January 01-15-2024


Tadbeer—Planner 2024 by Soz
Build your own roadmap to success in 2024. For all those who want to experience life’s every aspect to its fullest. This planner is the tool you need to strike a balance in your life, work and the dozen roles you play. But it is more than that, it is a chance of bringing yourself closer to your dream life. Spend the next year crafting your life!

Flower Works Pk
If you are looking out for some elegant flower garlands, gajras and flower jewellery then this page on Instagram is a must check. They make customised flower pieces that are beautiful, cute and very traditional.

Aurah Co Official
The wedding season is in full swing and this beautiful, inspired from Nature; amalgamation of painted peacock print in Mint hues merged with eloquent Jamawar trunk for the Bride Tribe got our attention. A perfect piece to gift to a bride-to-be.

Her Beauty
Winter season makes our skin look very dull and dry and we all need some good serums and moisturisers to provide a good amount of hydration to our skin. Her beauty’s Pillowy & Plumpy serum is the hydration hero of your dreams with 5% 5D hyaluronic Acid and 1% niacin-amide. This gives the skin that extra boost and also treats discolouration.

The Elixir Clinic offers a range of wellness treatments from IV Drips, Ozone Therapy & Chelation Therapy in Pakistan. In addition to our renowned wellness approach, our Pakistan clinic houses a dedicated Aesthetics clinic, allowing those who visit us in Pakistan to feel good inside and out, all in one place.

Welcome and congratulations for a great launch of the Elixir Clinic in Pakistan! Fahad tell us a bit about how did you land into the field of wellness & Cosmetology?

Due to social media and globalization, we have all become aware of well being and we all want to look good and stay healthy. Our passion and genuine interest in beauty, skincare, and helping others feel confident and comfortable in their skin drew us to this field. Since we are an international franchise, we have access to state of the art wellness products, new beauty trends, techniques, and products.  Wellness and cosmetology offers the opportunity to help people feel good about themselves starting with change in lifestyle to using recognized aesthetic treatments. Making someone feel confident and beautiful can be incredibly rewarding.

What is Elixir Clinic all about?

Established in 2013 in London’s medical district, The Elixir Clinic is an international wellness clinic recognized as a market leader in intravenous therapy offering preventive health solutions across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As an international wellness clinic, The Elixir Clinic offers an extensive selection of therapies which include intravenous, anti-aging, regenerative, holistic, and intramuscular treatments to optimize vitality, slow down the aging process and improve your quality of life. We combine the latest medical advances with biohacking education and various natural therapies to improve and prolong the health of our clients. Wellness treatments include IV Nutrient Therapy, Ozone Therapy, NAD+ Therapy and more.

What are the five best services and procedures offered at the Elixir Clinic?

IV therapy, hydrafacial, anti wrinkles treatment, advance skin boosters and facial sculpting.

With the wedding season in full swing what are the two important procedures or services you would recommend to all the brides and grooms?

For brides and groom we would highly recommend HYDRA-Facials & IV therapy.

Once considered a taboo, how do you think acceptance has grown towards these aesthetic procedures in Pakistan?

Due to awareness and the desire to stay healthy and beautiful, people are no longer shy about getting the best treatment to help feel confident.  Pakistan has grown in the field of aesthetics as one can see with the huge number of clinics and services out in the market.  Treatments like fillers, Botox, threads are now not for those who may have started to look old.  These treatments are the norm and women are happy to share their experiences.  Girls as young as 18 years are getting Botox done.

What are the benefits of IV Drips and how often should one get himself/herself checked for the vitamin deficiencies ?

We perform a mineral tissue analysis test which tells deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity after that we customize IV’s according to the client needs.

Any new procedures or services you plan to bring to Pakistan that are currently not available?

Yes we will be introducing some unique services and procedures in Pakistan such as:

  • mineral tissue analysis test
  • ozone therapy
  • Iv laser therapy
  • wellness drips
  • imported aesthetic supplies for procedures.

Bcw Pakistan & Aura consulting and pr hosted the HUM Bridal Couture Week Lunch at kai Lahore and the fashion fraternity came out in huge support.


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