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Aummer is the time for blockbusters. Along with the big budget movie releases, Ali Sethi has launched his Punjabi Gothic video Chan Kithan on Chand Raat of Eid ul Fitr. Ali made this video in collaboration with Seher Tareen of Studio S. The video is a modern day Cinderella story but without the formulaic “happily ever after” ending. You have to watch the video to see the surprise ending. Ali and Seher tell us about the making of the video in this issue.

Stunning leading lady Sana Bucha talks about why she agreed to sign up for her role in Yalghaar, also an Eid release. Based on the Pak Army’s Swat Operation, the movie was made on a whopping budget of Rs 60 crores, took 3 years to make and has a cast of 150 characters—the country’s most ambitious film to date. Sana says this is a story that really needed to be told.

On a lighter note, actor Kent Leung grills his cast mate of Chalay Thay Saath, Syra Shahrose, in a hilarious interview, while Faris Khalid from the same movie reveals how he is capable of cheating in another tongue-in-cheek interview.

With all the temptations that exist in the high flying world of music, being in a long term committed relationship is fraught with pitfalls. Read how Beyonce is not just the saccharine sweet songstresses that she appears, but is quite capable of making her high powered and in the past violent husband, Jay Z, tread the straight and narrow. If he strays, and he does from time to time, she becomes a ferocious diva who not only gets rid of the other woman from his life and tightens his leash but also spins the story and makes money out of it. Of course, people at this high level are more than just individuals; they have a whole PR team behind them, helping them put out their picture perfect image for the world to see.

Pretty Mishayl Hussain is styled by the talented Nishaay Shafi in Zonia Anwar’s Berber inspired Western wear in our Style Me Up feature. I was quite struck by the stylish looks and am looking forward to emulating them myself. If you want to keep up to date with technology, music and fashion, it’s best to take tips from hip and funky youngsters.


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