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Fresh, young talent always has a place in our pages. In this issue, we speak to upcoming actor Bilal Dar about his auditions and trying to break into the industry

Tell our readers about your background in acting.

I had my first audition in 2017 in the US about a play on partition, which turned into my first acting gig. It was such a memorable experience and I learned so much about my history. It really solidified my interest to pursue acting professionally. I also did a few short films in the US, after which I decided to take a break from acting.

How would you compare your experience acting in the US with your experience acting in Pakistan?

Acting in the US is pretty straightforward. You have auditions which’re posted online or through casting websites for everyone to see and try out for. I saw acting roles online and went in for the auditions. Acting in Pakistan is somewhat trickier to navigate. You need to be connected to the right circles and networks to even know about the auditions. It definitely requires more networking. Acting in both countries is fun, but comes with its cultural challenges.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

I’m moving to Los Angeles this year to pursue acting in the US. I’m excited as this has been my dream ever since I started acting. I hope in the next few years I’ll be a professional actor working with some of my favorite directors and actors there.

Which actors inspire you and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joaquin Phoenix are some of my favourite actors. They’re some of the most versatile and empathetic actors. Acting is all about empathy for the characters and their stories and these actors have delivered some of the strongest performances in my opinion.

Tell us about your upcoming short film and music video.

I’m currently working on a short film titled ‘Rukhs’ set in 1970s post-partition Pakistan. The story revolves around three characters and how they navigate love in the strict, religious society under Zia’s regime. This film has been guaranteed screening at the UK Asian Film Festival’s 23rd year (London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leicester), the University of Cambridge, King’s College London and will be sent into multiple festivals across the globe. Khoosat films is collaborating for post-production and the film production is funded from a commission by the UK Asian Film Festival.

Photography: Ahmed Kaleem


Trends come and go, but a traditional bridal remains timeless. Captured by the lens of Rehan Khan, fan-favourite Sumbul Iqbal dons the regal trousseaus of Diva’ni Pakistan in a magical shoot

Talent: Sumbul Iqbal Khan
Wardrobe: Diva’ni Pakistan
Photography: Rehan Khan
Art Direction : Maha Rehan
Hair and makeup: Qasim Liaqat
Jewelery: Grace Jewellers

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