Budding actor, Inayat Khan has made his mark quickly with drama serials, like Dil Lagi and Muthi Bhar Mohabbat. Making his film debut with the recent release Jackpot, Inayat reveals to Sana Zehra what makes him tick

Tell us about your journey

I’ve done commercials, dramas, soaps, etc. and caught a big break landing the role in Dil Lagi opposite Mehwish Hayat. Next, I signed on to do Jackpot and it has been great so far.

How do you feel about Jackpot?

Jackpot is very special to me because it’s my debut film. I know I’m a good dancer, a skill I haven’t been able to utilize till now.

What is the one thing that always becomes an argument for you?

That I look like Feroz Khan. I normally get messages on Facebook or Instagram from people asking me if I am his brother or related to him somehow. It takes a while for me to convince that I’m not his brother.

What do you think people say behind your back?

That there is a new actor named Inayat who looks like he has a lot of attitude, which isn’t true I swear to God! I actually don’t have any attitude at all, these are just rumours.

How hard is it for you to tell the truth, even if it means to hurt someone?

If my lying would break someone’s heart then I’d rather stay quiet because I don’t think anyone’s heart should be broken because of me. Kindness comes first.

How would you explain love to a blind man?

To be honest, in my opinion, love is a waste of time; it’s useless. If you have a career you are working towards, it’s best to stay away from love.

It sounds like your heart has been broken before. Has it?

No, not really. I’ve seen heartbreak happening to a lot of my friends so I know to steer clear of this.

What change would you like to bring into the TV Industry?

I would really hope that everyone becomes more humble and less stuck up. There’s a fixed mindset of maintaining your class, attitude, not speaking too much, etc. For crying out loud, please change it. Take it easy and relax. We’re all humans; we are all going to die soon.

Who is that one person you’ve met and thought I wish we would’ve met?

I think Shahrukh Khan Sahib. I don’t copy him but when I was around 12 years old, I would ride my bike about 5-6 km just to watch his films Darr, Baazi, all of his 90s films. I wish to meet the great Khan during the 90s.

Who would you rather have dinner with?

Mehwish Hayat, hands down! She’s not only a good actress but also a good person.

Would you like to hang out with Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari?

Asif Ali Zardari. I just want to know what kind of qualities he possesses that everyone is so mesmerized by him.

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Of course Hilary Clinton

Have you ever been in love?

No, never. Seriously, I don’t even know how. Teenage love doesn’t count as I believe that’s just childishness. Being in love consists of passion that you can’t have with just anyone. Love means passion and passion is a big deal.

“Love is a waste of time; it’s useless”

If you were stuck on an island, who would you take with you as your best buddy?

Noor Hassan

Who are the most influential celebrities in our industry in your opinion?

I’m new in the industry so please don’t make me answer this.

Would you ever endorse a male fairness cream?


Beauty in one word?


Fame or fortune?


Competition is necessary to excel in life?


“If you have a career you are working towards, it’s best to stay away from love”

If you could steal one thing from the following people what would it be?

Humayun Saeed

Ladies’ numbers

Farhan Saeed?

His voice

Nouman Ijaz



Tell us about your role in Jackpot.

I’m playing the character of Sameer. The movie is really special to me because, firstly, it’s my debut film, but also because if you’ve watched the trailer you’ll know everybody is looking for Sameer. To find out what’s so special about him or what secret he’s hiding, you’ll have to watch the movie. I’m starring opposite Reyna Malhotra, an Indian actress. I loved working with her. She’s a brilliant actress and was so enthusiastic.

Do you think the industry has a lot of nepotism?

I mean the people who got their roles this way are blessed. Actors’ children become rising stars, but that’s okay because everyone is born with their own good fortunes. I think those who struggle from the very bottom see it all. They go hungry, thirsty, cry for the struggle and that learning process is what makes the struggle worthwhile. So, I salute the strugglers and I feel proud to be one.

Why should people go watch Jackpot?

Those who are sick of their wives (in the sense the drama that marriage brings), those who are sick of load shedding and receiving extensive bills should go watch the film because it will refresh them. It’s a comedy film.

Good Times


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