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Tamkenat’s journey into the world of acting commenced with her debut in the 2022 drama “Kala Doriya,” alongside esteemed actors such as Sana Javed and Usman Khalid Butt. Her portrayal of the character Bitto in the series left an indelible mark on viewers, who were captivated by her impeccable acting skills and on-screen presence.

For starters, she is not only an influencer but also a medical doctor. Currently, her drama “Standup Girl” is on air on Green TV. With a unique combination of talents, Tamkenat Mansoor stands as a testament to the convergence of passion and profession. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to excel in diverse fields, illustrating that one can successfully navigate the worlds of acting and medicine with equal prowess. As an influencer, actress, and medical professional, Tamkenat continues to make a meaningful impact on both the entertainment and healthcare landscapes.

Tamkenat you are a multitasker, from being a doctor, a single mother to a famous content creator; how has the journey been so far and how did you land into this industry of social media?

The journey so far has been very exciting. I got many interesting opportunities & made a lot of new friends. So been quite fulfilling.

I always wanted to work as an actor & writer. But I was a complete outsider so social media seemed like the right option to showcase my work & make a way into the media industry.

You have marked your name as being a comedian, what challenges do you think comedians face in the industry?

I think the biggest hurdle is the categorisation as a comedian. Because then the work opportunities sometimes get limited. You are not considered for non comedy roles. Other than that, people can take a lot of jokes coming from men but not from women. So you may get policed for saying certain things that men have all the liberty to express.

Tell us a bit about a project that was very close to your heart and why?

I have not done many commercial projects, but each one has been thoroughly enjoyable. Both my serials Kala Doriya & Stand Up Girl were with amazing teams. I had a lot of fun with the casts & learnt a lot because I was lucky enough to get to work with very esteemed actors. But having said that, getting to work with Kashif Nisar so early on my career has been a highlight.

What types of content do you enjoy creating the most?

I find a way to enjoy everything that I do. Whether it is my own content or a collaboration, I make it a point to have fun. That’s one of the most important aspects of work for me.

How do you maintain consistency in the quality of your content and projects?

By being selective. I decided it way back that I won’t make content or take up projects just because I have to be consistently seen. Stand Up Girl came out about a year after Kala Doriya. Similarly, I don’t keep dishing out videos just because I have to.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and why?

Whenever someone tells me that one of my videos changed their perspective regarding a social issue, I feel very elated & accomplished. Also when people tell me that their parents love my content.

Any upcoming project that you would like to give us some details about?

There is a mini series that I am going to start working on soon. And then another fun project for television. So far I can only say that people will get to see me in two very different yet interesting characters. Let’s see!

Any advice for all the aspiring comedians and content creators?

Just be your unique self. Don’t be afraid to experiment & find your niche. Don’t feel pressured to follow every trend. And be consistent.

Co ordination Umer Mushtaq
Makeup Waqar Hussain
Photography Hussain PI art
Styling @alchemistspk

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Model: Mahnoor Sheikh, Areeba Tariq
Photographer: Yellow Jacket
Make up artist: Hassan Ali
Jewellery: Fore.pk
Shoes: Lamour

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