Marina Qureshi’s designs can best be described as possessing a quality of quiet extravagance. There is a fiercely tactile sensibility underpinning the overall romance of her aesthetic and an unmistakable gift for detail.  Her latest collection is instantly covetable and replete with Qureshi’s inimitable edge. Titled Broken Nature, it has a palette of teal, black, jewel red and deep purple. There is an appealing modernity to the colour range, outlined in silhouettes that are sharply contained yet flowing. Embellishments include clever inserts of tweed, fringe and ingeniously rendered leather. These are clothes for glamorous dreamers and show-stoppers alike. Marina speaks to Afshan Shafi in an exclusive interview

How do your roots affect your design aesthetic?

Pakistani fashion has evolved immensely over the past decade. I’ve grown up admiring my mom’s traditional vintage attire and I think my love for delicate thread work, sequins and crystals stems from Eastern couture. The combination of intricate embroidery with lustrous textures and detailed cuts define my label.

Who do you feel is the embodiment of your brand?

It’s for every woman who wants to feel special. A lot of effort goes into every piece with close attention to minute details so that when worn, it appears ultra chic yet completely effortless.

Who are your style inspirations?

My style inspiration would be Valentino! I love his cuts, especially how he thinks women should present themselves and the glamour that he represents. It makes you feel confident.

What inspired this collection?

The collection takes inspiration from broken nature not only in deformed patterns, but also in the strong and bold colour palette. Dark burgundy, purple, black and teal conjure up a chemically discoloured forest.

What were your inspirations behind the colour scheme?

The collection is a strong and bold interpretation of a classic theme. The print jacquard used is a distortion of the colouring of nature. Used beautifully in dresses and skirts with signature lace and induced cuts, it captures the essence of the brand’s feminine aesthetic. The classic silhouettes are broken to either induce a different colour vertically/horizontally or merged to create another texture. Fringes are enriched with unexpected colour. Tweed and faux leather have also been used this season following the colour theme.

Broken Nature by Marina Qureshi

Marina Qureshi
Fact Sheet

Dubai based Pakistani

ESMOD and Central Saint Martins

Worn by:
Lara Stone, Ellie Goulding, Amanda Seyfried and Florence Welch.

Featured in:
Vogue (British), InStyle, Velvet, Harper’s Bazaar (Arabia), Chasseur, Grazia, Savoir Flair, Nylon and Elle

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