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Ow! The heat has really hit us and the constant power outages are not helping either. We have a photo shoot for you that will make you feel even hotter and more parched. Even though good looking, young movie stars Syra Shahroz and Bilal Ashraf haven’t been cast opposite each other in a movie as yet, their red hot chemistry fogged up the camera lens during the sizzling and smoking shoot. Casting directors take note.

On the other hand, recently the Hum Awards took place in Lahore and most of the celebs left us underwhelmed by their outfit choices. Apparently, many were scrambling to borrow outfits from fashion designers the night before the event and there was no time for fittings. Please, there is no compulsion to wear a “gown” unless it looks sleek and sophisticated. Wear Eastern attire instead of a lack luster Western creation that looks darzi made. The important thing is to look polished and presentable and that your ensemble is flattering for you. The Hum Showcase in Karachi just prior to this had lovely designer creations and, even in Lahore, I have seen stunning fashion produced by outstanding designers, so where is the disconnect?

Some would say that at this year’s Met Gala in NYC, many of the looks were too far out. Indeed they were, but they were on theme. It was fashion that made a statement: Art of In-between. It was in keeping with the experimental nature of Comme des Garcons’ avant garde designer, Rei Kawakubo’s play on structure and volume. The moral of the story is to take fashion risks, experiment, express yourself, don’t take fashion too seriously, but also keep the occasion and your own body in mind. Think about what you are portraying through your garb.

At the Gala, Serena Williams’ came with her internet genius fiancé in tow. No, he’s not a billionaire but she has amassed a fortune of $150 million through prize money and endorsements. However, he treats her like the Queen she is. Read their story in this issue.

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