Mahlia S. Lon

In the midst of the convivial, fun and swinging wedding season, we give you GT’s first Bridal Issue. It’s crammed with useful information about the latest trends in fashion and beauty, i.e. makeup, hair styling and skin. For this, we have consulted with popular bridal fashion designers, as well as makeup and styling professionals for their tips to ensure you look like the star you are. Additionally, the top dermatologists in the country are offering special discounts just for you dear readers. According to the makeup artists we interviewed, in order for makeup to sit well, it needs a properly primed canvas. For this, in the twenty first century, a little trip to the dermatologist for a laser facial is not amiss. While waiting in his office, take your copy of GT and read this issue’s Memorable Romance feature: The Eternal Love of Sassi Punnu. Enjoy the festive season!

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