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If you want to learn how to play hard to get and drive men (or women) crazy, look no further. In this issue’s Memorable Romance feature we tell you the story of Sixties model and London It Girl Pattie Boyd. Not only did she get married to not one but two iconic Rockstars, George Harrison of The Beatles and Eric Clapton, but each was inspired to write at least two songs about her that went on to become classics. Ronnie Woods of The Rolling Stones, despite being married at the time, was so smitten with her after a wife-swap session that he too wrote a song about her that The Stones still rock out at concerts. The climax of Pattie’s Rockstar love triangle was played out on electric guitars with amps that were wielded like dueling swords. How thrilling!  Since Pattie’s charms worked so well on these Rock gods who were daily thronged with countless groupies only too willing to do their bidding, imagine what the effect would be on a regular guy.

Our local model du jour pretty Alyzeh Gabol is one smart cookie who in her interview adroitly dodged all questions about the boxer we all want to ask her about.  Does butter not melt in the mouth of this cool headed young woman or is she merely refraining from being a home-wrecker as she claims, you decide. In contrast, Hania Amir is wickedly fun, which sometimes goes wrong on social media. Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore this brash ingénue who loves to spit out her gum at people in a naughty manner.

For your reading pleasure, we are starting a fun new feature called Rumor Has It that will bring you the latest on dits of town, just as your best friend does. Maybe they are true, maybe they are not, but it’s always fun to speculate

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