s so special about him or what secret he’s hiding, you’ll have to watch the movie. I’m starring opposite Reyna Malhotra, an Indian actress. I loved working with her. She’s a brilliant actress and was so enthusiastic.

Do you think the industry has a lot of nepotism?

I mean the people who got their roles this way are blessed. Actors’ children become rising stars, but that’s okay because everyone is born with their own good fortunes. I think those who struggle from the very bottom see it all. They go hungry, thirsty, cry for the struggle and that learning process is what makes the struggle worthwhile. So, I salute the strugglers and I feel proud to be one.

Why should people go watch Jackpot?

Those who are sick of their wives (in the sense the drama that marriage brings), those who are sick of load shedding and receiving extensive bills should go watch the film because it will refresh them. It’s a comedy film.

By Afshan Shafi

Scintillatingly glam and possessing that fey je ne sais quoi, Lana El Sahely is one of our favourite stylestars. Belonging to privilege, she is highfashion and yet never too done. Read on for some of our fav looks

In Louis Vuitton

In Elie Saab

In Nour Hammour with Roger Vivier accessories

In Valentino

In Celine

Islamabad based bridal designer, Shazia Kiyani feels strongly that only if her clients look good, does she look good. Keeping that in mind, she advises women on flattering cuts that suit their specific body type. Shazia talks about the dos and don’ts of fashion and her upcoming Fall/Winter Wedding Collection to Haider Rifaat

By Haider Rifaat

What drew you to fashion design? Were you always passionate about it?

From the very start, I had decided that if I were to work professionally, it would only be as a designer. I was very certain about it.

You are perhaps the pioneer designer with a bridal studio in Islamabad. What made you take this initiative?

I was into fashion and I loved wearing clothes. I was a painter as well so I had that creative element. When I designed a dress, my friends would request me to create the same dress for them. When more people began to approach me, I decided not to work from home but take designing on as a proper profession. I eventually designed my own collection and had a grand opening for my studio.

How have customers responded to your label in Islamabad?

The response is very positive. The concept of a design atelier did not exist in the capital city. People really appreciated one to one personal appointments and the studio’s comfortable ambiance.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is the way you carry a dress. A short top is not suitable for every body type. If you carry something regular extraordinarily well, it is fashion.

As a designer, what is your input in the creation of a dress?

I try to give my 110 per cent. I start from scratch and complete the finished products on my own. I am not the only one involved. It is a team effort. My team is quite helpful but I never compromise on creativity. If I am producing something, I try to look at it from all the angles. I receive daily images so my involvement is crucial in almost everything.

Tell me about your upcoming  collection.

It comprises of flattering, traditional dresses with long silhouettes and vibrant as well as subtle colours that work well in the Fall season. The collection is inspired by detailed work and 3-D motifs. I hope we receive a positive response.

What is the colour palette of this collection?

We have kept a very interesting palette consisting of shades of deep red, gold, burgundy and green amongst others. We have blended these three vibrant colours with golds.

Which fashion weeks is your label a part of this Fall?

There is Bridal Couture Week scheduled in December, followed by London Fashion Week. I’ve been invited many times to Milan Fashion Week, but it falls during the peak time for our business and we already have two very important shows to do. If I find time for it, I will definitely go.

Affordable fashion is the way to go now. Does your brand fulfill this requirement without compromising on quality?

We try our level best. Islamabad is not a market with business communities. We try to provide products at different price points.

A majority of Pakistani women fall in the UK size 14 bracket. Are there any flexible size options available to women?

We custom make dresses, take detailed measurements and schedule fittings. Not every cut suits everyone, so we suggest flattering cuts to our customers. There are some designs that have short lengths that I lengthen because short dresses just don’t flatter shorter, plumper bodies. I provide my clients the same feel and texture with longer dresses.

Of all seasons, which collection is sells the most

Our Winter collection sells the most. There are holidays in different parts of the world and people are eager to visit Pakistan for the wedding season. That is perhaps the best time for us and our sales are quite high.

Where else in the world is your label operative?

We launched in London last year. Our next target is Birmingham and New Jersey. I need a big team for this kind of work. It is complete handwork and you need skilled workers for it. It’s a gradual process but we will be starting soon. Either Birmingham or Manchester is definitely our target this year and we will later branch out to the U.S.

What do you look for in models for your professional shoots?

I look at their expressions and the way they give meaning to a dress while carrying it. There is an element of royalty involved when models wear my outfits.

What typical component in womenswear should change?

That’s a very important question. I find overdone work very typical. Everyone is excessively adding to the dresses, including myself. We are not conceptualizing a design that is in line with international trends.

Does your brand offer men’s fashion?

There are kurtas and sherwanis for men but they are custom made. We are planning a menswear line and luxury pret. Although I have a team, it is a one-woman show for now (laughs). If you have someone to support you in your family, things can work out. Recently, my son has started helping me so I can expand on the idea.

Has your family helped you establish a successful career or did you have to put up with struggles?

There are always hurdles when you start something but my family has been supportive. My children have helped me a lot. I must thank my youngest one, Afaan. He was only four years old when I began working. If I am under pressure, my son encourages me and counsels me. He has been very helpful.

Does pressure ever get to you when you are leading the front and creating gowns and diverse wardrobe options from start to finish?

When you reach a certain level in your career, your personality becomes stronger and you overcome pressure. Our bridal season December through February is an incredibly tough time. The customers panic and we have orders to produce in a timely fashion while also juggling bridal weeks.

Who inspires you in the field of fashion design?

I would say Nilofer Shahid. Internationally, I really like Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab. They are doing great work!

Are there any style no-nos we should know about?

I never consider something outdated. Some designs are timeless and if carried well, they look good on people. For me, a big no-no is not following your bodyline. Say there’s a healthy woman who requests me to make a lehnga or a gharara for her son’s wedding that would be a no for me. I give suggestions to my clients and help them with different options.

At the young age of 17, Rafay Israr caught a lucky break working on Weekends with Mahira. He catapulted to other gigs, getting hired as a backup musician for top music artists, like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Abida Parveen, Edward Maya and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Inspired by such top level talent, the ambitious young musician started writing and composing his own music. Rafay tells Sana Zehra about his recently released singles Sajni and Beliya

Tell our readers a little about yourself and how you stepped into music?

I ventured into music at the age of 16. As I don’t have any family member in the music industry, it was extremely difficult for me to convince my family. I was able to prove myself though, and they were able to accept music as a legit(imate) career.  Initially, I started singing at my school functions. Then, I did unplugged performances at cafes. From there my music journey progressed and I started getting concerts. So far, I have performed in almost 300 concerts all over Pakistan.

What’s your favourite genre in music?

I cannot actually choose a specific genre by saying “I love X”, but for me I love any melody that touches my heart and the tune is catchy. I think, if someone can easily sing along to your song then it’s working.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself touring with my band and performing all over the world. Watching the crowd lip sync with our songs is truly the best feeling in the world.

Tell us about your latest release Beliya and who composed it?

After my debut song Sajni, I have recently released my second single called Beliya and the response has been amazing. I composed it myself just like I compose all my other songs.

Recently, an Indian record label has signed me on. I’ll talk more about it soon!

What are your upcoming projects? Any new music videos or releases happening anytime soon?

I plan to release a couple of singles this year. Last year. I stopped doing shows and recorded my music so there are a lot of different flavours. We did a lot of collaborations with different musicians, as well and experimented with different genres. The next music video is releasing on Eid ul Azha and I’m super excited for it.

Do you think the music industry is evolving and is there scope for newcomers?

The music industry is stable and evolving. A lot of concerts are now being held so there is always a good scope for new musicians. Upcoming talent can’t complain about not having a platform because there are tons of shows promoting and supporting young talent. Things that are missing right now are music TV channels and record labels.

“Recently, an Indian record label has signed me on”

What’s your favourite vacation spot?

Santorini, Greece is my favourite vacation spot. I look forward to shooting my music video there in the near future.

“Upcoming talent can’t complain about not having a platform because there are tons of shows promoting and supporting young talent”

If you were offered to work with Bollywood singers, which singer would you like to do a duet with?

Umm the wish list is long though but, to name but a few, I’d love to work with Shilpa Rao, Neha Kakkur and Monali Thakkur.

A few words for your new fans out there?

I would like to thank all my fans out there for such an overwhelming response to Beliya and Sajni. To all those who have not heard my songs, listen to them and post me feedback.

Let’s stand together and support original Pakistani music! XOXO

Filmstar Sana has starred in 300 projects since making her debut in Syed Noor’s Sangam back in 1997. Her most recent release has been the comedy Jackpot. The down to earth actress surprises Sana Zehra with her no nonsense attitude

Pakistani cinema has been unfortunate in that quite a few films have flopped in the last couple of months. When people write honest reviews, actors get defensive. What’s your response to film critics?

Our cinema is still immature (Editor’s Note: Still?) and it will take time to reach the heights that we all want to see. We should be optimistic, willing to experiment and appreciate instead of always criticising.

Using only one word per person, what was your first impression for the following people?

Mahira Khan:

Very talented


Legend! He isn’t working but he’s still a legend for everyone. I mean he’s worked for many years in this industry.

Your thoughts on the Pakistani film industry?

The Pakistani film industry is now divided between the cities: Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc.  We should not be divisive but work as a unit.

What was your experience working on the small screen?

It is always a pleasure and a great learning experience.

We absolutely love your six pack abs. What’s your preference—exercising your mind or exercising your body?

I think it’s a package. Exercise works for your mind and body both at the same time. I exercise for my health, which is much more important than anything else.

Would you rather have people be more straight forward with you or have them carefully choose their words?

That’s a difficult question. They have to be problematic for me to back off.

If you get a chance would you be part of Big Brother?

No, I would not want to be part of Big Brother because I don’t like the vibes given in the show. The people who participate are known to be infamous and I never want to be that.

Is there any regret in life that you still have and want to fix?

I don’t have any regrets. I am confident with whatever I do and my choices.

What annoys you most about women in general?

When women talk about brands all the time and pretend to be something they aren’t. I don’t like being around pretentious people.

Are there any compliments that you think are actually insults?

Interesting question. I love working out and when people say your body has started to look like a man’s, I get peeved. I mean, like really?! That’s all you can see? They don’t understand about body types but feel the necessity to criticize without even giving it a second thought.

Is there anything that your mind encourages you to do but your willpower always holds you back?

Willpower always holds you back or else your mind always says to do things you shouldn’t be doing.

How would you give someone constructive criticism?

I criticize people less because I focus on myself more. I need to improve myself a lot more before judging others. I can only suggest if asked.

One word on the following:

The competition in the industry?

Nonsense and useless. The industry isn’t even fully established yet, so what’s the competition about? You can’t call this an industry right now. People are more worried about their self-image than their quality of work.

Lip fillers?

If you need it, go do it.


Love is very important for the body, mind and soul.



In the industry, who is your closest friend?

I have a very professional attitude. I’m on good terms with everyone and don’t really have many fights or bad blood. I’m not really close to anyone as such, but I am on close terms with Resham and Meera. We actually started our careers together so we enjoy a good friendship.

What’s your favourite novel?


Favourite movie in the past five years?

I recently watched one and I completely forgot its name.

Favourite horror movie?

I actually watch more cartoons because of my kids.

Favourite solo artist?

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam

If you were stuck in the elevator with the following people, what song would you sing?

Salman Khan?

Tere Mast Mast Do Nain

Javaid Sheikh?

Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua

What’s the one thing you would never wear, even if you were paid to do so?

A net burqa

What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them?

The way he/she sits and talks.

Who is the ultimate social media queen right now?

Aiman and Minal

Who is the ultimate fashion queen right now?

Ayesha Omar. I like her style

Lahore or Karachi?

Both. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, etc. I think all cities have different things to offer.

If you got the chance to make a documentary, what would you make it on?

Sufism. I belong to Multan and have many wonderful childhood memories. If I ever get the chance, I would definitely revisit and take pictures of those places.

Who is that one celebrity in the film industry that really needs a stylist?

So many. Some people might say that about me. We all need a stylist because we might like something but the stylist help us to put it all together.

What is the one word in the film industry that everyone needs to stop using?

Everyone says, “Okay, no problem” to everything but in reality there are a lot of issues. People need to acknowledge that and try to resolve it instead of saying, “No problem!”

What one piece of advice would you give actors if you got the chance?

I don’t think upcoming stars need advice. They need more exposure and a platform to exhibit their talent. Whenever they get a proper platform, they know how to present themselves.

I just love Sajal Aly’s acting and work. She’s no less than any international actor.

If someone sent you as a judge on a morning show, would you accept it?

Yeah sure.

What is your biggest phobia in life?

To gain weight

Any message for your fans and any upcoming films?

I just want to add that people who watch Pakistani cinema should stop criticizing and need to start overlooking the flaws. Show some respect to people who are working in the industry. We need positivity in our daily life. Keep in mind that we don’t have any academies or learning institutes for the cinematic arts.

I have noticed that you aren’t that old, but most people call you baji,  how do you feel about that?

I’ve been working for almost a decade it really does not bother me. It’s okay, as long as I am getting respect.

Why did you choose to do Jackpot?

I’ve always supported Pakistani cinema. The character I portray is different and a new one for me. Earlier films didn’t have so much depth and shades to characters as they do now. This character has a comedic element to it.

Additionally, the team was extremely helpful, professional, dedicated and passionate. This is the first film Shoaib Khan is producing/directing. I’ve enjoyed doing his dramas before. I was also excited to work with Sadie Khan, the stylist. I hope everyone’s hard work pays off.

Tell us about your character?

I’m playing Maliki. She is a woman who’s married and is a bit forgetful and not too smart. Everyone else is very smart in the film except her but fortunately the film’s climax is centered on her. Everyone is stuck and has to follow this goofy lady.

It was fun to do, and I am so excited to see how it’ll all come together at the end. We haven’t seen the whole film together, so I think that will be entertaining.

Why should people go watch Jackpot?

It’s thoroughly entertaining and people will enjoy all aspects of it.

Shoot coordination & styling

Umer Mushtaq

Hair & makeup

Eric Send


Raza Jaffri

Who?  Aamina Sheikh

Why? The actress looks classy in an embellished velvet pantsuit

Who? Frieha Altaf

Why? The PR maven has expertly paired her ankle strap sandals with her kaftan

Who? Mehwish Hayat

Why? She’s channeling Kim Kardashian-West in a grey figure-hugging dress and flat-ironed hair

Who? Daisy Shah

Why? The B-wood starlet is elegant in a beautiful nude net sari

Who? Mikaal Zulfiqar

Why? Carries his jacket with aplomb

Who? Sanam Saeed

Why? Covered and sophisticated, yet eye-catching

1. WWF Pak Aims to Make Pakistan Greener by Introducing Rung Do Pakistan Campaign 

Mass deforestation is an anathema for our country. Only 2% of Pakistan’s area remains forested. Pakistan has the highest deforestation rate in Asia. As per WWF estimates, every year between 2000 and 2010, Pakistan lost forests at an alarming rate of approx. 43,000 hectares, which is equivalent to half the size of Islamabad, mostly because of commercial use of wood and illegal logging. WWF-Pakistan has made its mission to encourage the growth of sustainable forestry to benefit multifariousness and communities that depend on these forests. RUNG DO PAKISTAN by WWF aims to plant 1.4 million trees across Pakistan starting from 14th August 2018 till 14th August 2019. Get involved in taking charge of the country’s future!

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ChenOne announces Open House Sale with up to 50% on the entire range. Get 10% cash discount on the entire furniture range. Rush to your nearest ChenOne outlet or shop online at https://www.chenone.com fo for great deals.

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Both a necessity of life and our guilty pleasure, shoes can make or break an outfit. Here is a list of the biggest shoe trends this year as exhibited on the latest runway shows.

By Eman Bandey

Marco De Vincenzo

Mules — These pointy-toe high heeled slides are on all the most stylish feet these days, including those of the high priestess of fashion, Victoria Beckham.

Phillip Lim

Slingbacks — Super comfy, yet dressed up looking at the same time, slingbacks should be a perennial in your closet. Reminiscent of the 80s, modern iteration includes block as well as kitten heels. The colours run from good ol’ black to pretty pastels.


Ugly sneakers — Aka Dad sneakers are everywhere this season. They’re big and bulky but give you height and are comfortable to boot. The trend started by Balenciaga can now be found at Zara.

Malone Souliers

Kitten heels — Aah the comfort of having a low heel that gives you an elegant high heel gait without the teetering! Going with formal attire to a daytime look, these versatile ladylike shoes are sheer bliss.


Clear Shoes — PVC, acrylic, clear vinyl who knew high fashion was headed towards plastic. After Kim K-West started sported her Yeezy sandals a few seasons back bringing them into fashion, last year Chanel took the trend to another level with its lucite boot, worth a pretty penny. Now clear shoes come in a whole lot of variations and price points.


Curvy Shoes — Starting with the YSL shaped heel, this trend is now moving towards curvy heels. It’s more interesting than your basic, straight heel.



Cowboy Boots — Kick up some dust in a pair. They’ve recently been spotted on several street style stars at various Western Fashion Weeks. You too can follow the trend in the F/W season by mixing cowboy boots with feminine dresses and skirts.

Michael Kors

All white — The industry’s penchant for white shoes continues. With this year’s deadly summer heat, there are plenty of chic, Tipp-Ex white sandals on offer. One particularly desirable pair was introduced by Michael Kors, while another great super comfy shoe is a super white wedge by Gucci.


Embellishments — Maximalistic is the name of the game right now, especially with Dolce & Gabbana’s embellished shoes. This trend can be easily DIY-ed. Glitzy shoes can add pizzaz to a masculine-looking suit and even spruce up your everyday jeans and t-shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger Cowboy Boot

By Afshan Shafi

The three stunning Persian sisters, Elnaz, Tanaz and Golnaz, who earned their Bachelor’s degree in interior design and architecture, are brightening up our Instafeeds with their supercool, sultry style. Their meticulously curated Insta features them in a variety of London locations in refreshingly retro, feminine ensembles. Whether it’s a satin shift or a latex mini with staggeringly high heels, they imbue each look with youthfulness and class. Their beauty look is spot on too, often finished off with a matte red lip and gleaming raven locks. We love getting our daily dose of their glam life. Read on for some of our favourite looks

Mahlia S. Lon

Bridal designers catering to various price points abound in Lahore and Karachi, but shopping choices in Islamabad have always been more limited. Meet Shazia Kiyani who set up one of the city’s first bridal studios. In this issue, she tells us why it’s important for her to give her clients unbiased advice on what suits their specific body types; she also gives us a heads up on the colour palette and silhouettes of her upcoming F/W Bridal Collection. We also have a feature on all the shoe styles on trend at the moment.  Accessories are expensive, like everything else, and it’s useful to read this before investing in your next pair of shoes. In addition, singer/songwriter Rafay Israr tells us how he got from being a backup musician to signing with a big Indian music label. Actors, Inayat Khan and Sana Fakhar, from the big budget comedy Jackpot, generously give us insight into their personal lives. With this and much more, GT wishes you Happy Independence Day!

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