Celebrated stylist, beautician and entrepreneur, Saeeda Mandviwalla launched the first Toni & Guy in Pakistan. Having worked in the hair and skincare industry for more than 15 years, she commands trust and respect, and her goals have always been to push boundaries and take the hair and the skincare industry to the highest level of creativity in the country. Sana Zehra catches up with Saeeda to get the latest scoop on how to keep our locks healthy

What made you come into the field of hairdressing and makeup artistry?

As a teenager growing up in London in the late ‘70s, fashion, music and art would make the most glamorous impression and influence on me. I was always good with art at school, but was confused as to what to choose as a career. “I actually picked this profession through a career guidance book…I opened it, closed my eyes and put my finger on it, that really is the story.”

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should one use?

It really depends on your hair type, texture and colour. You must use a sulphate and paraben free shampoo that has been pre mixed and blended into the product protecting against external environmental factors. Choose a shampoo and a conditioner from the same range as the colour dye because it has a similar formulation. These are made for a specific hair type and a specific purpose. At Toni & Guy salons, we recommend the our range of professional label.m products to cleanse, condition, create and complete.

How often should one wash hair?

Wash your hair three or four times a week. Give your hair a break in between washings to restore its balance. If your roots become oily then I recommend you use label.m Dry Shampoo for a quick pick me up as it eliminates the oiliness from the roots and gives soft-touch, velvet finish to the hair. Rinse out your conditioner with cold water. Hot water is hard on your hair and can lead to split ends and frizz. Rinsing out your conditioner with cold water seals the cuticle, resulting in shiny, bouncy hair. Your hair will soon look more healthy and vibrant than ever.

Women have the tendency of oiling their hair and leaving it one for days. What do you think about that?

Oiling the hair to restore its softness and shine is great; however, there is no need to keep the oil on for days, a couple of hours is good enough. You can apply oil to your hair roots, shaft and especially tips a couple of times a week.  Once every few weeks, give yourself a deep oil conditioning treatment as follows:

Massage Argan or Almond Oil into your hair. Cover your hair and give it a bit of steam with a hot towel. Let the oil sit in your hair for 2 hours. Rinse it out with cool water until the water runs clear, then shampoo and condition. How can we maintain our hair colour at home?

Using a good shampoo will help your colour last longer and help maintain the health of your processed hair. Avoid sulfates on colour-treated hair. Use label.m colour shampoo for dark to brunette shade and brightening blonde shampoo for medium blonde to light blonde and cool blonde shampoo for light blonde to ash tones.

Water, sun exposure and frequent styling with hot tools can make hair colour fade faster. Keep it on lockdown with a pigmented treatment that revitalizes your shade in-between applications. For colour that gets brassy, use a neutralizer that counteracts unwanted warmth. To kick up neutral or warm shades, like reds, you can use a colour enhancing treatment that adds vibrancy, especially on the ends where colour fades most. We, as colour professionals, recommend visiting us for refreshing the colour as often as needed.

Whose hair would you love to work on?

I love to work on all my clients and on all hair textures.  However, if I had to challenge myself I would work on Afro-Caribbean hair.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience while working in this field?

My salon in Karachi  was recognised as the world’s largest Toni & Guy salon and showcased in London as such. That made me very proud.  I was also runner up for the Best International Franchise of the Year award in 2015 at the Toni & Guy Awards Show.

You have worked with so many famous celebrities, is there anyone that stands out as your favourite from a hairstylist’s stand point?

All of the celebrities and famous faces have been amazing to work with. The younger ones are ready to try anything and that’s really great for me as a creative person.

Dos and don’ts of hair care

Do invest in a good haircut.

Caring for your locks becomes so much easier when you are sporting a fabulous ‘wash and wear’ style.

Do wash your hair with the correct products.

Dry hair requires a moisturising shampoo, while oily hair benefits from frequent shampooing with a purifying, oil-regulating shampoo.

Don’t use a brush on wet hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb instead. Start at the ends, gently working your way up towards the roots.

Don’t forget to clean your brushes and combs.

Let them soak in warm, soapy water once a week.

Don’t expose your hair to the sun during the hottest time of the day.

Wear a hat, dupatta or use a hair product containing SPF.

Revitalising hair treatments

Our salons offers Hair Spa Treatments to revive and rejuvenate your hair. There are many treatments available on the menu. These treatments have unique formulations with  ingredients, like label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Complex and Anti-frizz range created to hydrate and nourish with targeted solutions for all hair types.

At Toni & Guy and Essensuals Hairdressing Karachi we offer Hair Spa Treatment’s such as:

  1. Honey and Oat Hair Mask Treatment for dry and dehydrated hair
  2. Therapy Rejuvenating Hair Treatments for moisture and shine
  3. Intensive Hair Mask treatment for very dry hair
  4. Anti Frizz Hair Treatment to remove the frizz from all hair types.
  5. Lab Remedy for Dry & Damaged, Coloured and for itchy scalp.
  6. Gold mask hair treatment with 24 Kt pure gold properties to make the hair shiny strong and healthy.

All of these treatments are very beneficial and give you healthy hair so try them out.

“My salon in Karachi  was recognised as the world’s largest Toni & Guy salon and showcased in London as such”

Rapid fire

Three products a woman should never leave her home without?

Dry shampoo

Protein Spray to protect your hair from UV rays

Lipstick of course

If you weren’t in this business you’d be

An artist as I love to paint

Three qualities that got you where you are today



Hard work

One thing you’re really good at?

My work

Craziest thing you did for love?

You do crazy things for love so I’ve done many.

Best hairstyle according to face shape

Confidence is really all you need to pull off literally any haircut. And while we all think we can get whatever haircut we want, whenever you want, there’s nothing wrong with taking your face shape into cosideration before deciding on the most flattering look cut. This approach will draw attention to your best facial features. It will also give you peace of mind as you sit in front of the mirror and wait for the finished result.

These are the 6 different face shapes that we have:

Oval: Forehead may be slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is about one and a half times the width.

Round: Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.

Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with forehead and jawline roughly the same width.

Oblong: Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval — often with a narrow chin.

Heart: Wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.

Diamond: Narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.

There are cuts designed to suit each. Talk to your stylist before the cut.

One classy dame, Nabila a has made a name for herself in the industry and come a long way from working out of a small one bedroom apartment almost 30 years ago. Today Nabila’s salons are a favourite amongst celebrities and socialites in Pakistan. The noted trendsetter, Nabila tells Sana Zehra the dos and don’ts of salon visits

What is the difference between styling hair for television and movies versus every day wear?

Every day you can’t lie. Your hairstyle has to be quick, efficient and real. Your everyday hair routine should be a shampoo and wearing it natural. The hair cut of choice should be such that your hair is versatile so you can put it up during the day or jazz it up if you have to go out for a fancy evening. It should be easy to live in. For celebrities, we use a lot of hair pieces and hair extensions, etc. Reality and fantasy are two very different things.

What is your #1 hair care tip?

A regular trim is the most important thing, even if you need to do it yourself. Trim your ends every two months.

What’s a celebrity hair secret we might not know about, but should?

Celebrities are usually extremely high maintenance and hair loss is a huge issue for a lot of them. Use of hair extensions and the hair grafting is done a lot to conceal the sparse hair line. Celebrities are real people with work done to make them appear unreal.

Do you believe in DIY recipes for hair?

Yes, for sure! I myself picked up the scissors at the age of 14. You should always experiment but with caution.

Your love for texture is evident in many of the styles that you create. What are some of your can’t-live-without-it products?

The list changes from season to season. Last year it was hair crème, this year it was coconut jam. Right now I’m wearing a very expensive product with sugar syrup. (Pauses) I think it’s sugar syrup.

How do you use hair to evoke sexiness from a woman, regardless of age?

I think clean, effortless and carefree hair is very sexy.

Any good hair tricks for when we wake up and our hair just isn’t behaving?

Gel it back. Always works!

One of the few people you haven’t worked with is the Duchess of Cambridge. What would you do with her hair, given the chance?

She has beautiful hair in a very classic style. It’s the perfect length, perfect colour, and has perfect layers. It’s so classic, it’s almost boring. I would kind of funk it up a little bit.

You think Nabila will go green in the near future?

Most people don’t know this, but I’ve already gone green. I am very conscious about sustainability and recycling. We got the freedom seal on our products and we don’t test on animals. I don’t talk about it just because it’s in fashion but because it is the ethical and the right thing to do and I believe in it. My children won’t have it any other way. Recently, almost a year ago, I also became a vegetarian.

What’s the most boring hair style to do?

It’s the long, layered brown hair that every single woman in Pakistan has. It looks beautiful don’t get me wrong but it’s so boring I have done it with my eyes closed on national TV.

What’s the hardest hair cut to do?

I think a straight line cut is the hardest thing to do. In the past, I’ve been accused of doing it because it was the simplest thing to do. A very famous hairstylist said that even a blind man can cut a straight bob. But that is so far from the truth. A straight cut is almost impossible to achieve. Just think how hard it is for a tailor to stitch a perfect white shirt.

“Celebrities are usually extremely  high maintenance and hair loss is a huge issue for a lot of them”

If I were to tip the salon owner who gives me a cut, is that ok?

In my 32 year long career, I have never been tipped and I don’t know if I would accept it if I were. But a lot of my staff enjoy the perk.

Why does my stylist always try to sell me products at the salon?

Because they get a commission on it. At Nabila, selling is our biggest weakness because I will never sell what I will not buy myself. The other day a client of mine told me that she couldn’t come back for a root touch up for the next three months. I went back in the stock room and brought a cover up spray. Everyone exclaimed what was I doing as she will not come back then. I replied that we need to make the transition easier for our clients and not difficult. I will only sell products that I believe in and not anything else.

 “Is it actually rude to talk on your phone while getting your hair styled?”

It may or may not be rude, but it is very irritating. Even crossing your legs will shift the balance even if you are doing a blunt haircut. It is important to sit symmetrical and still.

I have been told off in London, “Please don’t talk. I’m not here to make friends but to give you a haircut.” Talking too much to the stylist might not be a good idea, but talking on the phone can also be considered rude.

“Clean, effortless and carefree hair is very sexy”

Questions that people are scared to ask their hairstylist that we will ask now:

I have psoriasis/eczema/dandruff. Will my stylist get grossed out?

No, absolutely no. If someone walks in with that problem I’d quickly get them an appointment with my friend the dermatologist before giving him/her a haircut.

Can I ask my hairstylist to trim my facial hair?

At the N-Gents salon, the stylists are all trained to do facial hair trimming.

What can I do about thinning hair?

Unfortunately, not much. If someone is trying to sell you products to stop your hair from falling, don’t get sucked into it. Keep up with your treatments like Vitamins, Mesotherapy and Infrared Light Therapy and go for a Follicular Transplant at an early age when you still have a visible hair line.

Why does my stylist always take off more length than I want?

We are actually accused of taking less length off. I can always cut more later, but I can’t make it longer instantly. So stylists are conservative when it comes to cutting off length. It all starts with a good consultation.

 “Who chooses which magazines the salon has on hand?”

I’m very particular about what I want show in my salon. There have been times I have tossed out tons of magazines.

“Is it weird if I don’t take that product my stylist recommended?”

Absolutely not, don’t feel pressured to buy a product your hairstylist recommends. Go home make your own concoction and see what works best for you.

During the hair wash, is it okay to lie there with closed eyes, right?

We have specifically gotten those hydraulic beds for your shampoo so you can lie back, close your eyes during that time and relax.

Is it poor etiquette to rock up to an appointment with hair that hasn’t been washed for days on end? It’s only going to be washed anyway…

I think it’s okay to come in with dirty hair, like you said it will get washed anyway. But there was a time in the 80s when people used to come with mehndi and oil in their hair, which was too much. We allocate 10 – 12 minutes for a wash so anything that requires more than that would be considered impolite.

If you’ve given the customer a cup of tea/coffee at the start of the appointment, when is the most convenient time for them to drink it? Is it hard to work if they’re constantly leaning forward to take a sip?

(Laughs) Yes, I agree. We give them coffee and a magazine to read but then there is a cat and mouse game happening, which always keeps me entertained.

Eye contact through the mirror: How much is too much?

I always look in the mirror to check the balance and if the hair is sculpted okay. Sometimes the client gives me a nod thinking I might be talking to them. In reality, it’s just me doing my job. I will keep looking in the mirror no matter how awkward it gets.


If you were to ask Emu (husband) three questions what would it be?

What time are you coming home?

What’s for dinner?

Is your Saturday off?

When do you think it’s okay to lie in a relationship?            

Never! And it’s not even okay to think about lying because if you are thinking about lying then chances are it will happen.

If reincarnation was possible, who would you want to be?

Myself for another 53 years

What is the funniest question you’ve ever been asked?

Why do you wear glasses?

Who makes your heart skip a beat?

Every morning when I look at the sun, it’s Nature.

What does love sound like?


Is it weird to talk about personal life?

Yes, we train our staff to always bring the focus back to hair in case personal life comes up as a topic.

Everyone knows that hot and humid weather plays havoc with one’s hair. Not only does it look frizzy and unkempt, but hair loss becomes a major issue. Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed tells Mahlia Lone about the latest technology to combat thinning hair

Explain the biology behind hair.

On average, a human head has 100,000 strands of hair made of keratin, a protein. Each hair grows out of a follicle anchoring it to the scalp. A tiny hair bulb with living hair cells lies at the root; building up the hair shaft and making it grow. Once the hair strand grows out and becomes visible to us, it’s made up of dead cells. Blood vessels in the scalp deliver nutrients to the cells in the hair bulb. Nutrients, hormones, and genes determine your hair’s appearance and growth. That’s why it’s very important to have nutritional and hormonal balance for healthy hair. Viviscal Supplements for Men and for Women are great to ensure your body doesn’t lack in the essential vitamins and minerals. But at the end of its cycle, every strand of hair will shed regardless.

Tell us more about the hair’s lifecycle?

The lifecycle of a strand of hair is approximately six years. The less healthy your hair is, the shorter its lifecycle. Each strand passes through three stages:

Anagen is the active growth phase. The strand sprouts out of the hair follicle and grows for about 2-6 years depending on hair health and genes. About 90 percent of your hair is at this stage at any given time.

Catagen is like hitting a pause button for about a month. This is a transitional phase during which hair growth slows down.

Telogen occurs when the strand stops growing completely, gets detached from the follicle and is shed.

So when is hair loss considered excessive?

In men, it’s when a receding hairline and hair loss at the crown becomes marked due to male pattern baldness. In women, menopause and perimenopause may play a role in marked overall thinning of hair. The hair growth cycle shortens and miniaturization of the hair occurs till it completely stops growing back.

In men, the hormone DHT is mainly to blame and there are several products on the market that block DHT but they carry side effects. In women, it occurs when estrogen levels decrease and androgen levels increase. Again, chemical hormones are proven carcinogens.

“In three to four month InshAllah, you will experience new hair growth and be very pleased with the results”

—Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed

As you know, a natural way to reduce hair loss is to improve the blood circulation of your scalp and deliver much needed nutrients to hair bulbs and follicles. Traditionally, we get oil massage for this reason. A more advanced solution is using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Carboxy therapy and laser treatments for thinning hair, especially if used in conjunction.

That sounds great. What does that entail?

First, a numbing agent is applied to your scalp. While you wait for it to take effect, a laser helmet is slipped on, the light of which stimulates hair growth. A vial of your blood is taken, spun in a centrifuge machine and the enriched cells or the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from it. PRP contains essential proteins needed to stimulate natural hair growth. This plasma is combined with another nutrient rich formula and injected into targeted areas of your scalp using a special PRP gun. It’s a painless procedure. PRP Therapy for hair is done once a month.

As a weekly procedure, I recommend Carboxy Therapy. Again after numbing your scalp, tiny doses of Carbon Dioxide are delivered to your scalp using a needle. Oxygen rich blood rushes to the spot increasing blood circulation.

Combining the two treatments proves most effective.

This sounds very Star Wars Storm Trooper-esque, but how well does it work?

PRP contains a powerful concentration of seven growth factors activated from your own blood that stimulates the stem cells around hair follicles, encouraging hair to grow back that had stopped, as well as makes existing hair grow thicker, stronger, faster and healthier. I also add extra hair growth nutrients to PRP Plus. Depending on your hair loss, a treatment protocol is developed specifically to suit your needs.

In three to four month InshAllah, you will experience new hair growth and be very pleased with the results.

The only time when these treatments may not be effective is when you have a completely smooth scalp and truthfully in that case only a hair transplant will work.

Studio Z owner Zara Bari makes every client feel like a star. Zara gives Sana Zehra great tips for achieving red carpet hair and glowing skin

What products do you use/recommend and why?

I think product usage varies on individual preference and correlation with the environment, i.e. climate. However, the non-negotiable that I insist upon in a healthy regular routine are:

  • Regardless of the number of times, varying from person to person, one must wash hair, sulphate free shampoos and conditioners are the way to go. Simply eradicate the use of detergent or other lustre regressing components.
  • A good sunscreen is a must use/must have at all times.
  • We are fortunate to be in a country where organic items are accessible. Go organic!

There are so many salons opening currently. What does Studio Z have that others don’t?

It’s true that the industry is going through a mushrooming effect. As a result it’s essential to stand apart.

We are a small and involved team, staying ahead of the pack by ensuring product authenticity and specification of needs in accordance with clients. We don’t pursue clients by cross selling impulse driven products or services neither by joining the trend or hype bandwagon.

What is your take on having great hair?

It’s essential to know how to handle your own hair. You can get the colour you want; you can get the style you want; but think how much you want to put you hair through.

At Studio Z, we discourage over colouring, over bleaching and over styling. You may walk in with a makeover agenda for your hair but if the hair strength is compromised, we make it our business to take you through a journey to rebuild, and strengthen your hair first.

Can you please tell us how to keep our skin healthy throughout the year?

Other than sunscreen, it is imperative to know your skin well. Hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and adopt a skincare routine according to the weather. Your routine cleansing must be detailed. Wash your face at intervals, use the right cleaning products, and remove makeup thoroughly. Know your skin well. All the basics!

What is one beauty trick you swear by?

I wish we could sell water bottles as skin tonics. Keep yourself hydrated; no product matters if there isn’t adequate amount of water in your system to cleanse you inside out. When facing breakouts, dryness, roughness of hair notice your water intake and fix it.

What are the current beauty trends making the around?

  • Make a personal statement.
  • Stay subtle but stunning.
  • Keep and carry natural hair texture, brushed up brows and even toned natural skin.

Bare breathable skin with a pop of colour on eyelids.

What are the three makeup items one should not leave out?

  • Moisturizer
  • Mascara
  • Tint

How has makeup evolved in the last few years?

In today’s technologically advanced and research friendly world, a lot of detailing and knowledge of product range availability is needed to make informed choices. The makeup market is highly competitive and extends from drug store brands to high end makeup products. Now makeup is all about individuality unlike earlier s where it was skewed toward the trending colour palette.

“You can get the colour you want; you can get the style you want;

but think how much you want to put you hair through”

What’s most important for brides to remember for their wedding day makeup?

Makeup artists are there to enhance your beauty, and not transform you into somebody else. Embrace your skin tone and your flaws that make you unique. You can carry a look off confidently, if you are comfortable with yourself. Don’t insist on being a photocopy of someone else. Find your own statement look. We can help you with that.

“No product matters if there isn’t adequate amount of water in your system to cleanse you inside out”

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

We don’t overdo or over complicate but emphasise on completing your look. Makeup is no short cut and supposed to be a detailed job. Customisation and personalisation is key. We look at the face, type of person, desired look and style accordingly.

Changing skin tone is a popular request. However, if you try to change your skin tone, you will start looking grey, which is a very common problem. We look towards winning customer trust and try to be on the same page style wise.

Who would you like to give a makeover?

My dream come true would be Shahnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan.

Do you have any favourite makeup products? We’d love to hear!

Here are a few of my favourite makeup products:

  • Musarrat Misbah Foundation. It’s perfect for our skin tones so you may not need a colour corrector with it.
  • Christine Dior Skin Star Foundation. It’s SPF 30 and long wearing.
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  • Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara
  • Becca Highlighters
  • A Girl Pro Conceal & Contour
  • Estee Lauder Pink Kiss Satin Blush
  • Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray.

Photography by Arsalan Bilgrami of A.Bilgrami studio

Mahlia Lone tries out Ava Salon & SPA’s Turkish style Hammam rituals

There are many day spas in Lahore and more than enough salons, but there is only one Turkish style hammam for women. Recently, Ava Turkish Spa opened its doors for business and I was agog with curiosity to try out the treatments on offer.  I went in for the traditional hammam experience. Ava   day spa is centrally located in Mini Market and easy to find. The minute I entered the aromatic fragrance and soothing music lulled my spirit made uneasy by the city’s insane traffic. A cup of flavourful Turkish tea further soothed my ruffled senses.

After undressing and putting on a wrap, I was led to a steam room big enough for two. Since the hammam is a communal experience in Turkey, here it’s been made for two women to ideally share. I would recommend you go with another woman you are close enough to strip in front of and who you are comfortable enough to chat or remain silent with as the mood pleases you. Also, I recommend taking your own bikini as though a washed one is handed to you, the more fastidious ones, like me, would prefer to clothe your modesty in your own undergarments.

An attendant waiting patiently outside the steam room handed me a glass of water to cool me down with a drink and led me to the piece de resistance, the hammam itself.  It’s a large immaculately clean room entirely covered with pristine white marble under a blue dome. Massive white marble lotus shaped basins with wall mounted silver taps lined the sides. The white marble glowing under blue light made it appear otherworldly. I lay down on one of the two massive marble slabs and my two masseuses, Merhma and Zeenat, expertly went to work on me. First, they sloughed off the dead cells with exfoliating mits, then used charcoal soap to wash me and finally a pillow cover filled with air to rub sudsy bubble bath all over my body, a divine, indescribable feeling. I felt like I was being kissed by angels.

My hair was gently shampooed also. Impressed with the quality of service, I asked my two attendants how long their training had lasted for. Three months, they replied, while carefully helping me up from the by now slippery marble slab.

By now, I was so squeaky clean. Next came the step to massage my skin with aromatherapy oil. I was kneaded and massaged till there was not a knot left in my muscles and my skin glowed silky with the oil.


Last came the Jacuzzi, big enough for two, filled with rose petals and a rich bubble bath to wash away the excess oil. This room too was lit dimly with candles to optimize relaxation. Aaah, bliss!

I highly recommend all women to make the hammam a part of their busy lives. It’s especially recommended to get ready for an anniversary, for brides the day before their wedding, or even as a monthly ritual. The whole process takes closer to two hours. If, during Ramzan, you don’t want to sweat in the steam, I suggest trying one of their body wraps. The Cleopatra wrap sounds particularly enticing. More on that another day.

“Ayesha and I took a trip to Turkey and Greece last September. When we were in Istanbul we visited a hammam there. After our services we both were talking about how there are so many spas in Lahore but none offer the hammam. That’s when we decided to tap this market gap and open one in Lahore.” —Ana Ali

Mubashir Khan, one of the long standing, acclaimed hairstylists in our industry, has now opened up his own training academy. When Sana Zehra goes to interview the hair maestro, she observes that his salon is not only tastefully decorated, but also as serene and calm as he is

What made you enter the industry of hairstyling and makeup?

From the very beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to start my career with hair and makeup and take it from there. I hadn’t even had formal training; I slowly started doing makeup first. When Tariq Amin saw me, he suggested I start cutting hair. Then I went for my formal training.

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should we be using?

The job of a shampoo is to cleanse your hair. The moment you start focusing on making your hair silky you start using a stronger product. If your target is softer silkier hair, invest in a good conditioner or a masque. I like Kerastase masques for that. Because the masque is not touching your scalp, that is the right protocol to follow. Use a plain, light weight shampoo and then you use a masque.

What about colour safe shampoo?

That’s a completely different area. Colour safe shampoo is basically sulfate free, meaning it’s free of salt. Salt breaks the colour or the keratin that you may have in your hair. When you use a colour safe shampoo, it prolongs the life of your hair colour.

How often should we wash our hair?

I know people who wash their hair once in 3 weeks and believe me they have the most stunning hair. They only rinse it out in between. I also know people who don’t put anything on their skin, no cleanser no face wash and they have the most beautiful skin. Theory says that washing is essential but practicality wise I’ve seen otherwise. Now, that does not mean you stop washing your hair all of a sudden. Keep your scalp clean that’s my advice.

Are there any treatments that can bring lifeless hair back to life?

Of course! We have Mayo and Mayo plus. When you go to a salon and ask for a protein treatment, they put a masque on and put you under the dryer. That’s not very good for your hair because it affects your hair colour. Your hair will look nice and soft for a day or two max. Our hair mayo is pure protein made from five to six natural ingredients, such as cultured oils, honey and eggs; it’s extremely good for hair fall and dry hair. The results are amazing!

Women have a tendency of oiling their hair and leaving it on for days. Thoughts?

That’s not very good for your hair. Leaving it on for couple of hours is okay but nothing more than that or your pores will get clogged.

There is a huge cry of hair fall in Karachi. What is going on?

You know it’s interesting everyone thinks that change of water causes hair fall. In fact, hair fall is caused by change of climate. It takes about six months for your hair to settle. Some people will lose hair during winter; some will lose it in summer. Nourish your scalp. I might sound like I’m trying to sell my product but Mayo treatments do work.

What’s the best hair style for any face shape?

A ponytail! It’s simple, practical, looks neat and suits everyone unless you are unlucky.

How can you maintain a colour at home?

It is actually a colourist’s job to give you a colour that improves further at home. The nature of colour is such that it will always change no matter what you do. So most people when they pick a colour just think about what will look right at the moment than what it will look like three to four weeks in the future.

Having worked with many famous faces, ex-model Aaminah Haq to this day still remains MubashAr’s favourite

Whose hair you would have loved to work on?

I would have loved to work on Marilyn Monroe’s head of hair. We did a shoot with Aaminah Haq inspired by Marilyn. I think Marilyn had such presence and personality, it would have been awesome.

You’ve worked with so many celebrities, who is your favourite?

I have shot with a lot of celebs and, in my experience; I loved working with Barbara Sharif. She just transforms. Film star Reema has always been naturally beautiful with a lovely personality. But in terms of talent and skills I’ve yet to be impressed by someone like Aaminah Haq. She was the most talented and the most hardworking model I’ve known.

What are the biggest hair care dos and don’ts?

Women abuse their hair when they wash it and then squeeze it after. I can’t even begin to tell you how damaging that is to the hair. Hair is elastic and if you stretch it to its limit then you are damaging it. Back in the day, women used to even beat their hair with a towel after washing it. Women also unravel tangles starting near the scalp instead of the ends.

To get a better understanding of your hair, don’t try to make it listen to you but the other way round.

Beauty trend you think that suits everyone…

Lip gloss

Three products one women should never leave home without.

Lip Colour



Weirdest request ever made by a client?

Having dead straight hair, she wanted to look like Julia Roberts but wouldn’t let me touch a hairdryer.

Our hair mayo is pure protein made from cultured oils, honey and eggs; It’s extremely good for hair fall and dry hair

Worst beauty and hair products?

Waxes are really bad for your hair and I’m not a fan of fake bases.

Lamest beauty trend?

Those long fingernails. Can’t understand.

If you weren’t in this business you would be…

An architect

Three qualities that got you where you are today?


Hard work


Movie with the greatest ending?

The trilogy: Before Sunrise, After Sunset and Before Midnight

Worst pitfall of the job?


Craziest thing you did for love?

I ordered flowers from Switzerland!

Mahnoor Mizka is a certified hair and makeup artist bagging the accolade of being the youngest when she got her license at just 16! Since then, there has been no looking back for this powerhouse. Sana Zehra sits down with Mizka to get the latest on beauty and hair trends

How did you get inspired to be a hair stylist?

I have always been the creative sort and I loved the arts. I feel like an artist needs to express themselves and I felt like hair styling really lets me express my art.

What is your take on bridal makeup?

It should not make you look sharp. One should just enhance the bride’s features, make her best feature pop and make her look graceful. And, yes, I am the red lip kinda gal! For me a bride isn’t fully done up without her pouty red lips.

What is one beauty trick you swear by?

I use a lot of beauty oils on the face. I use Whimsy Beauty face oils and they are the pure sort. Basically, mix your own personal face oil. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing. I even take my makeup off with olive oil.

If you were not a hair stylist or in the beauty business what would you be?

If I wasn’t a beauty expert, I’d still be an entrepreneur. I don’t think I can ever sit in a cubical and work 9-5. I have my own ideas in everything and my own direction in work and so I would still be doing something independently.

What are the three makeup items one should not leave out?

Lash curler


A killer red lipstick

One secret talent you have that no one knew about?

My secret talent is my humour. I feel like I have the talent to please most people because they can have a good laugh with me. That’s why my clients don’t get bored with me. I actually have a good time with all of them.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I’m different from every other stylist is because I don’t have a signature or a specific way of doing work. I work according to my clients and I personally design each individual’s looks, hair or makeup accordingly. Rather than doing the same “signature” style on each person whether or not it suits them. My signature look suits each one’s individual style.

Do you have any favorite makeup products? We’d love to hear.

MAC Ruby Woo. I’m never constant with most things, but this red lip colour is probably one things that would never change. It’s always been my favourite.

What is one thing you enjoy doing the most as a hair stylist?

Seeing the smile on people’s faces after I finish their glam transformations. I really enjoy the fact that I am responsible for a lot of smiles.

I recently had the good fortune of spending the afternoon with the charming Shammal Qureshi of Toni & Guy, Lahore, who showed me the new label.m  products at his salon. Some of them left me ooh-ing and aah-ing at the new technology and innovation. Here are a few of my favourites:

By Mahlia Lone

Diamond Dust Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner:

Yes, this ultra luxe range is made with black and white diamond dust plus pearl dust, champagne and white rose petal oil. Not only does it give your hair added lustre but a sparkle as well for that special night out.

Sea Salt Spray:

For tousled sexy beachy waves like a California girl, spray on this salty concoction and voila you will get the perfect texture. I always wondered how they did that.

Metallic Highlighting Toner:

These immediately caught my eye. The old technology meant that the spray in temporary colour was dull and made hair feel dry and coated with powder. This amazing new product you simply spray in for instant metallic glamour and best of all, your hair feels glossy to the touch. The spray comes in four colours: brunette, blonde, blue and red and is a perfect for a fun night out.

Texturising Volume Spray:

Who doesn’t like thick, bouncy hair? Usually salon girls backcomb till one ends up with a matted mess of hair. Combining the double duty of a dry shampoo with hairspray, this product adds volume to your hair without the need for any backcombing.

Resurrection Style Dust:

This product is fun to watch in action. Shake the powder in the jar and it expands, then shake it over your hair roots and massage in for lift and volume.

Protein Spray:

This heavenly smelling spray has soya in it and is a great leave in conditioner for fine hair that doesn’t weigh hair down.


This nourishing cream coats parched dull curly hair and transforms it into glossy curls.

By Mahlia Lone

Dessange, a legendary name in haircare in France with its flagship salon just off the Champs-Élysées in Paris, has been brought to our country by Dessange Pakistan CEO Farooq Alvi.

Founder Jacques Dessange started his career as the hairdresser of Dior and Chanel models and progressed to mega stars like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda; he’s famously the originator of the coiffé-décoiffé, a modern, easy, gradient cut that emphasizes natural movement and gives a mussed up and tousled, “touch me” look. Dessange also pioneered the balayage (shaded hair colour) technique and, ironically, the “California Blond.” Dessange salon products and services come highly recommended by Vogue magazine and the salons cater to men as well, not just women.

With so much expertise under their belt, I decided to try out a cut by Dessange Pakistan, Lahore branch, hair style director, Peter Bhatti who took me through the steps.

First his assistant prepped my locks with the five minute shampoo protocol. A clay application was applied to my scalp and a protection crème to my strands—a procedure unique to Dessange salons, which ensures your hair is at its peak health all the time, and is built into each hair service. Then, I experienced my first ever super luxurious shampoo locally in a sleek massage chair with a wash basin that actually adjusted to accommodate my head comfortably. Lastly, a mask was applied as a last step. The fragrance of the products was heavenly. Best of all the Phytodess range is sulfate free as well as 90 per cent organic. Sulfate, Peter said, has salt in it, which over time dries up the hair and scalp.

Trainers from the Dessange training centre in Paris came to town earlier this summer to train the local hire in cut, colour, product knowledge, mani-pedi and skin care, Peter said. Every three months, two trainers from Paris will routinely visit to teach the staff two latest cuts and every six months the local directors will attend the training school in Paris for refresher courses. This way the clientele will be assured up to date services.

Sounded impressive. I was now curious to see the results of my cut. Peter expertly advised me what would suit my face as he applied hand sanitizer just as his assistant had done earlier. Not only did the cut freshen up my look, but the blow dry he then gave me was out of this world. He unwrapped fresh-from-the-package brushes (tools are never used twice), which didn’t at all get snagged in my hair like it happens at other salons here. After the blow dry, he used a cold blast and mussed up my hair to give an unbelievably sexy bed hair look that I could never even dream of duplicating myself.

Already happy with my hair, I was then shepherded to the makeup room for the five minute complimentary makeup application. Vicky B., makeup stylist, applied natural looking makeup using Dessange cosmetics. The peachy pink blush he used was exceptionally flattering imparting a fresh and youthful look. The idea is that the clients should leave the salon perfectly polished. There is no need to go home to get ready after a Dessange appointment; you can directly go to lunch or an evening out. Convenience at its best!

I was shown the blue lit hair spa and the body spa with its massage tables and sauna, but the service hadn’t started yet since I had gone at the soft opening. That is for another day.

As I was leaving, I scheduled my next appointment; I was so pleased with the results and left feeling completely relaxed,  happy and pretty.

Fatima Sheikh discovers crucial tips on applying the perfect tone of foundation from certified makeup artist, Saima Yousaf, owner of SYS salon, Lahore, who has taken makeup courses around the world


Our face needs to be covered with skin coloured foundation to appear flawless.


Saima Yousaf completely differs on this point. She tells us that women here are using the same base tone and shades, like NC-5, or FS-45. They are a little too dark for darker skin and a little too pale for fair skin. The base is a composition of pigments and tone, which we should calculate before applying. The shade and the tone are to be decided before deciding the colour. Some women should acquire pigments that consist of more red, some should acquire more yellow, green, blue and some purple. They are all different from each other and they produce different results, which only experts can fully judge before application. The perfect natural end result is apparent to everyone when it appears undetectable. Simply put a person with yellow skin tone cannot apply a red base colour. Suppose a person has pale skin, if we directly apply a skin foundation on it, the end result will never be smooth and subtle, instead it will give a cakey and cracked effect.

“Makeup is an art, but without blending with the right colours it’s lifeless”

—Saima Yousaf Sheikh

These are magic tips and tricks to apply a smooth base. The difficult areas to apply are under the eyes and around the lips. These are the areas where the skin tone is different. What we have to do is accurately reflect the colour of our skin and according to that apply tones to neutralize the shade. You can mix two different shades. 90 per cent skin is two-toned, which is why different shades are mixed. These colours are called colour correctors that neutralize the tone of our skin and make it ready for applying foundation. Mostly, orange tone is applied underneath the eyes because the skin under the eyes is black or brown. Around the lip area the skin is green blue or purple so mixed shades should be applied to neutralize it. Then, the diversity of the tone should be minimized by blending properly.

The side effects of directly applying foundation can be that the face looks very pink or grey, because when applying light foundation on dark skin, it gradually looks a little grey. Also when you apply the same foundation on your cheeks, under the eyes and around your lips, the cheeks take it well, but slowly the other areas start become grey and look odd.

The correct character tone of colours and pigments is very important according to our skin tone. Only then our foundation will become flawless, won’t show any cracks and give a smooth end result.

1. Bye Bye Matte, Hello Gloss!

YES, enough of those patchy matte lips! This summer let’s break out of the rut and bring out those luminous bombshell pouts! It won’t only make your lips look more voluminous but attractive as well.

2. Natural Brows Are In

This summer let’s flaunt our natural brows and not draw those customized brow shapes. Brush through your brows and fill in the natural shape with which you’re blessed.

3. Minimal Contour

Yes, please. We all know how 2016 was ALL about a strong contour game. Well, this year let’s just give that a break and go for minimal contouring. After all, less is always more.

4. Keep all that drama for your lashes

Focus on the lashes this season ladies. Get your best mascaras out and go for those voluminous doll like lashes.

5. Coloured liners it is

Let’s skip the old school black liner and go for blues, purples, pinks, teal and emeralds this season.

When it comes to Hair are you following your Nani’s Totkas (Old wives tales)? following some of these age-old myths may well be damaging your hair.

All types of hair, from lustrous long locks to sassy and chic shorter styles, have their own set of challenges. separating hair myths from facts might help you on your way to catering to your specific hair-type.

Let’s debunk these trickeries and achieve healthy and= gorgeous hair

Shampoo is the reason for hair fall!

Address the real problem rather than blaming shampoo for your thinning locks. Women often face the horror of having to deal with meshes of hair that clog the drain. Hair fall is more noticeable in tubs or on tiles of your bathrooms, but if you start observing carefully, you might find comparatively more hair on your pillow covers. In fact, you are doing more damage to your hair than doing good if you are not washing it regularly, as build-up is a cause of inflammation, which in turn exacerbates hair fall.

To have it looking lush, just go ahead and brush!

The only thing over brushing does to your hair is that it makes it lusterless. Overbrushing does NOT boost blood flow to the scalp, nor does it aid the process, instead it vitiates the growth and damages the cuticles. So brush them once, maximum twice to make sure they look healthy and nice!

Colouring hair = Damage Alert!

People believe that colour treating hair is the second name for hair damage. However, products available for colouring hair these days have more conditioners, making hair more glossy and manageable. Bleaching hair, on the other hand, does make it thinner and brittle. Knock knock! Bleaching and colouring is not the same thing!

Best way to rinse: ice ice baby!

Though taking super hot showers is not good for hair nor the scalp, that doesn’t imply that ice cold water is especially beneficial. It might be a good way to shower in the morning to stay more alert and active but solely doing it for the sake of making your tresses shinier is not a good idea. Better to wash it with lukewarm water as the result won’t be any different.

Trimming often is the key to rapid hair growth!

Cut it or not, your hair will grow approximately half an inch per month. So the only benefit of frequent trims is giving your hair less split ends!

Switching shampoos makes your hair better!

A change is better but not in every case. People believe that prolonged use of a particular brand or variant of shampoo makes it less effective for your hair. Total gibberish! Although you might keep trying different brands to see which one works the best, hair never becomes immune to any product. So if you are happy and satisfied with the one you are using now, carry on with it.

Air drying is better than blow drying!

Let us blow your mind away with this amazing info. By comparing blow drying with air drying, we concluded that as perceived blow drying can cause “some” damage to your hair while air drying too can damage your hair. Experts say that the interior of hair swells if exposed to water for longer periods of time, thus, resulting in more damage than heat styling/drying. If you are running late and want to dry those flicks in an instant, then do it guilt free!

Flat hair can never have a voluminous solution!

People with flat and fine hair seem to give up on the road to thicker and bouncier hair. But don’t lose hope because the equipment today is so advanced that a good 15 minute twirling around with large hot rollers or a curling tong can make your hair go full volume. So if you have resigned on your dream of having voluminous locks then buckle up, get the right equipment or visit a good stylist and your hair can get the bounce and thickness it craves.

Plucking one gray hair brings back two!

A gray hair signifies that your hair has entered the phase of graying but people strongly believe that plucking that one gray hair will double the growth of gray strands. We will recommend you not to launch that plucking war on your hair, not because it will gray more rapidly but because plucking it harms the hair cuticle and root.

Dandruff signifies a dry scalp only!

Newsflash: Dandruff is not just a sign of dryness ,although we have long associated it with a dry scalp only. Dandruff tends to grow due to the type of yeast that overgrows in an oily environment, so to get rid of those dry flakes, look for hair masks or treatments specifically for dandruff and not just for a dry scalp.

By Mahlia Lone

Dr. Tauqeer Ahmad of Signature skin care 

You are more than just a dermatologist. Aren’t you also a licensed international trainer of dermatological techniques?

I am an international trainer for the Happy Lift Non-Surgical Facelift, which offers results for 3-5 years. I also train doctors for Botox, fillers, threads, as well as work training doctors for Soft Surgery System.

Tell us about natural ways to slow down aging. How can a dermatologist help with that?

The natural way to treat the skin is to treat the skin from within, to slow down aging results by including a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as supplements.

What is bespoke signature skincare?

This is our personalised skincare, It treats every aspects of your skin and we have over 1170 different formulations we can use. Depending upon the response, this can be varied to optimize skin radiance and lifting , whilst combating the root cause of the problem.

How does the price compare to drugstore or department store creams?

It compares with the best top end skincare products and contrary to popular belief is very affordable. It is not about how much you are spending but it is how you spend your money.

How does a collagen supplement drink improve skin and hair? Isn’t taking vitamins and minerals the same thing? What about juicing?

A collagen supplement drink is not about drinking collagen but its about taking collagen precursors that stimulate the whole body. Vitamin supplements can be added to this process to further stimulate theprocess.

At what age should a woman really start caring for her skin?

Men and women should start using protection for skin from the age of 20.

If one is on a budget, then what are cost effective and high priority skin treatments to do?

This varies depending on the condition of the skin and should focus on achieving healthy skin, Treatments for all conditions are available at all price points.

Are facials a waste of money?

Anything that cleanses the skin is good as long as there are no harmful products.

If you take care of your skin properly, how many years can you knock off?

The older you get the more years you knock off but 5-10 years is quite realistic.

What are special goodies you are offering only to GT readers?

We offer a free skin analysis and in depth consultation for your skin, as well as special VIP time slots for GT readers.

Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced

This Summer it’s all about soft peachy eye looks with flirty lashes. Peach has a warm tone that is flattering on the South Asian complexion. This rectangular shaped palette is a must have with light pinks and peachy shades with quirky names that give you the perfect natural glam. A combination of 18 shades consisting of favourites like Bless Her Heart, Talk Derby To Me and Charmed, I’m Sure. The pigments will blow your mind. A must have for all you makeup lovers out there.

By Fatima Sheikh

Summer has started! So browse through our favourite summer looks as produced by these five ravishing makeup palettes

Master Palette Mario

by Anastasia

This palette is a makeup lover’s dream come true and comes in a black rectangular box with a brush. The swatches have us watering at the mouth. This one is an all rounder with both dramatic and natural shades. It’s a compilation of 12 shades with one word names like Paris, Isabel and Hollywood. Most of the shades are shimmery and fun to play with. Don’t forget to get your hands on this beauty before it runs out because it is a limited edition set.

Morphe 350

by Morphe

This palette is for all you warm pro makeup lovers who love nudes. Find all your neutrals in one place, including both matte and shimmer shades. We can’t get over how affordable this set is for what it offers: variety, consisting of a whopping 35 shades. It is great for detailing because every shade is precise. It is simple and to the point without any names given. The look it generates is simply flawless–a no makeup makeup look.

The Burgundy Palette Kyshadow

by Kylie Cosmetics  

How can a makeup list be complete without including a Kylie Jenner palette? It comes in a white square kit without any names. There are a total of 9 dark and dusky shades. This palette has the most beautiful colours to create dreamy burgundy and warm looks, which are trending this year. Kylie Cosmetics, whether good or mediocre, are so popular that the products fly off the shelves and are hard to get your hands on.

Modern Renaissance

by Anastasia 

It is the perfect palette for you if you are into bright pinks and burnt oranges, along with neutrals to balance out the colour. It comes in a girlie pink box and has a fluffy eyeshadow brush in it. The names of the shades are so cute like Love Letter and Golden Ochre. These extremely buttery shades will blend like a dream and stay on throughout the day.


Valentine’s is all about love,
and Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 is what we are lusting after this season. This kit elevates your makeup bag to the next level.
first seen on supermodels drenched in glitter lips on the Atelier Versace runaway, Later the secret was revealed by Pat in the form of a magical kit.

Called the most influential make-up artist in the world by none other than Vogue magazine, Pat McGrath’s shimmering shades are like no other. Models, like Maria Carla Boscon, Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Karen Elson, Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell and last but not least Naomi Campbell, have given us some major lip goals by showcasing the look on runways, celebrity events and social media. For some, however, glitter lips can be an acquired taste.

Shay Mitchell

Taylor Hill

Chrissy Teigen

There are 3 kits in total called Flesh, Vermillion Venom and Blood Wine and each kit comes in a pink sequined pouch. For starters, I thought the sequins can be applied on the lips, but that is just McGrath’s presentation of the beautiful product. After all she has been in the business for over 20 years. Each set of the kits contain two complimentary lipsticks, a tube of vinyl gloss, a jar of molten gold powder, and our favourite jar of glitter.

This pretty Cirque du Soleil of glitter comes in a total of 11 shades consisting of six lip
liners, which are all a combination of shimmer, bronze, nudes and tasty reds. four
among These are thick glitter in the tones of blood red, wine red, bronze and gold.

Application Process

First I applied the lip liner, then the gloss that comes with it and later I put my hands straight to the red glitter. This minute long process is definitely a trend that’s here to stay. The look appeared flawless because I had glitter lips with minimal make up. So striking! This kit is surly for goddesses who wish to bring their makeup A game. The combination of the vinyl gloss, shades of lipsticks combined with glitter brings different tones on different lips. If that isn’t magic what is?

Experts know how to perform the perfect application to create the Versace runaway look, but I couldn’t wait to dab some glitter on my lips. Ladies, I bet you would go wild experimenting as well. The brand has also collaborated with Sephora, so you can purchase singles or the full set for $150.

These are versatile looks that can be acquired using this
kit–looks which i created myself assigning names.

Gold Goddess look:
More vinyl gloss and more gold glitter giving a shimmery metallic gold effect. It looks like you have drunk liquid gold.

Red-Wine Goddess look:
Less lip liner and more red glitter for luscious glittery lips.

nude Goddess look:
Less colour to get a more subtle, but still dazzling nude effect.

Multi Goddess look:
Mix a bit of 2 or 3 glitters and lip liner to get a unique multi-coloured shade.

There is room for many more looks once experimented.

“I wanted to create the ultimate editorial kit that takes you from nothing all the way to the most extreme, jewelled,
three-dimensional mouth.”
—pat McGrath

By Fatima Sheikh 

When we say magic we think of glitter, like Tinkerbell’s fairy dust. Glitter can be applied anywhere be it nails, body, hair, etc. Even men have been experimenting by glittering up their beards. For women, glitter lips is such a hot trend right now.

However, the most popular form of application of glitter makeup is on our eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul and adding a little magic to them can be breathtaking.


Pat McGrath has unbelievable glitter makeup products.  Kim Kardashian as  done up by the makeup guru for the cover of The Violet Files

Smoky eye glitter
Who is not in love with a smoky eyes? Add a touch of glitter and what you get is perfection.

Gold eye glitter
It’s a royal and bold look

Red eye glitter
A very seductive look. It’s fresh and edgy at the same time. Make it dark and dusky.

Peacock eye glitter
This over the top eye makeup will make your day.

Silver eye glitter
Silver is the new gold. The silver eye glitter is the easiest look to carry.

Animal print eye glitter
Not for our everyday events, but it is fierce.

Yellow eye glitter
Add black eyeliner with it and rev up the magic.

Nude eye glitter
Always number one for a minimal makeup effect.

Rainbow eye glitter
Not ideal for a sunny day, but works with a toned down face and outfit to balance it out. A look for the bold and daring

Black eye glitter
Cat eye lovers, this one is for you

White eye glitter
A subtle and snowy look, it will turn you into a snow princess

Pink eye glitter
If you are wearing pastels, then this is the perfect combination. Don’t use too dark a tone of pink, but go for a more subtle baby pink.
Minimal makeup or extravagant cat eyes, glitter can pull off any look and give you a completely mesmerizing look. Don’t be afraid to play with different colours and looks of glittery eye makeup.

By Fatima Sheikh 

It’s true that bronzed skin looks healthy, exotic, attractive and expensive–a sign of a luxurious beach holiday perhaps–but some still prefer to be fair and pale. These home remedies are for all those who want that milky white complexion. Forget whitening injections, these tricks and tips not only give you fair skin, but more importantly help your skin become fresh and flawless. Though one should always be comfortable in one’s own skin, taking good care of it is of paramount importance. These tips will delight one and all

Dead cell removal 

Mix together:
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons rice flour
4 tablespoons milk
Mix until the consistency turns into paste
Apply a thick film on your skin like a mask
Now dip a paper towel in goat’s milk and cover your skin with it
Cover the whole hand or body and apply for 20 minutes
Wash it off with mild warm water

Goat’s milk contains skin minerals and vitamin A. This remedy is for removing dead cells of your hands and feet, making them fresher, softer and fairer. Use this continuously for a week for optimal results.

—Kristin Baker

Rose & cucumber mask

1 small cup of fresh rose petals washed thoroughly
1 cup sliced cucumber
1 small cup wheat flour
1 small cup milk

Grind all the ingredients together until it becomes a mask. Then, apply a thick layer on your face until it dries out. Take a cotton ball, soak it in cool water and remove the mask gently. Then rinse it off. Rose petals contain vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the skin from damage. Cucumber is good for hydration and removing skin scars and spots. Wheat flour is a key ingredient for lighter and softer skin. Using this regularly can do wonders.

Apple and honey mask

Take half an apple and peel off the skin
Blend it and put the mixture in a bowl
Add 2 teaspoons yogurt
Add 1 teaspoon honey and blend the mixture
Apply it gently on your skin and leave on for 20 minutes
Rinse off

Apples are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Yogurt exfoliates the skin removing blemishes. Apply this remedy 2-3 times a week for fairer and more radiant skin.

 Scar Removal Mask

3 tablespoon rice flour
1/2 teaspoon of 5% hydrogen peroxide solution
Mix it well, adding 4 tablespoons of Shea Butter
Add juice of 1/2 an orange
Apply the thick paste on your skin for 30 minutes until it is completely dry
Rinse your skin with rice water afterwards

These simple home remedies should be applied according to skin type. It might suit some and might take time for others.

Lemon scrub

2 tablespoons honey
Freshly squuezed juice of 1/2 an orange
Mix properly
Take half a lemon and rub the scrub on your skin using the lemon
Leave on for 25 minutes
Rinse off
The citric acid and vitamin C from the orange juice and lemon results in whiter skin. Apply this remedy regularly. You will start to notice your skin is fairer after only 2 to 3 applications.

Be the judge yourself and love your skin.
Fair or tanned, your skin should always look fresh and flawless.

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