Mahlia S. Lone
Mahlia S. Lone

Reality show host turned U.S. President Donald Trump  has been  keeping us entertained not only during the Inauguration, but also with some of his more dubious first acts in office. To be fair, the American stock exchange is responding positively to the changes he’s making. The First Family, including Melania who escaped to NYC immedi- ately after the ceremony on pretext that their son Barron had to go to school when actually his school was closed, also has the world poring over the minutest details, such as the dresses, which of the family’s good looking women looked best and whether the First Lady can indeed be happily married to The Donald. It sure is good entertain- ment for a night in during the chilly weather — reality TV set in the White House, doesn’t get better than that for sheer low brow, mind numbing entertainment.

Locally, this is the season for weddings, weddings and more wed- dings. And, in case you happened to miss one, we at GT are keeping you covered. In fact, the issue starts with Qaim Ali Shah’s granddaughter Moriel’s wedding to Harvard educated entrepreneur Hassan Sultan. With an international cast of characters and set in different locales around the world, the festivities look super fun and you can tell that, unlike a lot of our compatriots  who take everything  too seriously,  these newlyweds have a great sense of humour and lightness of touch.

With the release of Raees starring Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan opposite Bollywood box office King Shah Rukh Khan, we went back to the roots of his successful marriage with Gauri. Despite all the tempta- tions he must encounter, the couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last October and is poised to launch their kids in movies in just a few years time. Theirs is a marriage based not just on shared his- tory and family, but also a pragmatic union with common business inter- ests of building and nurturing the SRK brand, much like the Beckhams. SRK and Gauri are worth a cool $600 million, a successful partnership by any standards.

Fashion-wise. we have a wide range of interesting stories in this issue. Eman Bachani, founder of Meraki Design House, aims to take our local artisans’ craft global. One of her first products is a redesigned khussa that she is selling to clients the world over. She’s even got cute tie dyed khus- sas in her collection. Pat McGrath has a fabulous range of innovative glit- ter makeup products that are just fascinating to look at. Here we have focused on his glitter eye makeup as popularized by Kim Kardashian. Next up will be glitter lips, which though wow to look at, may be a bit uncomfortable to wear. If you like cats, you will love the way this season designers have incorporated them into fashion. Pakistani-Indian lawyer/singer/entrepreneur Kiran Chaudhary’s new label Anaya has practical kameez and pantsuits suitable for any occasion that she plans to mass market.  On the other hand, the uber fashionable  British-Indian Kaur twins have such an exclusive brand that they make only one coat per month, their label PER/se abiding by the #Just One Fashion Philosophy. Enjoy the read!

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