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Our December issue is packed with some amazing content. I’m most excited about our cover star this issue, Emmad Irfani, who is an incredible TV actor and model. Emmad is shot by our favourite photographer Mohsin Khawar who truly captured him like never before.

He is famed for his amazing performances in TV serials across Pakistan. We’ve also got our fortnightly roundup of the best dressed celebs and socialites. We saw some stunning looks this fortnight from the Lahori crowd.

Don’t forget to check out of feature called The Winter Bride featuring Zoya Mazhar. All of Zoya’s wedding looks were so perfectly curated. We loved them! And you wont want to miss the fortnightly roundup of our editors’ top picks. Happy reading!

Mahlia S. Lone

Petrichor (derived from Greek) is the name of the fragrant, earthy scent that wafts on the cool breezy air after a refreshing summer downpour has drenched the thirst of the dry soil. You must have inhaled it deeply after rain in the summer as I have. I always thought the scent of geeli mitti was unique to our region during the monsoons, but apparently not. This fresh, soft and romantic scent should be bottled for homes as air fresheners, diffusers and even candles, so we can spray it at will in our clinical, air conditioned interiors, or if it is I haven’t come across it as yet.

Fahad Hussayn doesn’t have a loud, brash, “look at me” personality that many other fashion designers do. He is soft spoken, hardly socializes and always wears a black kurta shalwar. Despite hiding in the shadows, because he produces meticulously crafted and thoroughly researched one-of-a-kind couture outfits that are veritable works of art, he has carved a niche for himself in the fashion industry. Feast your eyes on his Dara Shikoh Aur Sunehri Churail latest bridal collection in this issue. The detailing is exquisite.

In a completely different style are Syeda Amera’s western evening dresses of her Flower Power summer collection as showcased at Jessican Min Anh’s fashion show on a 100 metre curved runway at the Hoover Dam, Nevada, US. Amera is as young, slim and lovely to look at as all the models in the show, and her dresses are glamorous, luxurious and modern as well as relatively affordable to boot. Jessica Min Anh, a Vietnamese theatrical fashion show producer and model, frequently invites Amera to participate in her stunt fashion shows that are put on at major international landmarks the world over. This feature I found to be quite interesting and a little different.

Syra Shehroze and Sheheryar Munawar, stars of the new superhero movie Project Ghazi, have become good friends with each other and their easy camaraderie comes across in the tête-à-tête the two indulge in exclusively for GT. If you want intimate details of their respective private lives now is your chance. Actor Osama Tahir also reveals personal information that he has up till now kept close to his chest just for our dear readers.

Relish the rain and the petrichor after!

Mahlia S. Lone

Aummer is the time for blockbusters. Along with the big budget movie releases, Ali Sethi has launched his Punjabi Gothic video Chan Kithan on Chand Raat of Eid ul Fitr. Ali made this video in collaboration with Seher Tareen of Studio S. The video is a modern day Cinderella story but without the formulaic “happily ever after” ending. You have to watch the video to see the surprise ending. Ali and Seher tell us about the making of the video in this issue.

Stunning leading lady Sana Bucha talks about why she agreed to sign up for her role in Yalghaar, also an Eid release. Based on the Pak Army’s Swat Operation, the movie was made on a whopping budget of Rs 60 crores, took 3 years to make and has a cast of 150 characters—the country’s most ambitious film to date. Sana says this is a story that really needed to be told.

On a lighter note, actor Kent Leung grills his cast mate of Chalay Thay Saath, Syra Shahrose, in a hilarious interview, while Faris Khalid from the same movie reveals how he is capable of cheating in another tongue-in-cheek interview.

With all the temptations that exist in the high flying world of music, being in a long term committed relationship is fraught with pitfalls. Read how Beyonce is not just the saccharine sweet songstresses that she appears, but is quite capable of making her high powered and in the past violent husband, Jay Z, tread the straight and narrow. If he strays, and he does from time to time, she becomes a ferocious diva who not only gets rid of the other woman from his life and tightens his leash but also spins the story and makes money out of it. Of course, people at this high level are more than just individuals; they have a whole PR team behind them, helping them put out their picture perfect image for the world to see.

Pretty Mishayl Hussain is styled by the talented Nishaay Shafi in Zonia Anwar’s Berber inspired Western wear in our Style Me Up feature. I was quite struck by the stylish looks and am looking forward to emulating them myself. If you want to keep up to date with technology, music and fashion, it’s best to take tips from hip and funky youngsters.


Mahlia S. Lone

To while away the time to your iftari, we bring you a bumper issue featuring the stars of not one, but two Eid film releases. International actress/model Armeena Rana Khan, who stars in the much awaited big budget war epic Yalghaar, is more than just a pretty face. In the pages of this issue, we find out she has been taking Mixed Martial Arts to prepare for an upcoming film role, plus she is a budding property tycoon concentrating on the British housing market. Then, we have Daanish Taimoor and Sana Javed who star in Mehrunisa V Lub U, a romcom with a social message. The romantic lead pair has great chemistry together and also seems comfortable and friendly with each other, which comes across in their feature. We also have TV actress Mansha Pasha who is about to make her film debut in a rapid fire dialogue that brings out her warm personality.

Since we can only bear to wear lawn in Pakistan these days, the fashion designers have taken their more glamorous couture wear to foreign shores. We bring you all the latest Pakistani designer offerings showcased at Pakistan Fashion Week in London. Not only is it lovely to look at, but it also gives us a heads up on what to expect fashion wise once the summer comes to a close.

This issue’s Memorable Romance is about billionaire Anil Ambani and his ex-Bollywood star wife Tina Munim. Their path to true love and conjugal bliss was a rocky one as his traditional Gujarati parents did not initially approve of the actress. Anil knew what he wanted and persevered in winning their approval. He then swept her off her feet to a happily ever after plush life replete with yachts, private jets and the most fabulous jewels. It’s quite a story!

Happy Fasting!

Mahlia S. Lone

Ramadan Mubarik! To take your mind off your fast, we have a fun issue for you, full of glitz and glamour. First up, there is all the latest fashion that Pakistani designers showed in Beirut for launch show. Then, we bring you some of the best looks from international super models and movie stars on the Cannes red carpet.  This year, the models outdid themselves in wearing the most revealing outfits to date, vying for global attention. And the male model du jour is the gorgeous American ex-convict Jeremy Meeks, but more on him in the next issue. The movie stars, however, were more restrained and classy in their choice of gowns. Chopard provided most of the dazzling absolutely jaw dropping jewels on display.

We also have for you the whole story of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s long love affair, starting as you know when he was only 15, and their subsequent marriage. It is a very unusual story but regardless of how it started, it’s a rock solid union that has taken him all the way to Elysee Palace.

Get to know Mawra Hoccane in a candid interview.  She shows her silly, goofy side in the photo shoot, which is quite cute. Bridal and formal wear designer, Nauman Afreen talks about the latest trends in men’s fashion. And last but not least, ladies read about how you can emulate the young and feminine style of pretty Irani-Dutch blogger Negin Mersalahi. Happy fasting!

Mahlia S. Lone

Ow! The heat has really hit us and the constant power outages are not helping either. We have a photo shoot for you that will make you feel even hotter and more parched. Even though good looking, young movie stars Syra Shahroz and Bilal Ashraf haven’t been cast opposite each other in a movie as yet, their red hot chemistry fogged up the camera lens during the sizzling and smoking shoot. Casting directors take note.

On the other hand, recently the Hum Awards took place in Lahore and most of the celebs left us underwhelmed by their outfit choices. Apparently, many were scrambling to borrow outfits from fashion designers the night before the event and there was no time for fittings. Please, there is no compulsion to wear a “gown” unless it looks sleek and sophisticated. Wear Eastern attire instead of a lack luster Western creation that looks darzi made. The important thing is to look polished and presentable and that your ensemble is flattering for you. The Hum Showcase in Karachi just prior to this had lovely designer creations and, even in Lahore, I have seen stunning fashion produced by outstanding designers, so where is the disconnect?

Some would say that at this year’s Met Gala in NYC, many of the looks were too far out. Indeed they were, but they were on theme. It was fashion that made a statement: Art of In-between. It was in keeping with the experimental nature of Comme des Garcons’ avant garde designer, Rei Kawakubo’s play on structure and volume. The moral of the story is to take fashion risks, experiment, express yourself, don’t take fashion too seriously, but also keep the occasion and your own body in mind. Think about what you are portraying through your garb.

At the Gala, Serena Williams’ came with her internet genius fiancé in tow. No, he’s not a billionaire but she has amassed a fortune of $150 million through prize money and endorsements. However, he treats her like the Queen she is. Read their story in this issue.

Keep cool!


Mahlia S. Lone

Two glamorous and high profile events were held in the country during the last fortnight. Lahore played host to Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week. Here, some of the latest trends seen on the runway were also spotted on the red carpet. Perhaps it’s because they started in the West and our designers are just now catching up with them. We have full coverage of the latest fashions for you in this issue. Then, the Lux Style Awards were held in Karachi organized by a Lahore team this time led by the multitalented HSY. Unlike last year, the proceedings were carried out without a hitch. Our celebs turned out in a dazzling array of Western evening wear with gowns for the ladies and suits for the men being the order of the day. There were barely any Eastern outfits to be seen. The inspiration for some of the gowns could clearly by traced back to certain world famous Western wear designers. There’s a fine line between being inspired and blatantly copying, as long as that is maintained, it’s all good.

Who wouldn’t want to turn back the clock?! World renowned doctor with a client list of the international who’s who, Dr. Mosaraf Ali claims to just that at his Time Reversal Spa, two hours away from Muscat, Oman. A spa go-er recounts her experience there and tells us about its therapeutic and regenerative benefits.

After her failed romance with industrialist and bachelor about town Ness Wadia, actress Preity Zinta seems to have disappeared from public sight. With more successful, younger actresses having snatched her limelight over a decade ago, it was known that she married an American last year, but no one really knew who that was. This issue’s Memorable Romance traces her journey to stardom and beyond into marital bliss with her Goodenough husband. Her marriage to an American rather than an Indian was not due merely to having fallen in love, but had its roots in how her strong, outspoken personality and how it led to issues with even progressive Indian men. We wish her all the best in the future.

See you next time!

Mahlia S. Lone

As we are getting ready to attend PFDC in Lahore, which promises to be a good show, we look back at the other two big fashion shows this last fortnight. First there was the Bridal Couture Week in Karachi where there was quite a bit of trend spotting. Right off the bat, there was the new, slightly worrisome trend of draping two dupattas with your desi wedding outfits. A variation on this theme was sporting a matched dupatta and shawl combo. Then, there were the modern takes on the traditional Angarkhas. This time around they come in a range from short to sheer and even asymmetrical. The prevalent colours for the next wedding season as seen on the runway are metallics, pastels, pink and red. In menswear, not only are bridegrooms matching with the brides now but there is also a specific range of best man outfits as well. How all the outfits work together to present one cohesive colour and design scheme is now carefully thought out and well orchestrated. The other big show was hosted by the Pakistani Embassy at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin and conceptualized by Zaheer Rahimtoola. Élan presented a special evening wear collection well suited for a cosmopolitan European clientele and Sherezad Rahimatoola provided the tasteful jewels for the show.

In addition, model/actor Saim Ali takes us through his journey from the small screen to the silver screen. In a candid chat, he tells us of all the back stabbing and leg pulling that takes place behind the smiles and air-kisses in showbiz.

Reporting on the best accessories at this year’s Oscars, we had highlighted bejeweled hairbands on the red carpet. This trend has blown up and hairbands are being spotted everywhere from runways to street fashion. We bring you this as well as fitness trainer and wellness coach Mantahaa’s tip on eating good, meaning poly unsaturated fat, to take off the stubborn last five pounds. Last but not least, read about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fast paced romance.
See you soon,

Mahlia S. Lone

Mahlia S. Lone

As the weather heats up and we start dressing down for it, we hit you with a glamorous shoot all the way from Paris. It’s a collaboration between the couture house Sakina Paris and the jewelry house Piaget. You also get an up close look at the Saudi-French fashion designer Sakina Shbib. Not only is she absolutely stunning to look at, but talented and intelligent to boot. Her brand embodies elegance and femininity. In an exclusive interview for GT, she tells us how we can look and feel more effortlessly elegant like the French, and more glamorous like the Arabs.

Speaking of Paris, for this issue’s Memorable Romance feature, we bring you an in depth look at how the actress/producer Salma Hayek married one of France’s richest men, Francois Henri Pinault. His family owns the luxury, sports and lifestyle conglomerate Kering, the subsidiaries of which are high-end brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen among others. Yes, she’s in designer heaven, and we tell you the story of how she got there, all the way from Mexico City via Los Angeles.

You also meet the ladies behind the super popular blog SiddySays, Sadaf Zarar and Amina Niazi. The duo have been successfully and honestly blogging about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and food for quite a while now and aim to make their blog even more lucrative and influential. Zeb Bangash talks about her music and cartoonist Areeba Siddique shares her “artfulness” with us in this issue, and there’s a lot more besides.

Mahlia S. Lone

Mahlia S. Lone

This past fortnight was quite a happening one. Lahore hosted the Pakistan Super League final, Karachi put on the Pakistan Fashion Week and internationally there were the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. In case you missed any of these fun and glamorous high profile events, we have you covered. Mira Sethi’s impassioned personal take on the PSL combined with an exclusive behind the scenes look, all the best fashion on the runway, red carpet and events from PFW as well as the most eye-catching Oscar jewels and party wear from the exclusive Vanity Fair after-party are in this issue.

To satisfy your nostalgia craving, we look back at “drama queen” Meryl Streep’s tragic and short lived romance with John Cazale, who famously played Fredo Corleone in The Godfather trilogy. While researching this story, I understood how her personal life made her the exceptional, three times Oscar winning actress that she is. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

We are launching a special feature for you. You can email in all your skincare concerns and queries to U.K. certified dermatologist Dr. Ahmad via GT now, and he will offer you solutions for your problems, saving you the cost of a consultation. Read on!

Mahlia S. Lone

Mahlia S. Lone

With the recent spate of bomb attacks, including the supposed gas explosion, and the ensuing panic, depression in the country seems to have risen. If the perpetrators’ objective was the make the citizens feel unsafe, gloomy and exhausted from the endless unrest, they were unfortunately most successful. But to regain our mental equilibrium, let’s try to cheer ourselves up with this fun-filled issue.
You will doubtless have heard of Middle Eastern couture fashion designers like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad who have taken over international red carpet glamour with their intricately embellished elegant gowns. Now feast your eyes on Syrian-born Emirati Rami Al Ali’s gorgeous and meticulously crafted new collection. He has been showcasing his collections at Paris Couture Fashion Week for a decade now and is worn by such high profile stars as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Ivanka Trump. The colours of his S/S 17 collection are soft, the fabrics luxurious and the embellishment never takes over the entire garment but is artfully placed to highlight a woman’s curves. In a word: stunning!
In honour of the Oscars, for our Memorable Romance feature, we have chosen to tell you the story about two time Oscar winner and red carpet style queen, Cate Blanchett’s two decade and four kids strong marriage to playwright and theatre director, Andrew Upton. Ever the supportive husband, Andrew handles being married to such a huge movie star with humour and doesn’t mind letting her take the spotlight. Pakistani husbands may find it illuminating:)
We have a string of stories from Karachi. Celebrity stylist Ehtesham Ansari candidly talks about his experience dressing our Pakistani stars, who most needs a style makeover and who needs an attitude overhaul. Yasir Akhtar gives us the backstory of his new track Araam Naal Kar—Take it Easy. And Imrana Tanveer tells us how she went from working in the denim industry to making feminine period inspired art. Enjoy this issue and above all stay safe!

Mahlia S. Lone

Mahlia S. Lone

Most of you, whether single, married or divorced, must have celebrated Valentine’s Day whether with friends, a loved one, your children, a combo, or even by yourself. Now it’s time to celebrate it with GT!

One lady, Maham Asif, a telecom engineer in Lahore, was cheered up by her friend, Javeria Virk, with a chocolate cake with pink frosting that said “Happy Divorce”. It was a gesture to bolster her spirits, and the pictures were posted online on a food forum. Most people posted supportive comments but there were also those who thought it was haram and issued their personal fatwas. The ladies replied that in no way were they advocating divorce, but merely expressing love and unconditional support. Isn’t that the true spirit of Valentine’s? It’s not just about the cards, chocolates and flowers.

In the same way, Kiran Rao managed to lighten Aamir Khan’s load and bring light into his life after his divorce from his first wife that left him deep in depression, unable to work or even leave his house. That’s why he had taken a four year hiatus from films. It was this emotional connection that surprised everyone when a huge superstar married a struggling assistant director, who is more impish and boho than gorgeous and glamorous. Read the story of their love in this issue’s Memorable Romance.
Closer to home, we get up close and personal with three Pakistani celebrity couples who are truly, madly, deeply in love despite years of marriage. And who doesn’t want to smell good up close? Avantika Bedi, blogger of Tender Loving Nose, whose family owns a perfumery in India, tells us all about scents. She’s such a lucky girl, travelling regularly to Grasse in the French Riviera for her work.

As promised, we also bring you Pat McGrath’s glitter lips that look amazing. Shine like a goddess with our tips. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on her lip kit. And if you want to be truly adventurous, Jahanzaib Shafique has globetrotting down to a science, never spending more than three days in one city to achieve his goal of having explored 50 countries by 2018.
Make the most of life and love!

Mahlia S. Lone
Mahlia S. Lone

Reality show host turned U.S. President Donald Trump  has been  keeping us entertained not only during the Inauguration, but also with some of his more dubious first acts in office. To be fair, the American stock exchange is responding positively to the changes he’s making. The First Family, including Melania who escaped to NYC immedi- ately after the ceremony on pretext that their son Barron had to go to school when actually his school was closed, also has the world poring over the minutest details, such as the dresses, which of the family’s good looking women looked best and whether the First Lady can indeed be happily married to The Donald. It sure is good entertain- ment for a night in during the chilly weather — reality TV set in the White House, doesn’t get better than that for sheer low brow, mind numbing entertainment.

Locally, this is the season for weddings, weddings and more wed- dings. And, in case you happened to miss one, we at GT are keeping you covered. In fact, the issue starts with Qaim Ali Shah’s granddaughter Moriel’s wedding to Harvard educated entrepreneur Hassan Sultan. With an international cast of characters and set in different locales around the world, the festivities look super fun and you can tell that, unlike a lot of our compatriots  who take everything  too seriously,  these newlyweds have a great sense of humour and lightness of touch.

With the release of Raees starring Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan opposite Bollywood box office King Shah Rukh Khan, we went back to the roots of his successful marriage with Gauri. Despite all the tempta- tions he must encounter, the couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last October and is poised to launch their kids in movies in just a few years time. Theirs is a marriage based not just on shared his- tory and family, but also a pragmatic union with common business inter- ests of building and nurturing the SRK brand, much like the Beckhams. SRK and Gauri are worth a cool $600 million, a successful partnership by any standards.

Fashion-wise. we have a wide range of interesting stories in this issue. Eman Bachani, founder of Meraki Design House, aims to take our local artisans’ craft global. One of her first products is a redesigned khussa that she is selling to clients the world over. She’s even got cute tie dyed khus- sas in her collection. Pat McGrath has a fabulous range of innovative glit- ter makeup products that are just fascinating to look at. Here we have focused on his glitter eye makeup as popularized by Kim Kardashian. Next up will be glitter lips, which though wow to look at, may be a bit uncomfortable to wear. If you like cats, you will love the way this season designers have incorporated them into fashion. Pakistani-Indian lawyer/singer/entrepreneur Kiran Chaudhary’s new label Anaya has practical kameez and pantsuits suitable for any occasion that she plans to mass market.  On the other hand, the uber fashionable  British-Indian Kaur twins have such an exclusive brand that they make only one coat per month, their label PER/se abiding by the #Just One Fashion Philosophy. Enjoy the read!

Mahlia S. Lone
Mahlia S. Lone

Often, even at upscale restaurants locally, one sees a bedraggled little servant girl standing holding a chubby infant as the family feasts. It’s disconcerting to say the least. I can’t even imagine what the young girl must be feeling as the aroma of the tempting food wafts around her but she’s not offered a morsel. Her employers don’t seem cruel, more prosaic and matter of fact. She’s paid to work and gets fed at home, they reason to themselves. I, like most citizens, mind my own business, at the most leveling an offended look at the housewife responsible for making me uncomfortable and spoiling my meal, but she remains confidently oblivious to her crime. Tayyaba, the 10 year old maid, who was recently recovered after being routinely severely tortured by a judge’s wife in Islamabad, a story highlighted by the media at the moment, may be an extreme case of abuse of a child worker, but it’s only one of countless undocumented such stories that go unreported and unpunished. With so many beggar children on the streets put to work by their own parents, and more and more unwanted births, what does the future hold for these children apart from a life of crime, drug addiction and destitution? It’s been reported that Pakistan is the fastest growing Muslim economy this year, but before the Government pats itself on the back, obviously this and other such pressing issues need to be addressed with a serious and determined effort.

The reality is too stark. While each of us does our bit, let’s take a breather and relax with this issue. It’s an especially fun one, full of exclusive coverage of countrywide winter festivities. Internationally, we have the Standout looks from the glamorous Golden Globes with its glitzy gowned actresses and tuxedoed leading men. The yearlong romance of Zayn Malik, the Pakistani descent Bradford born crooner, and Palestinian/Dutch descent, American born model, Gigi Hadid makes for a light read. Shamsha Hashwani shares what she thinks are the coming trends for wedding wear. For streetwear, update your denim jacket or try bold stripes for spring. But first slough away dull winter skin using our tried and tested home remedies.

Meanwhile, if you see abuse especially of an under aged domestic servant, notify the Child Welfare and Protection Bureau at 1121. This way we make a real impact, much more useful than merely cringing. Until next time…

Mahlia S. Lone

Happy New Year! For all those whose 2016 didn’t go so well and the times were challenging because Mercury was in retrograde a lot, take heart because 2017 will be all the luckier for you. This year there is a strong possibility in the turnaround of events that started off in the last year or even before that. So hang in there, good fortune is headed your way.

Nadia Ellahi, a Karachi based couturier, gives brides and their mothers her top tips for making timeless trousseau in this issue. She advises to avoid all trendy outfits and stick to classics that can be pulled out of your closet after years and still be worn with pride. After all, they are investment and heritage pieces and hardly come cheap so they should not be impulse buys. Divide the cost by the number of times you wear it to gauge the cost per wear of owning a garment. If it’s a true classic, then it should look breathtaking even a decade or more later.

Another story on perennial classics is the one on Musawir’s furniture reproductions. If you like a touch of Victoriana in your home, then Saleha Abbas is your go-to designer for finely crafted luxury furniture. See how she expertly mixes European period pieces with those having Islamic heritage and more modern ones.

Interested in changing up your look, try a long, feline animal print coat for a hint of savage glamour, or include a home accessory or garment in what promises to be this year’s It colour, Greenery. A fresh lemon-green, it’s the perfect hue to try as spring approaches.

Read about Shabana Azmi’s personal formula for a successful marriage. She shares what makes her marriage with Javed Akhtar tick. Though they were not blessed with the glue that holds most marriages together, children, she not only learnt to regard his children from a previous marriage as her own, but also delved into philanthropic causes helping women and children to share her good fortune with others. Let’s try not to be too self involved this year and really see and listen to what is going on around us. Until next time…

Mahlia S. Lone

As the country mourned the loss of the 47 innocent people who died in the Chitral-Islamabad crash due to engine malfunction and PIA grounded its entire ATR fleet, consisting of 10 planes, pending further investigation, it was another reminder that our lives are conducted mostly on blind faith. And only after disasters occur, do we take precautions and that too for a limited time. Fatalism is so engrained in our psyche that we avoid assigning responsibility.

And now from the tragic to the everyday mantra of “life goes on”.

Each season brings new fashion in its wake. And no season is as fashionable as the winter shaadi and party season. This issue’s Runway Report is crammed with latest looks hot off the runways of FPW, London, and BCW, Lahore. Ammara Khan, a super popular fashion designer, also reveals to GT readers her inspiration for her Il Giglio collection: Florence, the city famous for its arts and architecture and home to the powerful Medici during the Renaissance.

Farhan Tahir, the famous Pakistani-American Hollywood star who we regularly watch on many a TV show, is ready to star in a Pakistani movie. He tells us his criteria for selecting the vehicle for his Pakistani showbiz launch; he also tells us about his fast paced life in Hollywood. Another high profile Pakistani-American is Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s trusted adviser, personal assistant and confidante. Her ill-conceived marriage to the Jewish ex-Congressman and self proclaimed sex addict, Anthony Weiner, is the topic for this issue’s Memorable Romance.

Talking of the fast and furious, the most accessible Formula One race for us is the Abu Dhabi one. If you’ve always wanted to attend and get some of that adrenalin high, then actor Saim Ali gives you tips collected from his own recent trip. Enjoy!

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