By Fatima Sheikh 

Denim is no doubt a part of everyone’s closet. No Winter is complete till you have donned your denim jacket and there are some awesome ones to choose from in the market these days. The best thing about denim jackets are that every individual can style and personalise his/her jacket according to the occasion or mood. Here are 10 different types for you to choose from this season.

1. Classic denim
You can never go wrong with a staple piece.

2. Embroidered denim
To personalize, patches are great to express your individuality. Embroidered denim is funky and stands out.

3. Encrusted denim
Turn it up with some wild encrusted jewels on your denim and let yourself really shine.

4. Coloured denim
Add some colour to your life by opting for coloured denim. Ombre denim is also a great trend to try.

5. Ripped denim
The loved up, lived in look is as on point as it gets at the moment. Let your skin play peek a boo.

6. Printed denim
You can now print your personal motto on your favourite denim jacket.

7. Black denim
A long standing alternative to the blue, black denim is also a must have.

8. Cropped denim
A cute, cropped jacket adds just the right amount of oomph.

9. Hooded denim
All hoodie lovers must own one.

10. Long denim
Giving casual a new look, long denim jackets can look racy when worn sans trousers.


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