Mahlia S. Lon

Eid collections hit the market well before Ramzan this year. The reason for this is because women like to dress in festive cotton joras for Iftar parties and because they prefer staying indoors when fasting during the hot months rather than hitting the bazaars. This shows how far our fashion industry has come as designers are noting and responding to women’s every need and mood. Where lawn trends are concerned, Chicken Kari (eyelet embroidery) is back in a big way this Ramzan, but this time it’s on denser fabric with bigger eyelet holes.

We have an action-packed issue for you with lots of international fashion as well to keep you connected with what’s going on overseas and across the border. And if the first couple of fasts hit you hard, while away the time reading of Sir Tristan and Princess Isolde’s romance that harkens back to the days of King Arthur. Ramzan Mubarik!

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