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Happy New Year! For all those whose 2016 didn’t go so well and the times were challenging because Mercury was in retrograde a lot, take heart because 2017 will be all the luckier for you. This year there is a strong possibility in the turnaround of events that started off in the last year or even before that. So hang in there, good fortune is headed your way.

Nadia Ellahi, a Karachi based couturier, gives brides and their mothers her top tips for making timeless trousseau in this issue. She advises to avoid all trendy outfits and stick to classics that can be pulled out of your closet after years and still be worn with pride. After all, they are investment and heritage pieces and hardly come cheap so they should not be impulse buys. Divide the cost by the number of times you wear it to gauge the cost per wear of owning a garment. If it’s a true classic, then it should look breathtaking even a decade or more later.

Another story on perennial classics is the one on Musawir’s furniture reproductions. If you like a touch of Victoriana in your home, then Saleha Abbas is your go-to designer for finely crafted luxury furniture. See how she expertly mixes European period pieces with those having Islamic heritage and more modern ones.

Interested in changing up your look, try a long, feline animal print coat for a hint of savage glamour, or include a home accessory or garment in what promises to be this year’s It colour, Greenery. A fresh lemon-green, it’s the perfect hue to try as spring approaches.

Read about Shabana Azmi’s personal formula for a successful marriage. She shares what makes her marriage with Javed Akhtar tick. Though they were not blessed with the glue that holds most marriages together, children, she not only learnt to regard his children from a previous marriage as her own, but also delved into philanthropic causes helping women and children to share her good fortune with others. Let’s try not to be too self involved this year and really see and listen to what is going on around us. Until next time…

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