By Fatima Sheikh

The latest nifty gadgets are one way people proclaim their status as well as stay au courant. Quench your thirst for innovationa nd stay updated by checking out the  best buys the tech world has to offer

New iPads

Finally in 2017, iPads are being refreshed and updated, with emphasis on screen size and pencil stylus. The improvements will be made focusing on the Pro line. We cannot wait!

Google Smartwatch

Google delayed its big software update for Android watches until 2017, and now the company will be launching a new watch. These circular smartwatches are Google’s strategy to add new interest to the market for buyers. Let’s see if they can duplicate Apple’s success of the Apple watch or fall flat.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s opportunity to recover from the losses incurred by Galaxy Note 7 will come with the launch of a new and improved phone. In the spring of 2017, Galaxy S8 is to be launched. The company announced the addition of an artificial intelligence/personal assistance named Viv, programmed by the same people who made Siri. Sounds like fun!

All 4 products are to be launched in 2017. I personally cannot wait to explore the specs of each one of them.

Foldable phone by Samsung

Speculations claim that finally in 2017, Samsung will introduce bendable phone displays, which they have been working on for quite some time. This revolutionary, new technology will be certainly be a game changer.

Good Times


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