By Mahlia Lone

Dr. Tauqeer Ahmad of Signature skin care 

You are more than just a dermatologist. Aren’t you also a licensed international trainer of dermatological techniques?

I am an international trainer for the Happy Lift Non-Surgical Facelift, which offers results for 3-5 years. I also train doctors for Botox, fillers, threads, as well as work training doctors for Soft Surgery System.

Tell us about natural ways to slow down aging. How can a dermatologist help with that?

The natural way to treat the skin is to treat the skin from within, to slow down aging results by including a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as supplements.

What is bespoke signature skincare?

This is our personalised skincare, It treats every aspects of your skin and we have over 1170 different formulations we can use. Depending upon the response, this can be varied to optimize skin radiance and lifting , whilst combating the root cause of the problem.

How does the price compare to drugstore or department store creams?

It compares with the best top end skincare products and contrary to popular belief is very affordable. It is not about how much you are spending but it is how you spend your money.

How does a collagen supplement drink improve skin and hair? Isn’t taking vitamins and minerals the same thing? What about juicing?

A collagen supplement drink is not about drinking collagen but its about taking collagen precursors that stimulate the whole body. Vitamin supplements can be added to this process to further stimulate theprocess.

At what age should a woman really start caring for her skin?

Men and women should start using protection for skin from the age of 20.

If one is on a budget, then what are cost effective and high priority skin treatments to do?

This varies depending on the condition of the skin and should focus on achieving healthy skin, Treatments for all conditions are available at all price points.

Are facials a waste of money?

Anything that cleanses the skin is good as long as there are no harmful products.

If you take care of your skin properly, how many years can you knock off?

The older you get the more years you knock off but 5-10 years is quite realistic.

What are special goodies you are offering only to GT readers?

We offer a free skin analysis and in depth consultation for your skin, as well as special VIP time slots for GT readers.

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