Mahlia S. Lone

Mahlia S. Lone

Most of you, whether single, married or divorced, must have celebrated Valentine’s Day whether with friends, a loved one, your children, a combo, or even by yourself. Now it’s time to celebrate it with GT!

One lady, Maham Asif, a telecom engineer in Lahore, was cheered up by her friend, Javeria Virk, with a chocolate cake with pink frosting that said “Happy Divorce”. It was a gesture to bolster her spirits, and the pictures were posted online on a food forum. Most people posted supportive comments but there were also those who thought it was haram and issued their personal fatwas. The ladies replied that in no way were they advocating divorce, but merely expressing love and unconditional support. Isn’t that the true spirit of Valentine’s? It’s not just about the cards, chocolates and flowers.

In the same way, Kiran Rao managed to lighten Aamir Khan’s load and bring light into his life after his divorce from his first wife that left him deep in depression, unable to work or even leave his house. That’s why he had taken a four year hiatus from films. It was this emotional connection that surprised everyone when a huge superstar married a struggling assistant director, who is more impish and boho than gorgeous and glamorous. Read the story of their love in this issue’s Memorable Romance.
Closer to home, we get up close and personal with three Pakistani celebrity couples who are truly, madly, deeply in love despite years of marriage. And who doesn’t want to smell good up close? Avantika Bedi, blogger of Tender Loving Nose, whose family owns a perfumery in India, tells us all about scents. She’s such a lucky girl, travelling regularly to Grasse in the French Riviera for her work.

As promised, we also bring you Pat McGrath’s glitter lips that look amazing. Shine like a goddess with our tips. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on her lip kit. And if you want to be truly adventurous, Jahanzaib Shafique has globetrotting down to a science, never spending more than three days in one city to achieve his goal of having explored 50 countries by 2018.
Make the most of life and love!


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