Mahlia S. Lon

While as free people it’s our inalienable right to freely express our opinions, it’s not okay for journalists to present conjecture as facts. Media sensationalism sells copy and fills airtime. But one must always remember that it’s infotainment at best, not the truth. In the recent, Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar sexual harassment claim social media was filled with people taking sides, some using expletive filled sentences to do so. When you put yourself out there, then you have to be ready to get trolled. It’s the nature of the beast. What is never okay is to abuse your position of power and trust i.e. a journalist to his/her viewer or reader and present your personal opinion as the only viable truth. At GT, we are careful to not abuse our reader’s trust by feeding them false or biased information. If we are not sure about the credibility of a story, we will tell you clearly. Just as you come back to GT magazine pages and social media accounts loyally again and again, so do we remain faithful in our commitment and troth to you.

On a lighter note, this issue is filled with glamorous parties from Ronak Lakhani’s sundowners do at her palatial home, to HSY’s exclusive fashion show at Wajid Ali Shah’s haveli, the doors of which were opened for an event for the very first time, and to a grand Irani-Pakistani wedding. Before the intense summer heat and the advent of Ramzan, the scene is particularly happening. So sit back and enjoy all the stories, gossip and visuals we have for you as always in GT.

Good Times


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