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With the social and wedding season upon us, who doesn’t want to know what the latest fashion is? Well, we have in this issue the newest trends as they appeared on the Fashion Pakistan Week runway in Karachi. Firstly, late ‘80s style tasseled dupattas seem to be back in vogue so if you have any lurking around in the back of your closets, do pull them out. Indian style skinny embellished belts holding up saris and dupattas have also appeared here after first inundating Mumbai runways (see last issue). Moorish cuts, embroideries and motifs are also in fashion, as are the universally flattering wrap around shirts. After appearing at NYFW, pink formed the theme of one collection, while quicksilver was the colour theme for another. It’s always good to know what’s going on in the fashion world!

We also have rising actors Arman Ali Khan, Komal Aziz Khan (not related to each other) and model Aneesa Sharif talk about how they are pursuing their ambitions. Musician Junaid Khan tells us why he got together with the Indian band Spunk and the Bangladeshi production house Glitch on the song Talaash. The Subcontinental rockers produced this alternative rock anthem with the laudable motive to promote peace between the neighbouring nations. Hair stylist and owner of the world’s largest Toni & Guy, which is incidentally in Karachi, Saeeda Mandviwalla advises on hair care, while Souchaj fashion designers, Mehek and Mehr, stress the importance of looking elegant and graceful. With this and a lot more, peruse this issue as you enjoy the temperate fall weather.

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