Mahnoor Mizka is a certified hair and makeup artist bagging the accolade of being the youngest when she got her license at just 16! Since then, there has been no looking back for this powerhouse. Sana Zehra sits down with Mizka to get the latest on beauty and hair trends

How did you get inspired to be a hair stylist?

I have always been the creative sort and I loved the arts. I feel like an artist needs to express themselves and I felt like hair styling really lets me express my art.

What is your take on bridal makeup?

It should not make you look sharp. One should just enhance the bride’s features, make her best feature pop and make her look graceful. And, yes, I am the red lip kinda gal! For me a bride isn’t fully done up without her pouty red lips.

What is one beauty trick you swear by?

I use a lot of beauty oils on the face. I use Whimsy Beauty face oils and they are the pure sort. Basically, mix your own personal face oil. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing. I even take my makeup off with olive oil.

If you were not a hair stylist or in the beauty business what would you be?

If I wasn’t a beauty expert, I’d still be an entrepreneur. I don’t think I can ever sit in a cubical and work 9-5. I have my own ideas in everything and my own direction in work and so I would still be doing something independently.

What are the three makeup items one should not leave out?

Lash curler


A killer red lipstick

One secret talent you have that no one knew about?

My secret talent is my humour. I feel like I have the talent to please most people because they can have a good laugh with me. That’s why my clients don’t get bored with me. I actually have a good time with all of them.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I’m different from every other stylist is because I don’t have a signature or a specific way of doing work. I work according to my clients and I personally design each individual’s looks, hair or makeup accordingly. Rather than doing the same “signature” style on each person whether or not it suits them. My signature look suits each one’s individual style.

Do you have any favorite makeup products? We’d love to hear.

MAC Ruby Woo. I’m never constant with most things, but this red lip colour is probably one things that would never change. It’s always been my favourite.

What is one thing you enjoy doing the most as a hair stylist?

Seeing the smile on people’s faces after I finish their glam transformations. I really enjoy the fact that I am responsible for a lot of smiles.


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