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Bladerunner 2049

A sequel to one of science-fiction’s most acclaimed films, Bladerunner 2049, has high expectations to live up to. But with a stellar cast that includes Harrison Ford returning to his iconic role as Rick Deckard and new addition Ryan Gosling as young blade runner, Officer K, the film is already building momentum.

Officer K is a blade runner in Los Angeles who uncovers a long buried secret with far reaching consequences that prompt him to go on a quest to find former blade runner Rick Deckard. Hitting theatres on 4th October, this will be a spectacle you will not want to miss.



HOT 100


# Song Name Artist
1 Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift
2 Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) Cardi B
3 1-800-273-8255 Logic Featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid
4 Despacito Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee  Featuring Justin Bieber
5 Too Good At Goodbyes Sam Smith




—By Kamila Shamsie

The novel is inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone. Weaving a tale of immigrant Pakistani families hailing from varied social strata but being pulled apart by the raging undercurrents of stereotype and dogma. Focusing on a trio of siblings, children of a dead jihadist and a son of a British Minister we see their  lives intertwine as they come together to confront their shared history and uncertain future.

Shamsie shines a light on how homegrown terrorism comes to haunt Britain. She captures the struggle and dilemma and at the same time exposes the blind eye of the system.

TV Series:

American Vandal

Netflix’s latest offering is a satirical take on the True Crime documentary genre. It is at times hilarious while also surprisingly thought provoking, the series revolves around a case of obscene vandalism at a small town high school. At the centre of the show is a troublemaker named Dylan (Jimmy Tatro) who is blamed for the vandalism and expelled. Uncovering the story behind the crime is an ambitious filmmaker named Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) who is out to find the truth wherever it may lead him.

The show delves deep into the lives of everyday teenagers with footage sourced from iPhone’s and social media such as Instagram and Snapchat and the dialogue also stays true to real life which makes this show a definite must watch!

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Upholstered in aged leather on the front and clad in sleek, polished aluminum on the back, we’re totally drooling over this period reproduction. The Spitfire Revolving Chair has been inspired by World War II planes. Worked panels of polished aluminum wrap the chair’s silhouette – recalling the sleek modernity of aviation’s Golden Age. Ideal for an aviation, war or history buff!

By Fatima Sheikh

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Asad Siddiqui started his acting career while studying for his MBA, but dropped out of uni because he thought it wasn’t for him. Despite being related to the very famous Adnan Siddiqui, Asad, instead of opting for the short cut, took the longer route to success by Appearing in projects like Shaadi Mubarak Ho, Gumrah, Khuda Dekh Raha Hai, Meray Apnay, Shikwa, Dareecha, Mumkin, Baraat series, Joru ka Ghulam, Sanam, Zindaan etc. Asad recently got engaged to Zara Abbas and is head over heels in love. This charming young man sits down with Sana Zehra for a quick rapid fire

A nickname that really annoys you is…

Don’t really remember if I had any that could annoy me

The weirdest habit you have is…

I keep on walking in the room when I enter one.

My favourite toy growing up was…


The one film you’ve seen more than five times is…

The Godfather

A character you wish you had played?

Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui in the Bollywood film Talaash

You are always likely to be early/late?

On time, according to Karachi standards (pun intended).

The one thing you’d like to change about yourself is…

My impulsiveness

One thing you just won’t eat is…

Spare parts of animals

What’s your favourite place on earth?


What’s your favourite meal?

Grilled Red Snapper

Stone wash or tie-dye?

Stone wash

Plain or pattern?


Boxers or briefs?


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

It’s not a thing. She has a name.

I can be anyone and anything

Who do you dream about?

I dream about giving the best of everything to my parents.

What’s the best thing about being an actor?

I can be anyone and anything.

What’s the worst?

Your privacy is gifted to the public.

What does love sound like?

It sounds like L O V E. Laaaavvv 🙂

Who is the best kiss you’ve ever had?

I would like to keep my rights to this one.

Who runs the world?

Not Beyonce

What’s on your iPod right now?

I’ve never had an Ipod. Can you believe that?

What keeps you awake at night?


What makes you go to sleep?

A long tiring day.

What’s your favourite song to play on the guitar?

I play the guitar and I love playing acoustic. In fact, I am composing one of my own songs too.

Successful barrister Saiff Ali Akbar not only specializes in lucrative corporate litigation but also does a lot of pro bono work and takes on family law cases. Before entering law school Saiff used to act in theatre and was also the chair of debate during his university year in London. Saiff is seen at every party and makes our list of Bright Young Sparks for his NGO and pro bono work. Saiff is a part of the steering committee of NGO Careforhealth and used to be a mental health practitioner providing group therapy. He has done special projects for The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and did a massive research presentation and conducted research all over Sindh to include kindergarten level in TCF. Saiff is also working very closely with PILAP (Protecting and promoting the Fundamental Rights of the Citizens), which is public interest litigation association of Pakistan. Saiff has organised various mental health and law seminars as well. With PILAP Saiff has done work on the education system and water and he plans on getting the Sindh Mental Health Act instituted through their platform, Saiff is also on the management committee of Pakistan Lawyers Guild,  and on the side does pro bono work for Qaaf sey Qanoon as well as family law. additionally, he holds creative classes for a low income school near his house. One day, Saiff aims to open an orphanage as well. high achieving saiff chats with Sana Zehra

What do you like doing the most: law work, activism, socializing or partying?

Helping those who are in need, so I would have to say activist.

If you were offered a role in drama, what would you want to play an actor, villain or a pro bono lawyer?

Definitely the villain!

Have limited free time, how do you spend it?

Eat chocolate cake and sleep.

What is currently missing in our youth today?

I believe that the passion is there but the drive is lacking.

What is the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?

To be more confident and have faith in my abilities. I think our society is one that thrives on self-loathing and forces one to be overly critical of oneself so to accept yourself for who you are, in this day and age, is quite an accomplishment

How patriotic are you and how do you express it?

I’m extremely patriotic. I believe instead of wearing a shirt or a cap that says “I love my country,” one should actually help society and so I try to do the best I can with whatever resources are available to me. One of the reasons I came back after university was to try and help my country in whichever way possible. I have been very lucky with the people I have met since who have shared the same vision as me and helped me in progressing towards achieveing my goals.

In a relationship are you more of a “heart breaker” or “heart broken”?

Definitely the heart breaker

Are you a rule keeper or a rule breaker?

Depends on the rule

Most intense dream you ever had?

What exactly do you mean by intense dream? OnceI dreamt that I was the winner of Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and just when he was about to hand me the keys to his factory, my alarm rang (fairly intense considering my love for chocolate).

Fantasy celebrity girlfriend and why?

Emma Stone–those eyes!

The government offers you an irreversible drone strike on one person with no physical harm. Who would that person be and why?

Drone Strikes are horrible. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

We always see you so smartly dressed. Who styles you?

(Haha) Thank you! I’m not cool enough to have a stylist but I definitely look up to my older brother (read steal things from his closet).

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart casual

Ever got your heart broken?

Well, Emma Stone still hasn’t discovered me yet so … yes!

Signature scent?

Legend Spirit by Montblanc

Who? Arsalan Bilgrami

Why? The photographer/event planner si quite the dapper gent in his plaid Humayun Alamgir jacket and pocket square

Who? Sadaf Jalil

Why? The petite bombshell knows how to dress for her frame. He eye catching dress is unusual but not overpowering

Who? Sharmila Farooqui

Why? If only our nation’s male politicians’ took a page out of her sartorial book

Who? Seher Perzada

Why? What’s not to love about the sculptural top, sleek hair and minimal accessories

Who? Riz Ahmed

Why? The cute Pakistani-British actor made history with his Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie win, the first acting Emmy for any Asian and Muslim Male

Who? Mehyr Butt

Why? We love her wide leg trousers and aqua Chanel Boy Bag

Many of you remember Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem from their unforgettable movie roles—Penelope for her beauty and Javier for his formidable acting prowess. As we know, love does not always bloom at first sight. Penelope met her current husband Javier on the set of her first movie Jamon, Jamon (1992) when she was just a teenager. Fifteen years later, on the set of Vicky Christina Barcelona (2007) they reconnected and Bardem decided she’s The One for him. By then, each had the maturity to fully comprehend what it was they were looking for in a spouse. This is their story

By Maliha lone

Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem, now 48, comes from a long line of actors and filmmakers, some of whom helped establish the Spanish film industry. Born in 1969 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, he is the son of Pilar Bardem, an actress, and the late, José Carlos Encinas Doussinague, an eco businessman. Javier’s parents split up shortly after his birth and he was raised solely by his mother. From his maternal side, he is a grandson of actors Rafael and Matilde Muñoz Sampedro, and nephew of screenwriter and director Juan Antonio Bardem who was imprisoned by General Franco for his anti-fascist films.  Both his older brother and sister, Carlos and Mónica, are also actors.

Bardem Worked As Actor From The Age Of Six
Javier Played rugby for The Junior Spanish National Team

Javier spent his childhood at theatres and on film sets, making his film debut at only six years old in Fernando Fernán Gómez’s El Pícaro (The Scoundrel). Javier told The Guardian about his childhood in Spain, “It was a very troubled time, to the point that to have the surname Bardem in those times was not good; you were pursued and put in jail. I was too little, but I saw things. People being arrested, my mother crying because colleagues of hers and people she loved were imprisoned or disappeared. The streets were violent….My mother is an actress; my grandfather and grandmother were actors. The parents of my grandparents were actors, in a time when actors were not allowed to be buried on sacred land. Terrible. My uncle is an actor, my brother is an actor and a writer, my sister used to be an actress. My cousins are actors. I’ve seen since I was born all that you can imagine in an actor’s life. So I don’t buy anything. I don’t buy success. I don’t buy failure. I only buy commitment.”

However, the boy was ambitious to become not an actor as you would imagine but a painter. He studied painting for four years at Madrid’s Escuela de Artes y Oficios and took on acting jobs only to pay the bills. Perhaps this was due to the fact that he was well aware of the non glamorous aspect of the showbiz world. In addition, the sporty, well built youth played rugby for the junior Spanish National Team. In time, not having enough talent or skill to make it as an artist, Javier wisely decided to pursue acting seriously. Struggling to make it, he even worked as a stripper for a day to subsidize his income between acting jobs. He nearly threw in the towel though when in 1989 after donning a Superman costume for a comedic sketch for the Spanish comedy show El Día Por Delante (The Day Ahead), he questioned this choice of career as well.

Penelope Studied classical Ballet for Nine Years at Spain’s National Conservatory

Then, at 20, Javier got a small but what proved to be a breakout role in a film his mother was in called The Ages of Lulu. Pilar Bardem Bigas Luna, the director, was so impressed by his promise that he gave him the leading male role in his next film, Jamón Jamón opposite teenage ingénue Penelope Cruz. A young buff Bardem played an underwear model and bullfighter in the film hired to seduce Penelope’s character. The entertaining movie became a big critical and box office hit, making stars of its young leads.

Penélope & Her Sister Monica Cruz
With Sister Monica & Brother Eduardo

As it happened, the year they started filming, Javier had already started dating his English teacher Christina Pales, a relationship that was to last nearly fifteen years. He was in love and committed and he didn’t have eyes for his ambitious nubile costar. He said at the time, “I’m in love with my English teacher. We have many of our lessons in bed.”

Penélope Cruz Sánchez, 45, had been born in the working-class neighbourhood of Alcobendas, Madrid, to Encarna Sánchez, a hairdresser and the late Eduardo Cruz, a car mechanic. She has two younger siblings, Mónica, also an actress/designer who resembles her sister, and a brother Eduardo who dated the now happily married Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria.

With Her First Serious Boyfriend (bf) Musician And Record Producer Nacho Cano

Penelope had a happy childhood and spent long hours at her grandmother’s apartment. She remembers “playing with some friends and being aware that I was acting as I was playing with them. I would think of a character and pretend to be someone else.” But, like Bardem, she initially focused on pursuing a different career and studied classical ballet for nine years at Spain’s National Conservatory. She said that ballet instilled in her discipline that helped in her future acting career.

With Ex Bf Czech Filmmaker Thomas Obermaier

Aged 10, she became interested in movies and her father bought her a Betamax VCR to watch films on, a rare thing to own in her neighborhood. After watching Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar’s film, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990) she wanted try her hand at acting. She started doing casting calls for an agent but was rejected multiple times because the agent felt that she was too young. Cruz said in an interview, “I was very extroverted as a kid….I was studying when I was in high school at night, I was in ballet and I was doing castings. I looked for an agent and she sent me away three times because I was a little girl but I kept coming back. I’m still with her after all these years.” Finally, after she won an audition at a talent agency beating over 300 other girls, she was signed by a talent agent Katrina Bayonas at age 15 and made her acting debut at 16 on TV hosting TV channel Telecinco’s talk show for teenagers.

In The Hi Lo Country With Billy Crudup

Katrina Bayonas recalled her audition, “She was absolutely magic. It was obvious there was something very impressive about this kid…. She was very green, but there was a presence. There was just something coming from within.”

With Ex Bf Matt Damon

Desperate to make it, Penelope appeared nude in the Elle et lui episode of an erotic French TV series called Série rose in 1991. She was 18 and also dating musician and record producer Nacho Cano. The same year, she made her feature film debut as the lead female role in Jamón, Jamón, a comedy drama art house film. Her character Silvia is a young woman expecting her first child with a man whose mother does not approve of the relationship and attempts to sabotage it by paying Javier Bardem’s character to seduce her. For her performance, she was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Actress. Additionally, according to People magazine, Cruz’s topless scene made her “a major sex symbol.”

Pedro Almodovar’s All About My Mother

In an interview given to the Los Angeles Daily News in 1999, Cruz said that “it was a great part, but…I wasn’t really ready for the nudity….But I have no regrets because I wanted to start working and it changed my life.”

Charlie Rose announced on 60 Minutes that Cruz “became an overnight sensation as much for her nude scenes as for her talent.”

With the success of this film, the director cast Javier for a third time in his next film Luna as well, while Penelope starred in the Academy-Award-winning period romance drama Belle Epoque playing a very different character that of a virginal young girl.

With Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz

Scenes From Vanilla Sky

From 1993 to 1996, Cruz appeared in ten Spanish and Italian films. At 20, she went to live in New York to study ballet, theatre at Cristina Rota’s New York school and English between films. She said sheorized the dialogue for casting calls and learnt English “kind of late,” getting by on only saying, “How are you?” and “Thank you.”

Bardem Collateral

Actor John Malkovich impressed by Bardem’s acting talent offered the 27-year-old Spaniard a role in his English film in 1997, but despite the lessons with his girlfriend Javier felt his English was still poor. Instead he chose to do director Álex de la Iglesia’s bilingual (released in Spanish and English) action crime horror film Perdita Durango (Dance with the Devil), in which Bardem and Hispanic American actress Rosie Perez play a psychotic criminal couple.

HOLLYWOOD – FEBRUARY 24: Actor Javier Bardem poses in the press room during the 80th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on February 24, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

When he had approximately two dozen Spanish films under his belt, Bardem finally gained widespread international recognition when he portrayed homosexual Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas who was persecuted by Fidel Castro in Julian Schnabel’s Before Night Falls (2000). For his sensitive portrayal, his idol Al Pacino left an appreciative message on his answering machine, something he considers one of the most beautiful gifts he has ever received. Bardem received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, a first for a Spaniard.

2007 Love In The Time Of Cholera 035

Having broken up with her Spanish long distance boyfriend, Cruz started dating Czech filmmaker Tomas Obermaier and appeared in her first American film as Billy Crudup’s down to earth Mexican girlfriend in Stephen Frears’ Western, The Hi-Lo Country (1999). She reported that she still had difficulties understanding people speaking English while filming. The movie which starred Woody Harrelson and Patricia Arquette bombed. Cruz followed this up with Almodóvar’s well received All About My Mother, playing a pregnant nun with AIDS. She went from strength to strength starring in the delightful Hollywood rom-com Woman on Top in the lead female role playing a sexy world class chef. Variety magazine ran a story saying that Penelope “burst off the screen”, and had a charming accent. The curvaceous and pretty actress came to be known as the “Spanish enchantress.”


With Ex Bfco Star McConaughey Both Off & On The Screen

Another review in Box Office magazine stated, “Cruz is stunning in the role—innocent and vulnerable yet possessing a mature grace and determined strength, all while sizzling with unchecked sensuality.”

In 2000, she was cast as A-lister Matt Damon’s love interest in Billy Bob Thornton’s film adaptation of the Western bestselling novel, All the Pretty Horses. Claiming that her career ambitions were responsible for her breakup with Obermaier, Penelope started seeing Damon. Though they never confirmed their onscreen romance, they both made a promotional appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show together. On the show, Cruz said: “Matt’s a very special man, he’s funny and he’s one of the most generous people I’ve met in my life. He has no defects.”

On Set Of Vicky Cristina Barcelona With Scarlett Johansson & Woody Allen

Damon blushed and replied: “That’s the most amazing thing to say.”

When Spanish sci-fi blockbuster film Open Your Eyes (1997) was being remade by Hollywood heavy weight director Cameron Crowe as Vanilla Sky (2001) Cruz was asked to reprise her role opposite mega star Tom Cruise. The movie also starred Cameron Diaz in a supporting role who came across blond, bland and insipid next to Penelope’s more exotic dark looks. This was a huge budget movie that grossed $200 million worldwide and marked the turning point in her career. After the movie premiered, when Tom Cruise was in the midst of divorcing Nicole Kidman due to her infidelity, he took up with Penelope in a high profile relationship that lasted till 2004. We don’t know if it was a publicity stunt/cover up relationship but it managed to generate Cruz countless tabloid headlines that made her a household name Stateside, and gave him a beautiful actress on his arms while his ex-wife engaged in a series of public hookups.

With Ex Bf Orlando Bloom
She Had A Summer Fling With Josh Hartnett

The same year, Cruz next starred opposite Johnny Depp in the biographical crime film Blow about the American cocaine smuggler George Jung, adapted from Bruce Porter’s 1993 book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 million with the Medellín Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All. It was her second big hit of the year, grossing $80 million worldwide. Her third film of 2001 was the epic World War II love saga Captain Corelli’s Mandolin starring Nicholas Cage, also an adaptation of a novel of the same name. They sweeping lyrical movie did well with women and made $62 million worldwide. Three huge movies with three huge movie stars—it was a great year for Cruz that made her an A-list star despite her heavily accented English.

Penelope Won An Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress For Vicky Christina Barcelona
Mandatory Credit: Photo by GUILLAUME COLLET/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock (9044676d)
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz
‘Loving Pablo’ photocall, 74th Venice Film Festival, Italy – 06 Sep 2017

In an ironic twist, Bardem made his Hollywood debut in a small but significant role as a crime lord who summons Tom Cruise’s (Penelope’s boyfriend at the time) hit man in the action crime thriller Collateral (2004). Then, he starred in Miloš Forman’s film Goya’s Ghosts (2006) opposite Natalie Portman, in which he played a twisted monk during the Spanish Inquisition.

The two mega successful and talented Spanish Stars fell for each other on set of Vicky Christina Barcelona. Bardem later told GQ that he initially Had reservations regarding Penelope’s on set Passion, which both drew him to her and also Made him worried for their future. He said that She shares the same fiery personality as her onscreen Character in the movie, “Oh, boy. She has That feistiness. There are those scenes where we Are arguing, she’s throwing plates and so on. I Had to wonder, ‘Do I really want this?’ She has What I call the loving blood. Passion for everything.” But Javier in the end fell for her after Deciding that Penelope’s passionate personality Is what makes her both beautiful and sexy. ‘That’s what I find attractive. There is beauty And there is being sexy. Penelope has both.’”

In 2007, Bardem acted in two film adaptations: the violent Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men in which he played a sociopathic assassin and the adaptation of the romantic and soulful Colombian novel Love in the Time of Cholera by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez.

VENICE, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 06: (L-R) Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem walk the red carpet ahead of the ‘Loving Pablo’ screening during the 74th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 6, 2017 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

In No Country for Old Men, his character is a sociopathic assassin. He did such a fantastic job as a cold blooded killer that he was awarded an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, becoming the first Spaniard to win, as well as won a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award, the Critics’ Choice Award and British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award. This was his star making turn that not only catapulted him to the position of a globally recognizable star but the character he played also went down as one of the most vile villains in cinematic history. Because of his broken nose that was the result of a bar fight in his youth, Bardem had a face that could look very menacing. He didn’t need to shout or overact, rather underplayed his villains, so that they realistically appear like emotionless, cold psychopaths. Though after the horrible bar fight he said he struggles to watch violence play out on screen, “From that moment on, I couldn’t stand violence. I still can’t even watch it. I can’t bear it. So if I hate violence so much why did I do No Country For Old Men, right? I know, I know.”

Bardem mixed it up by playing a love lorne character that pines all his life for his married childhood crush only to finally attain her at a ripe old age in Love in the Time of Cholera, a move that displayed his range. This too was an unforgettable film.

With so much to thank for, the couple with a conscious signed an open letter during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict denouncing Israel’s actions as a “genocide.” They didn’t care that their move was criticized by some in Hollywood and could potentially cost them jobs

“Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Premiere 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Francis Ford Coppola named Bardem as an heir to such greats as Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro, and lauded him being ambitious, hungry, unwilling to rest on his laurels and always “excited to do something good.”

At her end, Penelope started seeing yet another costar, this time the sexy Texan at the time wild child Matthew McConaughey during the film of their box office dud Sahara, but the relationship fizzled out within a year. Next she starred in another Western, this time a female bonding summer comedy movie alongside her good friend Salma Hayek in the Bandidas (2006) in which they play “lusty dream team” of bank robbers.

With Daniel Craig In Skyfall

In fall, just in time to be nominated for the Oscars, Cruz gave a serious turn in her mentor Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver (2006). A review in The Los Angeles Times stated, “Cruz, who has remarked that in Hollywood she’s rarely allowed to be anything more than pretty, instills her with an awesome resoluteness and strength of character.” It was quite a gripping performance for which she tapped in to her working class roots. For her uninhibited fearless acting, Cruz shared a Best Actress award at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival with five of her co-stars, as well as receiving a Goya Award and European Film Award, and was nominated for the Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA, and Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role. She was the first Spanish actress to ever be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She also briefly dated Orlando Bloom during this year, another feather in her cap.

Penelope stars in an all star ensemble cast of agatha christie’s murder on the orient express directed by kenneth brannagh to be released in november

Woody Allen is actually indirectly responsible for finally bringing the two top Spanish stars together when he cast them in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), which also starred Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall. Both the Spanish stars were single simultaneously during the filming. Javier played a painter and Penelope his tempestuous ex-wife. Pe (her nickname) arrived on set after a brief summer fling with actor Josh Hartnett with whom she had vacationed win Turks and Caicos. Clearly, her Hollywood relationships were not working out and getting shorter each time. Javier had broken up his long term romance with his serious girlfriend in 2005. He probably had rebounded with hookups, but they didn’t leave a dent.

On The Set Of Everybody Knows

Cruz’s masterful and energetic performance won her a Goya Award and her first Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress. Cruz was the first Spanish actress to ever be awarded an Academy Award in that category and the sixth Hispanic person to ever receive the award.

Keeping their burgeoning relationship under the radar, the couple tied the knot in July 2010 in the Bahamas in a private ceremony. Penelope was three months pregnant at the time. Both had been raised as Roman Catholics by their respective grandmothers, so not finding any reason to wait, they probably wanted to make their relationship official as soon as they discovered the pregnancy. Bardem is  an atheist now, but he probably wanted to seal the deal with his hot girlfriend and felt it was time he settled down for good. Their son Leonarodo was born in January in the new year in Los Angeles. That year Bardem was awarded Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance in Biutiful directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who had written the film with Bardem in mind, quite an honour.    He became the first all Spanish-language Best Actor nominee at the 2011 Oscars and won his 5th Goya Award, which he touchingly dedicated to his wife and newborn son. However, generally the couple maintains a low public profile, seldom discussing their personal lives.

Completely unlike his onscreen persona, Bardem is a gentle, one-woman man who likes intense, lasting monogamous relationships. A telling example of how different he is in real life to the randy thugs he usually plays, he doesn’t even know how to drive a car in real life whereas in films he is seen racing cars at breakneck speeds in car chase scenes. In his downtime, Bardem unwinds by listening to heavy metal, his favourite band being AC/DC, while Pe devotes her time to philanthropic pursuits and advocates breastfeeding.

The biggest hit of Penelope’s career to date grossing more than a billion dollars she filmed when she was pregnant. This summer blockbuster is Rob Marshall’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth installment in the film series, starring Johnny Depp. Cruz was the only actress considered for the role, as she fit Marshall’s description. He invited her for the role as they wrapped the production of Nine, a musical with an ensemble all female cast, which she dominated with her superbly sensual dancing.

The actress spent two months working out and learning fencing for  her role in the pirate flick. During filming, she discovered she was pregnant with her first born. The costume department obligingly redesigned her wardrobe to be more elastic, and the producers got her sister Mónica Cruz to double for her in risky scenes. That year, Penelope got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, becoming the first Spanish actress to receive the honour.

Bardem also turned in a remarkable villainous portrayal of defaced rogue agent Raoul Silva ranked among the greatest villains in the James Bond series in the Daniel Craig starrer Skyfall (2012). He too received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Both such bankable stars with worldwide fame, Academy and other prestigious industry awards and tens of millions of Euros in their bank accounts, they were soon to be blessed with a baby girl named Luna born in Madrid in 2013, completing their family.

In the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017), it was Bardem’s turn to star as the main antagonist. This year, he also has the recently  released Darren Aronofsky horror film Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ed Harris that is not doing too well either commercially or critically.

Yet another recent release is the Spanish film Loving Pablo in which the two spouses play the corpulent Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his journalist mistress Virginia Vallejo. In an interview, Javier revealed they were careful not to bring the dark subject material home with them after a day on set: “One of the joys, and the fun of what we do, is to create. We were very careful (during shooting) to make sure we kept that joy and that we keep being able to create and use our imagination.’

A critic wrote in The Guardian, “the heat really rises when their fiery attitudes mix and threaten to combust; though the script is in (Colombian accented) English for what Bardem has confirmed were wrangling-a-budget reasons, their spats spark with such passion that a viewer can nearly hear the Spanish behind it.”

The couple is currently busy having a blast creating what is expected to be another film masterpiece by Oscar winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi called Everybody Knows. Bardem commented on Farhadi in a recent interview: “He sees everything. He may not understand a word, but he knows what you’re saying. He only wants honesty to its deepest level so you are really obliged to take the mask off and go there completely naked. I believe in giving it all, but the hands have to be sensitive, caring, nice — that’s why you give it to him. You trust him. And, he’s super funny.”

Sounds like a movie to watch out for!

Upcoming fashion designer Anam Salman is a graduate from Karachi American School and Asian Institute of Fashion Design. Her work is both a fusion of modern and classic cuts. She focuses on haute couture and luxury pret. She recently launched her high fashion collection Chimera, a wearable mix of eastern and western high fashion; she also launched two Eid Collections this year by the name of Khayal that focused only on traditional designs, proving her to be a bridge between both worlds of fashion

What is the biggest fashion mistake women make?

Women need to start accessorizing more.

What is your design aesthetic?

I like to play with classic cuts and infuse them with trendy silhouettes.

How would you describe your brand?

The brand is for the bold, strong and independent woman.

If Anam Salman could have any celebrity spokesmodel who would it be?

Priyanka Chopra

Favorite place to find budget buys?

Depends on the budget and what you’re looking for.

Favorite place to shop in Karachi and why?

Again, depends on what I need.

If you’d choose to give any celebrity a makeover who would it be and why?

I think everyone has their own individual style and they know how to carry themselves so really no one.

What are the must-haves a woman must have in her closet at all times?

A woman must have a black, white and blue dress, a good handbag and a great pair of heels.

Favourite all time designer?

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

If one is really stuck and you don’t know what to wear, what would you suggest?

Go for a dress that has a classic cut. You can never go wrong with a classic design.

Item worth splurging on?

A good handbag.

What helps you get in the zone when you are designing?

Good music and good company. A positive mindset is always productive.

Any suggestions for older ladies?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be evergreen. I feel that women can carry anything no matter what their age. They just need to block out the criticism and be confident. Wear what makes you happy.

How do you come up with your designs?

My designs come from inspiration. Sometimes the smallest thing can inspire me and I begin sketching immediately, which is why I always carry a sketch book with me at all times. You never know when inspiration can hit you.

Who is your favourite makeup artist?

Akif Illyas

Favourite vacation spot?

I love Koh Samui in Thailand. It’s beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone that just wants to sit back and relax.

Any fashion related message?

The most important thing you should have is confidence. No matter what you wear. If you’re not confident wearing it then no matter how great the dress you won’t look nice. Confidence is what makes you stylish everything else comes second.

Any styling advice?

Always accessorize. Invest in good watches, jewellery, bags and shoes. If you have a good collection you can never go wrong.

What are the key trends for bridal and wedding wear for the upcoming season?

A lot of designers are focusing on pastel colours because of the winter season. Dark colours with gold work look more royal. The only trend that is relatively brighter is the collection for mehndis.

What are classic silhouettes that flatter every woman?

Silhouettes depends on the woman’s body type. For example, if you are apple or pear shaped and are heavy in your mid-section you should try to avoid fitted trousers and wear something that compliments your physique rather than focus on the problem areas.

What trends would you like to see die?

Overly exaggerated floral digital prints. I think there is too much going on in those prints and it ruins the beauty of the design. Casually worn gharara and tulip pants are another trend that I am not fond off. Simply because they do not complement every shirt and its very tricky to mix and match.

What trends would you like to see more women experiment with this season?

Definitely with different types of sleeves and maybe match them with different cuts and designs. I would want women to experiment with minimalistic work that makes a big impact.

What do you hope to see more of from designers in bridal and wedding wear this season?

I think the brides should be allowed to customize her own dress. I feel that since it is her wedding, she would also want to give her creative input regarding her wedding dress. Only the bride would know what will complement her.

What does GT mean to you?

GT is my one stop entertainment guide to everything happening in Pakistan.


Arsalan Bilgrami of a.bilgrami studio

Hair & makeup:

Eric Sen at JY style studio

Chimera Collection

Anam Salman in her versatile and eclectic Chimera Collection plays with bold colours and modern aesthetics, imparting it a unique and contemporary look

Mahlia S. Lone

First up: Big congratulations to super talented Pakistani-British actor/rapper Riz Ahmed for his historic Emmy win. He became the first Muslim and the first Asian man to win an acting Emmy. Ahmed beat out such heavyweights as Robert De Niro, Geoffrey Rush, Ewan McGregor and Benedict Cumberbatch in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie category for his performance in The Night Of, an HBO criminal justice miniseries. On the occasion, Riz said, “TV is in particular a global medium. People are streaming shows or watching them all around the world, so hopefully we’re going to see a globalization of the stories we’re telling and a globalization of the talent pool.” Well done in breaking down race barriers in Trump’s America!

Nationally, before the advent of Muharram, a whole week long of fashion and festivities took place in Karachi in the guise of Fashion Pakistan Week where designers showcased their latest Luxury Prêt collections. We have you covered regarding this and all the happenings and on dits of the last fortnight.

Until next time!

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