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Contemporary brand Zuria Dor has been co-founded by two savvy sisters, Madiha and Kinza Latif. Armed with degrees in product design engineering and aerospace engineering, they are not your run of the mill fashion designers. All of their products are available on their website and fit beautifully without any fittings needed. Their factory too is a sight to behold, a spotless sanctuary behind the Lahore Alhamra with peacocks basking in the sunlight.

To keep in tune with the global trend for sustainable fashion, the Latifs work largely with ethically sourced natural fabrics, and prioritises the welfare of their employees. Madiha and Kinza sit down with Sana Zehra and tell her about their design ethos

What is the biggest fashion mistake women make?

Following trends blindly regardless of whether it suits them. Faux pas!

What is your design aesthetic?

Trendy and elegant

How would you describe your brand?

Mover and shaker

If Zuria Dor could have any celebrity spokes model who would it be?

Michelle Obama or Blake Lively—it would be a tough choice between these fine women.

Favourite place to find budget buys?

Net-A-Porter sales

Favourite place to shop in Lahore and why?


If you’d choose to give any celebrity a makeover who would it be and why?

No comment. Being diplomatic here.

What are the must-haves a woman must have in her closet at all times?

Velvet hangers

Favourite all time designer?

Ralph & Russo

If one is really stuck and you don’t know what to wear, what would you suggest?

Crisp white top and a pair of jeans with a nice belt.

Item worth splurging on?


What helps you get in the zone when you are designing?


Any suggestions for older ladies?

Pick up tips from the younger crowd, they can show you the light.

How do you come up with your designs?

A bit of head banging.

Favourite vacation spot?

Don’t have favourites, but South East Asia, Africa and Europe have pretty fine spots. What matters greatly also is who you are with.

Any fashion related message?

Pakistan needs to use fashion as a soft tool abroad to sell its progressive image.

What are the key trends for bridal and wedding wear for the upcoming season?

Long shirts with lenghas. Unfortunately, the market does not leave much choice for experimentation. In terms of colour, we are going to see more lilac this season.

What are classic silhouettes that flatter every woman?

There is no silhouette that applies to every woman as each individual’s body size and shape is different.

What trends would you like to see die?

Tulip shalwar

What trends would you like to see more women experiment with this season?

Trendier looks

What do you hope to see more of from designers in bridal and wedding wear this season?


What does GT mean to you?

Global trends

“Pakistan needs to use fashion as a soft tool abroad to sell its progressive image”

—Madiha Latif

Key trends in wedding wear:

l Long shirts with lehngas

l Lilac

Who? Ammara Hikmat

Why? That’s an eye-catching necklace pulling the outfit together

Who? Cybil Chowdhry

Why? The model is effortlessly chic

Who? Shazia Ammar

Why? The socialite looks cosy and sophisticated in her jacket and scarf

Who? Amna Baber

Why? Fit and flare dresses are the most flattering

Who? Meesha Shafi

Why? And that’s how you look like an edgy rocker!

Who? Nael Ahmed

Why? His fun sweater and green shoes ensure he’s not lost in a sea of black

Republic Womenswear has become a name synonymous with its dazzling ensembles. Sana Zehra sits down with beautiful Sana Omar, the designer of Republic Womenswear for a one to one

What is the biggest fashion mistake women make?

I believe wearing extremely fitted clothes and heels all the time add no benefit to a woman’s style. Going for a relaxed glam chic look can never go out of style.

What is your design aesthetic?

I would say my design aesthetic is sophisticated and yet it accentuates one’s individuality. Focusing on intricate details and creating experimental silhouettes through couture garments has been our forte.

How would you describe your brand?

Republic Womenswear is for those who have an eye for detail and finesse. As a brand we take pride in dressing the modern independent women of today with effortless yet exquisite style. Our aesthetic is a perfect blend of inventiveness and impeccable artistry, each garment at Republic Womenswear is a testament of our strong craftsmanship with flawless detailing and workmanship.

What are the must-haves a woman must have in her closet at all times?

Skinny jeans not only go with everything, but they flatter almost every body type. A classic dark wash pair is essential for your wardrobe as it can be worn a million ways and is super easy to dress up and still look polished. Having a classic bag can for sure make you feel sassy.

Favourite all time designer?

Karl Lagerfeld is my favourite. Love how his signature aesthetic combines timeless classics with a modern, rock-chic edge

If one is really stuck and doesn’t know what to wear, what would you suggest?

Go with casual-wear and add some glamour with statement shoes or accessories. Nothing like a fuss free effortless luxe look.

What helps you get in the zone when you are designing?

Historic monuments when traveling and street style get me in the designing zone. It uplifts my creativity. Such inspirations take you into a zone where you feel like a design genius.

Favourite place to find budget buys?

Both trendy and timeless, Zara is the perfect store for literally everybody we know. The brand is two steps ahead of everyone and is changing the face of what we expect from high street fashion.

If you’d choose to give any celebrity a makeover who would it be and why?

Maya Ali! She is beautiful but plays it too safe with her sartorial choices. I would love to jazz up her style.

Favourite place to shop and why?

Well, you’re in for a real treat when it comes to shopping in London. It’s not only a top city for visiting but a top one for shopping with its numerous shopping streets and I love how British are so particular with dressing up. I always feel so charged up while shopping in London.

Item worth splurging on?

There are so many if one has to count.

If Republic Womenswear could have any celebrity spokesmodel who would it be?

Queen Rania I wish! There is no doubt she is one of the most stylish royals in the world.

Un BeauReve
By Republic Womenswear

Abdullah Qureshi is young, good-looking and gifted with a deeply soulful voice. In demand for concerts both locally and internationally, this multi-talented musician is sure to go places. Afshan Shafi catches up with Abdullah for a fun rapid fire round and more

How would you describe your journey in the music industry?

I started out doing covers on YouTube until it got banned. But I didn’t stop, I kept releasing studio recorded covers as well as live videos, which got me the initial recognition and because of that I started getting a lot of calls for concerts. Now I have 4-5 originals out and I’m focusing on making original music only. I’ve played more than 150 to 200+ shows easily in the last few years and I’m touring nationally and internationaly right now but it’s just the beginning.

Which musicians inspire you?

There are many. John Mayer, Bob Marley, Dave Grohl, Bruno Mars, Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan, Chris Martin to name a few.

Locally, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Gumby, Mekaal Hasan, Amir Zaki and many more.

Describe your sound in three words.




What is next for you? What are you working on?

I’m coming up with two brand new original songs very soon, and also working on a few commercial projects on the side. There are a lot of surprises in store.

Rapid Fire

Ideal girl:

Beauty with brains and a good sense of music/art

Local/international crush:

Iman Ali, Margot Robbie

Love or money:


Musician you’d love to collaborate with:

Gavin Harrison and A.R. Rahman

Songs on your playlist:

l  These Days by Foo Fighters

l  Havana by Camila Cabello

l  Island In the City by Keeray Makoray

These are the last three played.

Last dream you had:

I saw Quaid-e-Azam holding an apple and nodding in disappointment, that’s all I remember. I think he was sad but don’t know what the apple referred to, maybe he liked apples.

What scares you:

Being in the middle of the ocean, because I don’t know how to swim. And heights.

Where are you happiest:

On stage and when I’m travelling with friends.

1. Index Furniture Pakistan    

For great inspirations for living rooms, get this look and more at Index Furniture Pakistan.

Follow on Instagram  @indexfurniturepakistan

2. FAS Design Studio

By Faraz Abid Sheikhu

FAS Design Studio by Faraz Abid Sheikhu is all about traditional, rich and opulent ensembles with western silhouettes. FAS Design Studio has recently opened its doors in Gulberg, Lahore.

3. Pakistan International Culinary Festival (PICF) 2018   

Spend this Spring’s cool breezy days and beautiful Lahori evenings at the Pakistan International Culinary Festival 2018 (PICF 2018). PICF 2018 brings a wide variety of mouth-watering food, coupled with entertainment for the whole family, including top chefs cooking live on the spot, as well as musical and magic shows, and activities for children. Add a Sufi Night of music to the mix, and you have the recipe for the perfect weekend with the family. Come with your family and friends to the Alhamra Open Air on March 9th, 10th, and 11th for a truly memorable time.

By Afshan Shafi

Greek fashion designer, Celia Kritharioti is is the creative director of the oldest Greek fashion house Kritharioti,established in 1906. It has been featured in Vanity Fair UK as one of six couturiers to watch worldwide. Clientele includes such A-listers as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Paula Patton, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rutherford, Miranda Lambert, Samantha Barks, Maria Menounos, Giuliana Rancic and Gemma Arterton. Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed for Vogue Mexico recently in Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture.

Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Giselle Bundchen, Laetitia Casta, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Karolina Kurkova are the top models who have worked with the brand.

WWD noted of her recent Couture collection at the Ritz at Paris Fashion Week “A literal take on the fairy-tale, the collection was eye-catching but, at times, overwhelming. The dresses held court under the glittery chandeliers and watchful eye of an enthusiastic audience — soft hair, tall heels and fur coats were the dress code”. Read on to see the couture collection and photographer Marleen Serne’s exclusive backstage pictures.

Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018
Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring 2018

Vasli is a couture house that focuses on telling the story of each garment. Beyond the colour, material and cut, the craft that goes in the outfit’s production is highlighted. Minahil Bukhari tells Sana Zehra why she has chosen to tell this story

What trends would you like to see die?

I would like to see the trend of choker necks and ripped jeans waning.

If one is really stuck and don’t know what to wear, what would you suggest?

A plain white shirt with jeans or a plain shalwar kameez paired with a shawl.

Name one most stylish celebrity in the entertainment industry?

Audrey Hepburn was the most sophisticated and classy celebrity. The way she carried herself was remarkable.

If you could live and work as a designer in any era, which one would it be?

I would definitely choose to work during the time of Coco Chanel.

What trends would you like to see more women experiment with this season?

Colour and abstract prints

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I believe that social media plays a vital role in fashion by mixing our traditional fashion with global trends.

If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you chose and why?

I would choose Holly Golightly’s wardrobe in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s a classic.

What was your inspiration behind such an innovative shoot Mujhe dekho andheron me?

I have always seen high end fashion designers and models flaunting their dresses, but we clearly forget the people who actually put so much effort into creating that masterpiece. I wanted to use this campaign as a platform.

Will this fashion campaign do any good to ameliorate the conditions of those fashion workers?

Well I would hope that it at least would help in self-awareness. The change really starts within ourselves. We cannot always be seen as part of the third world with cheaper labor. We cannot step on to people in order to grow. We need to build each other to create a stronger industry.

What outcome do you expect from your latest campaign Mujhe dekho andheron main?

I would expect the acknowledgement of the craftsmen behind it. They put their sweat and blood in each of the couture piece that is displayed anywhere in the posh designer houses. We only see the labels but I want people to see the real hands behind it.


I recently had the good fortune of spending the afternoon with the charming Shammal Qureshi of Toni & Guy, Lahore, who showed me the new label.m  products at his salon. Some of them left me ooh-ing and aah-ing at the new technology and innovation. Here are a few of my favourites:

By Mahlia Lone

Diamond Dust Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner:

Yes, this ultra luxe range is made with black and white diamond dust plus pearl dust, champagne and white rose petal oil. Not only does it give your hair added lustre but a sparkle as well for that special night out.

Sea Salt Spray:

For tousled sexy beachy waves like a California girl, spray on this salty concoction and voila you will get the perfect texture. I always wondered how they did that.

Metallic Highlighting Toner:

These immediately caught my eye. The old technology meant that the spray in temporary colour was dull and made hair feel dry and coated with powder. This amazing new product you simply spray in for instant metallic glamour and best of all, your hair feels glossy to the touch. The spray comes in four colours: brunette, blonde, blue and red and is a perfect for a fun night out.

Texturising Volume Spray:

Who doesn’t like thick, bouncy hair? Usually salon girls backcomb till one ends up with a matted mess of hair. Combining the double duty of a dry shampoo with hairspray, this product adds volume to your hair without the need for any backcombing.

Resurrection Style Dust:

This product is fun to watch in action. Shake the powder in the jar and it expands, then shake it over your hair roots and massage in for lift and volume.

Protein Spray:

This heavenly smelling spray has soya in it and is a great leave in conditioner for fine hair that doesn’t weigh hair down.


This nourishing cream coats parched dull curly hair and transforms it into glossy curls.

Umer Sohail is a fresh name in fashion who has made a mark with his clean and traditional aesthetic. He’s bringing back an utterly elegant point of view that translates into wearable and classic ensembles. Umer speaks to Afshan Shafi about all the aspects of his design philosophy while his stylish muse, Mehek Saeed dons his latest creations

Who would you say is your inspiration to design?

My design inspiration has always been my grandmother.

What kind of woman does your brand aim to cater for?

Women who value our culture and respect the old traditions are Umer Sohail women. The ones who know the true essence of our crafts and  rejoice in our traditions.

What inspires you when you’re designing?

Music is the gateway to my creativity. So when designing I always listen to classical music.

Describe your brand in three words

l  Ethnic

l  Traditional

l  Old School

What are your plans for expanding your brand in the future?

We are currently working on launching a website for catering to our international clients with more ease. Furthermore, we have some accessories projects coming up.

Interview & coordination: Afshan Shafi; Photography: Imran

Muse: Mehak Saeed; Hair & makeup: Zoya Nasir

Rapid Fire

Favourite designers (International and local)

Waseem Khan, Ritu Kumar, Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Elie Saab

Celebs you would love to design for?

Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Kangana Ranaut

Favourite gems

The ruby and diamond necklace that Julia Roberts wore to the opera in the movie Pretty Woman.

This bright green number is by turns festive and resplendent. We love the ethnic necklace Mehek has paired with this, along with the fun khussas!
This navy blue kurta is supremely elegant. Matching flats and pearl earrings give this look a relaxed yet chic vibe.
We love us some lilac and this whole ensemble is a sweep of this pretty colour. Ivory khussas and a distinctive potli make this look a winner!
Traditional, fuss free and classic, Mehek nails this look to a tee. Statement earrings and tangerine khussas round it all off.



Mahlia S. Lon

This issue is chock-a-block with talented millennials. First up is the YouTuber Abdullah Qureshi. Like Justin Beiber, he started out singing on YouTube, then, after having acquired a fan following, progressed from there. In just a few years, he has played a couple of hundred concerts both nationally and internationally.

Similarly, the engineer sisters behind the fashion brand Zuria Dor don’t limit themselves with just a local clientele. All their beautiful outfits can be ordered from their website online and they fit beautifully, like a glove. Showcasing their fashion at London Fashion Week, they are poised to take on the world with an entire factory set up—no little workshop for them. Millennials think outside of the box and don’t limit themselves. For them, their world really is their oyster. To meet the rest of our millennial stars, read on.

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