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Happy 2018! May it be a safe, peaceful, joyous and prosperous one for all our readers.

As you all know, Shashi Kapoor passed away last December at age 79. In this issue of GT, we look back at his life, acting career and his life-long love for his late wife Jennifer Kendal Kapoor, whom he was in love with from the age of 18 to his last breath. Not only was he one of the few Bollywood stars to never have had any rumours about him but also, after her death from cancer at 50 when he was only 46, Shashi Kapoor never had another relationship, liaison or even close friendship with another woman. That’s quite remarkable since he was such a handsome and charming star who had tens of millions of women lusting after him. He said romantically that there was no other woman in the world like her and theirs was a “Janam janam ka saath.”

While we are on the subject of romance, let’s not forget one of the present time between Zara Noor and Asad Siddique. Both were divorced when their respective families introduced them to each other, but their chemistry was instantaneous. Asad is absolutely smitten with his Zara. The couple has just tied the knot.

Additionally, Juggun Kazim talks about personal relationships and how by being frank about her own life and experiences on her Morning Show she helps her viewers sort out their own issues. Then, fashionable young women style the fabric of the season, velvet, each in her own distinctive way. And, last but not least, we take you around the city of Bath, in the U.K. We Pakistanis have a special affinity to the country, but on your next trip, take a train trip outside of London, there’s so much more to see than just Harrods and Selfridges. Bath is my personal favourite, a beautifully preserved Georgian city that is such a welcome break from being pushed and shoved in Knightsbridge and on Oxford Street. Shopping is great but a dose of culture is de rigueur. Hope you have a fabulous start to a great New Year!

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