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Our December issue is packed with some amazing content. I’m most excited about our cover star this issue, Emmad Irfani, who is an incredible TV actor and model. Emmad is shot by our favourite photographer Mohsin Khawar who truly captured him like never before.

He is famed for his amazing performances in TV serials across Pakistan. We’ve also got our fortnightly roundup of the best dressed celebs and socialites. We saw some stunning looks this fortnight from the Lahori crowd.

Don’t forget to check out of feature called The Winter Bride featuring Zoya Mazhar. All of Zoya’s wedding looks were so perfectly curated. We loved them! And you wont want to miss the fortnightly roundup of our editors’ top picks. Happy reading!

Maliha Lone

Since the party/ wedding season is in full swing, let’s first talk fashion. On the desi front, many of the 80s and 90s stalwarts, like the peshwas, tasseled dupatta, longer kameeze and shalwars, from the wide pancha (cuff) ones to cowl and full on dhoti, have been brought back by designers after the recent successful revival of ghararas, angarkhas and tulip style shalwars, albeit in a more tailored form. On the western front, corduroy is also back from the 70s and 80s, though its wales are more plush and luminous and the fabric is softer. Cleverly, fashion designers reimagine and change up the style enough so you can’t really pull out your old clothes from their mothballs, but have to go out and buy the new version. With the glut on the high street of fast fashion and over-priced bespoke wedding outfits, designers are scrambling for fresh ideas and one easy way is looking to the past for inspiration, change it up a bit and serve.

In this our last issue of the year, we catch up with Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane as they celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Ramsha Khan tells us how she managed to turn around her acting career after her debut movie didn’t even make it to the big screen. Peppy Anmol Baloch and Sonya Hussain share how they traverse the tumultuous path of social media as celebs. And lastly, but certainly not least, artist Sana Kazi teaches us about Islamic art.

On a personal note, this is my last issue as the editor of Good Times. I had a great experience keeping in touch with all the GT readers. The New Year will start with a new editor working to bring you interesting stories from the world over. Take care. I’ll see you around.

Maliha Lone

With the winter season in full swing, in this issue we delve into how to be on trend and incorporate plaid, tartan, houndstooth, and check into our winter wardrobe. Go for a coat, cape, shirt, trousers, shoes or handbag in any one of these. For the fashionably adventurous who want to wear it head to toe, proceed with caution as we show you how wrong it can go with Priyanka Chopra’s example in a full plaid suit. Definitely a what not to wear!

From Rashid Rana, whose work fetches the highest price at international art auctions of all Pakistani artists, living or deceased, to easy on the eyes Le Cordon Bleu certified chef Basim Akhund, and from witty Ali Gul Pir, who uses his humour to bring about a positive change in society, to PR maven Hassan Rizvi, who is requested most frequently for party invites, we have lots of interesting interviews for you in this issue. So sit back with your favourite hot beverage, kick up your heels and enjoy the read.

Maliha Lone

As the weather turns chilly and the colours turn autumnal, fashion brands are putting forth new collections for the Fall/Winter season. Colours that are very IN for this season are burgundy, forest green and even fuchsia, more of a summer colour but in vogue for fall this year. Animal prints ranging from leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and snake cover everything from coats and jackets to boots and bags. There is more on this and more fashion within the pages of this issue.

Additionally, Afzal Khan tells us about providing the voice over for The Donkey King. Angeline Malik talks about founding the initiative #InkaarKaro. And Hira Tareen explains how and why she started her own YouTube channel. GT comes to you brimming with fashion, people and celebs. La Dolce Vita!

What’s art?

Art is any medium through which an artist emotionally connects with people and it can be a strong force to reckon with. Just last week, Rashid Rana’s photomontage titled Red Carpet was sold at Bonhams, London, for a whopping £200,000 (Rs. 34.4 million) at an auction of modern and contemporary South Asian art. A painting by the deceased Master Sadequain fetching £75,000 came second in the highest selling Pakistani paintings. We at GT congratulate Rashid for being such a maverick and breaking new ground for contemporary Pakistani art, and feel proud of him.

On the subject of art, we have a revealing interview with the band Bayaan, winner of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands, in which the young members take us through their highs and lows during the stiff competition. They tell us how they connected with the audience through their stirring performance of Azaadi by pouring their hearts into their rendition. The audience and judges responded in kind by giving the band a standing ovation. That’s how you win hearts and minds. Take anyone out of the minutiae of their daily lives and transport them to a realm where they are free to be feeling, sentient beings. Brimming with thoughtful content, we present you the latest GT.

Mahlia S. Lon

With the social and wedding season upon us, who doesn’t want to know what the latest fashion is? Well, we have in this issue the newest trends as they appeared on the Fashion Pakistan Week runway in Karachi. Firstly, late ‘80s style tasseled dupattas seem to be back in vogue so if you have any lurking around in the back of your closets, do pull them out. Indian style skinny embellished belts holding up saris and dupattas have also appeared here after first inundating Mumbai runways (see last issue). Moorish cuts, embroideries and motifs are also in fashion, as are the universally flattering wrap around shirts. After appearing at NYFW, pink formed the theme of one collection, while quicksilver was the colour theme for another. It’s always good to know what’s going on in the fashion world!

We also have rising actors Arman Ali Khan, Komal Aziz Khan (not related to each other) and model Aneesa Sharif talk about how they are pursuing their ambitions. Musician Junaid Khan tells us why he got together with the Indian band Spunk and the Bangladeshi production house Glitch on the song Talaash. The Subcontinental rockers produced this alternative rock anthem with the laudable motive to promote peace between the neighbouring nations. Hair stylist and owner of the world’s largest Toni & Guy, which is incidentally in Karachi, Saeeda Mandviwalla advises on hair care, while Souchaj fashion designers, Mehek and Mehr, stress the importance of looking elegant and graceful. With this and a lot more, peruse this issue as you enjoy the temperate fall weather.

Mahlia S. Lon

Youth culture dominates the world. Not only are young people good to look at but edgier as well. Those of us who are older hopefully have wisdom to offer in return. Keeping this in mind, we have hunky Aimal Khan gracing our pages in a scintillating shoot for Deepak and Fahad’s edgy label. Yasmeen Hashmi, the model of the moment and the GT It Girl this fortnight, showcases her personal style and answers a fun rapid fire round. Having studied in Switzerland and a true Karachi girl at heart, she regales us with anecdotes injected with her enthusiasm. Additionally, the superstar of our beauty industry, Nabila refreshingly advises Pakistani women to look like themselves and not like ash-blonde clones. Embrace and love yourself and the world will follow suit. Be happy!

Mahlia S. Lon

It’s all about the latest fashion these days from the runways of NYC to Lahore, from Central Park to The Nishat Hotel, and everything in between. And we have you covered in regards to the freshest looks and standout trends. It’s good to know what key pieces one should invest in to update your look. From Paris, we have an artistic editorial shoot with a ballet theme, that of Black Swan. And globe-trotter Maria Khan tells us about her design inspiration for her jewellery collection.

We visit the lovely home of world renowned Master artist Imran Qureshi. His new house is contemporary, with clean lines and filled with beautiful artworks. What an outstanding art collection he has! He explains the symbolism in his paintings and the techniques of miniature painting he employs for his large scale installations. A must read!

Kanza Zia and Ammar Lasani are the new filmmaking couple responsible for Gumm, a yet to be released feature film doing the rounds of the international film circuit currently. The film is getting extremely positive reviews from critics abroad. We know all about Pakistani actors wanting to work abroad, but Tom Coulston is a British actor wanting to work more here. He had such a good experience working in Teefa in Trouble that he is keen to follow it up. With this and a lot more, we present you with this issue of GT.

Mahlia S. Lon

There’s a rich tradition of passing down a craft from generation to generation in most cultures; a collective consciousness that we inherit as well as a diffused learning that we unconsciously pick up growing up in a specific environment, apart from the more obvious one of being taught at our elders’ knees. Many young people rebel and want to go in a different direction from their forefathers, which is their choice, but there are others who choose to carry on in the family tradition. How do they put the stamp of their own individuality on the family business per se is the question we pose to two young men in this issue. Ahad Raza Mir, starring in his first feature film Parwaaz Hai Junoon, tells us how being the son of actor Asif Raza Mir and grandson of Raza Mir, director and Pakistan’s first cinematographer, helps him get his foot in the door but his professionalism is ultimately what helps him prove himself. In a similar vein, Talha Batla got his LLB in the hopes of being a corporate lawyer, but the tug of the family business pulled him in. He is the fourth generation at the helm of heritage brand Halal Silk, his great grandfather having started the business in 1949. Talha tells us how he is maintaining the company’s strengths and loyal clientele while adding his contemporary spin via a new fashion line.

There’s always a moral to all our stories. Hope you enjoy these and other features we have prepared for you!

Mahlia S. Lon

Bridal designers catering to various price points abound in Lahore and Karachi, but shopping choices in Islamabad have always been more limited. Meet Shazia Kiyani who set up one of the city’s first bridal studios. In this issue, she tells us why it’s important for her to give her clients unbiased advice on what suits their specific body types; she also gives us a heads up on the colour palette and silhouettes of her upcoming F/W Bridal Collection. We also have a feature on all the shoe styles on trend at the moment.  Accessories are expensive, like everything else, and it’s useful to read this before investing in your next pair of shoes. In addition, singer/songwriter Rafay Israr tells us how he got from being a backup musician to signing with a big Indian music label. Actors, Inayat Khan and Sana Fakhar, from the big budget comedy Jackpot, generously give us insight into their personal lives. With this and much more, GT wishes you Happy Independence Day!

Mahlia S. Lon

Pakistan is on everyone’s mind these days. Just in time for the country’s 71st  Independence Day celebrations, we asked celebs if they could change one thing about the country, what would it be? What would you change? Let’s become that change with each of us responsible for whatever influence we ourselves have. Talk is cheap, so let’s put our time, money and effort where our mouth is!

With Fall around the corner, we’ve done some international trend spotting for you. The House of Dior has been bombarding Instagram with images of world famous millennials like Gigi Hadid carrying the Dior Saddle Bag bringing it back in popularity. For those of you who can remember, in the 90s the Dior Saddle Bag and the Fendi Baguettes were The fashionable bags to carry. So if you’ve got one hiding at the back of your closet, now will be the time to pull it out and dust it off, ready for active duty on your arm. Great quality and design never goes out of style.

With fashion plus interviews with actor Yasir Hussain, anchorman Kashif Abbasi, as well as musicians Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kami in addition to  the Sindhi folktale of Momal Rano, we present you the latest issue of GT. Pakistan Zindabad!

Mahlia S. Lon

I often wondered why Sufi poets retold the tragic tales of Muslim lovers  who rebelled against their families, met in stealth, eloped and were punished, given that goes against our society’s strictures and constraints. During my research, I discovered that one of the main reasons is because the heroines from our part of the world have historically not been passive, whimpering Misses like the quintessential western “damsel in distress,” but played a dynamic, central role in the story. They bravely spoke up and acted against their forced marriages, and reclaimed their Islamic right to have a say in their choice of husband. Some girls are still denied that here, as are some women denied their right of divorce, but self-determination is culturally and religiously ingrained in us as opposed to what certain segments of society would have you believe. Read the Memorable Romance of Mirza Sahiban for further elucidation.

This issue of GT is chock-a-block with fashion features ranging from Summer Trends to Resort Wear to Fall/Winter Wedding Wear. In addition, Islamabad based artist, Raja Changez Sultan believes that we most easily express our emotions through Art. He should know he started his career working in a psychiatric hospital in the U.S. and went on to make a name for himself producing atmospheric paintings accompanied by corresponding poems, the process known as Ekphrasis.

Telling you stories no one else is telling, we bring you this issue of GT.

Mahlia S. Lon

If you love to hear from the stars themselves, then boy do we have an issue for you! We have up close and personal interviews with…wait for it: Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Amna Ilyas, Mira Sethi, Ayesha Omar, Osman Butt and Aditi Singh. Phew! All packed together for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Young tech entrepreneur Shan Rizvi who rose from humble beginnings to co-found not one but two tech solution companies tells us what our kids should learn in order to be ahead of the game in today’s fiercely competitive world.

For our Memorable Romance feature, we take you back in time to small town life in the late Mughal era as we relate the tragic romance of Sohni Mahiwal.

Last but not least, Iran’s National Team Melli may not have made it all the way at the FIFA World Championship but they played like the heroes that they are and we bring you their backstory leading up to the FIFA Cup.

Enjoy the latest issue of GT, filled with more reading material than most other local magazines. Health and happiness!

Mahlia S. Lon

Despite the heat and the power cuts, Ramzan has become a festive season here to be celebrated. Perhaps we have started emulating Middle Eastern tradition. Regardless of the reason, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. This year, people got creative regarding evening Iftari and night time Sehri dos, as you will see in this issue. Waking up refreshed after a long siesta post work, those fasting came alive after breaking their fast. Gyms around the country were thronged in the late evenings all the way up to 1 a.m. Bazaars and restaurants were similarly pulsating with energetic revelers making the most of the twilight of their evenings.

To help entertain you during Eid holidays, this issue’s Memorable Romance features Heer Ranjha, the tragic lovers immortalized by Waris Shah in his epic Punjabi poem. While I was researching the story, I discovered that the folkloric version popular in India that predates Shah’s literary work has a happy ending. Apparently, Waris based his own retelling of the tale on the unrequited love of his own youth and man’s eternal quest for the love and understanding of Allah according to Sufi traditions. Coincidentally, actor and TV host, Ahsan Khan portrayed Ranjha on the stage of the historic Sadler’s Well Theatre in London last year and recounts his experience in this issue as well.

All fun and games aside, children are a gift of God. And it’s very painful for parents to see their children in need and they being unable to help them. Mehreen Arshad, armed with a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with a specialization in Developmental Disabilities from the U.S, is holding a workshop this August in Lahore for parents of children with special needs and learning disabilities, instructing them how they can help their children cope and give them essential life skills.

Bringing you not just entertainment, but useful information, I give you the latest issue of GT. Hope you like it

Mahlia S. Lon

There’s nothing like the thought of cool water and seaside breeze to bring your body temperature down. With that in mind, we have a delightfully chilling cover feature for you with Moammar Rana and Sonya Hussain, stars of the film Azaadi. Moammar talks about his film comeback, how he maintains his looks and his long standing relationship with his wife, while Sonya talks about her recent relationship breakup and stepping into the film industry. Taifoor Khan gives budding actors tips on the method system of acting by sharing questions he poses himself while preparing for a role. And the members of the alternative rock band Kashmir, the winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, give GT readers a heads-up regarding their tour after Eid.

Socially, lawn launches and iIftaris are the norm this month. Of those who summer abroad, Karachiites have as usual left for cooler climes early, while generally Lahoris leave after Ramzan. Speaking sartorially, whereas I tend to wear flip flops in the summer, for those who fastidiously stick to heels, the new Jimmy Choo Max shoe promises to make you look five inches taller and is being seen on the red carpets the world over. You may want to try on a pair if you are amongst those holidaying abroad. It’s a whopping $1000 but more reasonably priced inspired versions are sure to hit the shops abroad and locally.

In the meanwhile, stay cool!

Mahlia S. Lon

Eid collections hit the market well before Ramzan this year. The reason for this is because women like to dress in festive cotton joras for Iftar parties and because they prefer staying indoors when fasting during the hot months rather than hitting the bazaars. This shows how far our fashion industry has come as designers are noting and responding to women’s every need and mood. Where lawn trends are concerned, Chicken Kari (eyelet embroidery) is back in a big way this Ramzan, but this time it’s on denser fabric with bigger eyelet holes.

We have an action-packed issue for you with lots of international fashion as well to keep you connected with what’s going on overseas and across the border. And if the first couple of fasts hit you hard, while away the time reading of Sir Tristan and Princess Isolde’s romance that harkens back to the days of King Arthur. Ramzan Mubarik!

Mahlia S. Lon

While as free people it’s our inalienable right to freely express our opinions, it’s not okay for journalists to present conjecture as facts. Media sensationalism sells copy and fills airtime. But one must always remember that it’s infotainment at best, not the truth. In the recent, Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar sexual harassment claim social media was filled with people taking sides, some using expletive filled sentences to do so. When you put yourself out there, then you have to be ready to get trolled. It’s the nature of the beast. What is never okay is to abuse your position of power and trust i.e. a journalist to his/her viewer or reader and present your personal opinion as the only viable truth. At GT, we are careful to not abuse our reader’s trust by feeding them false or biased information. If we are not sure about the credibility of a story, we will tell you clearly. Just as you come back to GT magazine pages and social media accounts loyally again and again, so do we remain faithful in our commitment and troth to you.

On a lighter note, this issue is filled with glamorous parties from Ronak Lakhani’s sundowners do at her palatial home, to HSY’s exclusive fashion show at Wajid Ali Shah’s haveli, the doors of which were opened for an event for the very first time, and to a grand Irani-Pakistani wedding. Before the intense summer heat and the advent of Ramzan, the scene is particularly happening. So sit back and enjoy all the stories, gossip and visuals we have for you as always in GT.

Mahlia S. Lon

We have a fun editorial shoot of Sohai Abro for you in this issue. GT’s hardworking team got up before the crack of dawn to capture the early morning shots of the ingenue, starring in the upcoming feminist movie Motorcycle Girl, posing at a roadside dhaba beside  the Multan highway. Keep your eye on this fearless and independent actress who grew up having lost her father at a young age, and learned to fend for herself early on.

Meanwhile in the fashion world, not surprisingly, the standout collections at the recent Hum Showcase in Karachi were by Elan, Zaheer Abbas and stalwart Rizwan Beyg. See what these and other designers have in store for you this season. Next, feast your eyes on Fawad Khan’s other half, Sadaf’s latest fashion collection has a desirable vintage feel.

On the social front, the scene is quite happening and pulsating with the excitement reflected in our event pages with well turned out women and dashing men. La Dolce Vita!

Mahlia S. Lon

Recently, I spent a sunny Sunday exploring the various exhibitions put up by the Lahore Biennale Foundation 01 showcasing the Shehr-o-Funn. People from all walks of life were out and about, interested to view what was on display and curious to learn and see life from the artists’ viewpoint. The Punjab Government, LBF team, sponsors and artists did a great job organising the event, arranging the logistics and lending their talent, making meaningful, thought-provoking art accessible to the public at large from the mightiest to the most humble. I myself felt joyful wandering around Old Lahore checking out the installations and paintings as I would anywhere in the world, but not as we usually do insulated in our daily lives. Not only were the exhibits wonderful to look at and the Sufi concerts divine to hear but thought provoking as well. It’s so much more effective to demonstrate your opinion subtlely and make a person reach his/her own conclusion based on the feelings invoked than to bash someone on the head with an idea and ram it down his/her throat. In case you missed it, we have some of the highlights for you in this issue.

Additionally, we get up close and personal with young actors Adnan Malik, Shahroz Sabzawari and Shaista Abbas. Fahad Hussayn’s beautifully crafted sartorial masterpieces, Muse’s plans to collaborate with Parisian design houses, all the latest and best fashion straight from the runway of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and much more awaits you in this issue. See you next fortnight


Mahlia S. Lon

Like many other women, I’ve been attending a lot of lawn launches agog with curiosity as I was told that this year many collections were different from the plethora of print on print on print earlier. Women had started to resemble overgrown gardens in full bloom, or a smorgasbord of busy print. This year, having listened to their clients, lawn designers have produced suits that are much more sophisticated looking with solids thrown in the three piece mix for good measure. Clients are responding positively by buying out certain collections completely.

Everything looks good on a young, toned body but unfortunately not all trends are universally flattering. One wearable trend that leapt out at me at this year’s Oscars were the long sleeves worn by the older actresses who looked stylish, elegant and age appropriate. Long sleeves came in two varieties: Tight and statement, both wearable. One should always wear what is flattering to one’s own figure to appear to best advantage as one ages, and leave the super trendy outfits to the younger girls.

For all the countless Sridevi fans out there, we have her Memorable Romance with her husband Boney Kapoor in these pages. Relive her life and your own association with the star through the story. As a journalist, it’s best for me to present the facts in as unbiased as I can and keep my personal views and conjectures to a minimum. Hope you enjoy it!

Mahlia S. Lon

Attending the Lux Style Awards held at the Expo, Lahore, at the end of February, I saw all the action first hand. It was super well organized with celebrities lining up the red carpet in a civilized manner as the waiting media cameramen clicked away. Everyone looked suitably glamorous though heavily made up in the early evening light outside and surprisingly there were no hordes of uninvited people trying to get in. Suffice to say, the security was tight. Inside there was a waiting hall for guests to mingle over soft drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Finally, came the auditorium, which looked different than usual as Jalal Salahuddin’s team had put up massive LED lit black backboards to hide the bare walls, lending a cosy evening look. The only issue guests faced was the interminable delay “Pakistani style” of the show. If you are getting an award, it’s worth the wait, but for the sake of all others isn’t it high time we progressed into the 21st century and became more punctual? After all, as they say, time is money!

Speaking of celebrity award winners, this brings us to our Memorable Romance feature of this issue. Seeing live social media feeds at the LSA and non-stop selfies, I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose and contrast it with a time when celebrities were more reticent about their movements and private lives. Grace Kelly, despite being a popular and Oscar winning actress of the ‘50s, kept her private life separate from her carefully nurtured onscreen image. The public knew her as the “ice princess,” even her wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco was stage managed by the studio she was signed with, MGM, but in her private life her sexual voraciousness and  unabashedness, could rival modern day Western celebs like JLo or JLaw, etc. It’s an extremely interesting story, a study in what we Pakistanis do best as well, the carefully crafted divide between personal peccadilloes and public perception.

Mahlia S. Lon

This issue is chock-a-block with talented millennials. First up is the YouTuber Abdullah Qureshi. Like Justin Beiber, he started out singing on YouTube, then, after having acquired a fan following, progressed from there. In just a few years, he has played a couple of hundred concerts both nationally and internationally.

Similarly, the engineer sisters behind the fashion brand Zuria Dor don’t limit themselves with just a local clientele. All their beautiful outfits can be ordered from their website online and they fit beautifully, like a glove. Showcasing their fashion at London Fashion Week, they are poised to take on the world with an entire factory set up—no little workshop for them. Millennials think outside of the box and don’t limit themselves. For them, their world really is their oyster. To meet the rest of our millennial stars, read on.

Mahlia S. Lon

In this issue, we have some thought provoking interviews for you with the easy on the eyes but insightful actor Imran Abbas, star of Pakistani TV and Bollywood flicks, the talented abstract artist Ahmer Farooq, as well as the couturier Saadia Mirza who has recently ventured into the luxury unstitched fabric business.

In addition, interestingly, while researching Shirin and Farhad for the Memorable Romance feature, I discovered that Farhad’s love for Shirin was in fact unrequited. The real love story was between Shirin and Khosrow, as told by Nizami Ganjavi, based on the true story of Khosrau II, the last great Zoroastrian Sasanian Shahnshah of Persia before the advent of Islam there. Not only do we have their story for you, but for all history buffs, we sum up the geopolitical situation of the region at the time. After centuries of wars between Byzantium and Persia, the two great empires lay ravaged leaving a power vacuum that made it easier for Muslim warriors to conquer vast Persian territories, changing the face of the Middle East forever.

Mahlia S. Lon

We’ve got the best of fashion and film for you this fortnight as wlonee cover a range of established and emerging stars. Our cover presents two handsome leading men, Ali Rehman Khan and Ahmed Ali Akbar for their film Parchi which promises to be fast paced and wickedly humorous.

Mishal Asad of Cross Stich speaks about the best part of her role at the retail giant while the charming Zainab Soofi dons Cross Stich’s fabulous formal wear. Natasha Zubair a brilliant young photographer speaks to us about her alternative aesthetic. Her captivating shoot with Eman Suleman will truly blow you away! Anoushey Ashraf’s fun interview will give you an insight into her real life romance. Read on to see Nimrah Khokhar’s exquisite bridal collection and other visual delights!

Mahlia S. Lon

Happy 2018! May it be a safe, peaceful, joyous and prosperous one for all our readers.

As you all know, Shashi Kapoor passed away last December at age 79. In this issue of GT, we look back at his life, acting career and his life-long love for his late wife Jennifer Kendal Kapoor, whom he was in love with from the age of 18 to his last breath. Not only was he one of the few Bollywood stars to never have had any rumours about him but also, after her death from cancer at 50 when he was only 46, Shashi Kapoor never had another relationship, liaison or even close friendship with another woman. That’s quite remarkable since he was such a handsome and charming star who had tens of millions of women lusting after him. He said romantically that there was no other woman in the world like her and theirs was a “Janam janam ka saath.”

While we are on the subject of romance, let’s not forget one of the present time between Zara Noor and Asad Siddique. Both were divorced when their respective families introduced them to each other, but their chemistry was instantaneous. Asad is absolutely smitten with his Zara. The couple has just tied the knot.

Additionally, Juggun Kazim talks about personal relationships and how by being frank about her own life and experiences on her Morning Show she helps her viewers sort out their own issues. Then, fashionable young women style the fabric of the season, velvet, each in her own distinctive way. And, last but not least, we take you around the city of Bath, in the U.K. We Pakistanis have a special affinity to the country, but on your next trip, take a train trip outside of London, there’s so much more to see than just Harrods and Selfridges. Bath is my personal favourite, a beautifully preserved Georgian city that is such a welcome break from being pushed and shoved in Knightsbridge and on Oxford Street. Shopping is great but a dose of culture is de rigueur. Hope you have a fabulous start to a great New Year!

Mahlia S. Lon

In the midst of the convivial, fun and swinging wedding season, we give you GT’s first Bridal Issue. It’s crammed with useful information about the latest trends in fashion and beauty, i.e. makeup, hair styling and skin. For this, we have consulted with popular bridal fashion designers, as well as makeup and styling professionals for their tips to ensure you look like the star you are. Additionally, the top dermatologists in the country are offering special discounts just for you dear readers. According to the makeup artists we interviewed, in order for makeup to sit well, it needs a properly primed canvas. For this, in the twenty first century, a little trip to the dermatologist for a laser facial is not amiss. While waiting in his office, take your copy of GT and read this issue’s Memorable Romance feature: The Eternal Love of Sassi Punnu. Enjoy the festive season!

Mahlia S. Lon

If you want to learn how to play hard to get and drive men (or women) crazy, look no further. In this issue’s Memorable Romance feature we tell you the story of Sixties model and London It Girl Pattie Boyd. Not only did she get married to not one but two iconic Rockstars, George Harrison of The Beatles and Eric Clapton, but each was inspired to write at least two songs about her that went on to become classics. Ronnie Woods of The Rolling Stones, despite being married at the time, was so smitten with her after a wife-swap session that he too wrote a song about her that The Stones still rock out at concerts. The climax of Pattie’s Rockstar love triangle was played out on electric guitars with amps that were wielded like dueling swords. How thrilling!  Since Pattie’s charms worked so well on these Rock gods who were daily thronged with countless groupies only too willing to do their bidding, imagine what the effect would be on a regular guy.

Our local model du jour pretty Alyzeh Gabol is one smart cookie who in her interview adroitly dodged all questions about the boxer we all want to ask her about.  Does butter not melt in the mouth of this cool headed young woman or is she merely refraining from being a home-wrecker as she claims, you decide. In contrast, Hania Amir is wickedly fun, which sometimes goes wrong on social media. Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore this brash ingénue who loves to spit out her gum at people in a naughty manner.

For your reading pleasure, we are starting a fun new feature called Rumor Has It that will bring you the latest on dits of town, just as your best friend does. Maybe they are true, maybe they are not, but it’s always fun to speculate

Mahlia S. Lon

We have a brilliant Memorable Romance for you in this issue: The seventh century Arab lovers of Layla Majnun who died pining for each other. When I started researching into their lives, I thought how dumb they died so young. What’s the point of that? What I discovered was that this story belongs to a whole sub-genre of tragic love stories in literature of the Muslim world called “Virgin Love Stories.” The relationship between the lovers is never consummated but based solely on an emotional connection so strong that without the “hit” they get from each other, the lovers go mad and die. In repressed societies like ours, all of us have felt the tug of an emotional connection and we don’t realize that it’s literally based on an addiction with the other person acting like a drug. We feel high in that person’s company and low without it. Sufi literature, Urdu ghazals, even Subcontinental films, especially of an older era, all tell the stories of this chaste and pure love, whether it’s between a person and his maker or between two individuals regardless of their relationship. Baring one’s soul is so much more intimate than baring one’s body.

Leaving philosophizing aside, the hip and happening cast of Rangreza regale us with all with their exploits in this GT. They are a riotous lot as you will discover and full of the vigor and hopefulness of youth. In addition, fashion designers par excellence, Farah Talib Azib and Sadaf Fawad Khan share the trends of this bridal season so we can all appear to our best advantage. Dive in!

Mahlia S. Lon

This last fortnight was rocking. It started with the Magnum Party in Lahore, which was more like a show. There was a mannequin wearing a chocolate gown greeting the guests, while a team of confectionary chefs from Scafa were customizing Magnum ice creams at a chocolate bar for the guests. There were models wearing Magnum inspired couture gowns and the piece de resistance was Meesha Shafi belting out her tunes wearing an LED lit Kamiyar Rokni show stopping voluminous evening gown. Next up was PLBW and this season it did not disappoint. At the brand new The Nishat hotel, Emporium Mall, Lahore, PLBW 17 was superbly organized by Sehyr Saigol and PFDC, Selina Rashid Khan and her expert Lotus team, Mustang Productions and the staff at The Nishat. Not only was the entire fashion week very professionally done, but it closed with a bang with Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash singing soulful duets. Selina told me at the close of the proceedings that PFDC rightly decided that fashion weeks in Pakistan needed to change from entertainment to focusing on the business of fashion. Fashion is a huge money making enterprise and can be a value added export for the country if we keep heading in this direction.

As soon as PLBW ended, Élan’s stand alone show Champs de Patchouli took place. It was fittingly different in theme and tone; more a celebration of Khadijah Shah’s standing as a premiere designer and her astounding achievements in such a short time. There are many talented designers, but very few with the business acumen of this bright young woman. Next up, the spotlight shifted to Karachi on to the Hum Style Awards 2017. The show there was stolen by Ayesha Omar in a gorgeous Princess-y garnet coloured tulle ball gown sent over expressly by a Russian designer. Another standout sophisticated look was surprisingly Shoaib Malik’s. Instead of going for a loud suit like many of the other men, he chose a tasteful yet different Scottish tartan jacket. The rest of his suit spoke quietly and his shoes, which I always notice on a man, were those befitting a gentleman. Like they used to say in Virginia Slims ads, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

But don’t just take my word for it, flip through GT and see for yourself.

Mahlia S. Lone

October through March is the height of our wedding/social season. Super duper glamorous events are heading our way, all of which we’ll be bringing you in case you missed one or as a recap. Who was wearing what, who was underground, who is schmoozing whom all becomes clear when you look at the pictures. In fact, when you actually turn up at an event, you “spot” all the celebrities lined up posing for the many waiting photographers, while non-celebs are busy taking selfies. So many a times it’s actually easier to just go through the pages of GT for your fortnightly fill than getting rigged out and turning up at the event. We had the armchair radicals already, now we also have the sofa socialites, and their number is growing. It’s those who like to be in the know but only from the comfort of their own homes. They employ a fashionable been there, done that attitude but with entertaining tittle tattle thrown in.

We have two exclusive shoots with candid interviews for you in this issue: controversial star Humaima Malik and rocker Junaid Khan. Additionally, we’ve covered a young gifted artist who you can start collecting as her painting prices will appreciate, a traditional George V infused Parisian trip, exercise moves that target stubborn belly blubber and a 2000 year old much loved Memorable Romance. Thought you knew all there was to know about Antony and Cleopatra’s forbidden love after having read the play and watched the movie? Think again. Because only at GT do we research our stories so well that we reach for ancient literary classics to dig up the details. Intrigued? Continue reading…

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