Mahlia S. Lon

This issue is chock-a-block with talented millennials. First up is the YouTuber Abdullah Qureshi. Like Justin Beiber, he started out singing on YouTube, then, after having acquired a fan following, progressed from there. In just a few years, he has played a couple of hundred concerts both nationally and internationally.

Similarly, the engineer sisters behind the fashion brand Zuria Dor don’t limit themselves with just a local clientele. All their beautiful outfits can be ordered from their website online and they fit beautifully, like a glove. Showcasing their fashion at London Fashion Week, they are poised to take on the world with an entire factory set up—no little workshop for them. Millennials think outside of the box and don’t limit themselves. For them, their world really is their oyster. To meet the rest of our millennial stars, read on.

Good Times


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