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There’s nothing like the thought of cool water and seaside breeze to bring your body temperature down. With that in mind, we have a delightfully chilling cover feature for you with Moammar Rana and Sonya Hussain, stars of the film Azaadi. Moammar talks about his film comeback, how he maintains his looks and his long standing relationship with his wife, while Sonya talks about her recent relationship breakup and stepping into the film industry. Taifoor Khan gives budding actors tips on the method system of acting by sharing questions he poses himself while preparing for a role. And the members of the alternative rock band Kashmir, the winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, give GT readers a heads-up regarding their tour after Eid.

Socially, lawn launches and iIftaris are the norm this month. Of those who summer abroad, Karachiites have as usual left for cooler climes early, while generally Lahoris leave after Ramzan. Speaking sartorially, whereas I tend to wear flip flops in the summer, for those who fastidiously stick to heels, the new Jimmy Choo Max shoe promises to make you look five inches taller and is being seen on the red carpets the world over. You may want to try on a pair if you are amongst those holidaying abroad. It’s a whopping $1000 but more reasonably priced inspired versions are sure to hit the shops abroad and locally.

In the meanwhile, stay cool!

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