When it comes to Hair are you following your Nani’s Totkas (Old wives tales)? following some of these age-old myths may well be damaging your hair.

All types of hair, from lustrous long locks to sassy and chic shorter styles, have their own set of challenges. separating hair myths from facts might help you on your way to catering to your specific hair-type.

Let’s debunk these trickeries and achieve healthy and= gorgeous hair

Shampoo is the reason for hair fall!

Address the real problem rather than blaming shampoo for your thinning locks. Women often face the horror of having to deal with meshes of hair that clog the drain. Hair fall is more noticeable in tubs or on tiles of your bathrooms, but if you start observing carefully, you might find comparatively more hair on your pillow covers. In fact, you are doing more damage to your hair than doing good if you are not washing it regularly, as build-up is a cause of inflammation, which in turn exacerbates hair fall.

To have it looking lush, just go ahead and brush!

The only thing over brushing does to your hair is that it makes it lusterless. Overbrushing does NOT boost blood flow to the scalp, nor does it aid the process, instead it vitiates the growth and damages the cuticles. So brush them once, maximum twice to make sure they look healthy and nice!

Colouring hair = Damage Alert!

People believe that colour treating hair is the second name for hair damage. However, products available for colouring hair these days have more conditioners, making hair more glossy and manageable. Bleaching hair, on the other hand, does make it thinner and brittle. Knock knock! Bleaching and colouring is not the same thing!

Best way to rinse: ice ice baby!

Though taking super hot showers is not good for hair nor the scalp, that doesn’t imply that ice cold water is especially beneficial. It might be a good way to shower in the morning to stay more alert and active but solely doing it for the sake of making your tresses shinier is not a good idea. Better to wash it with lukewarm water as the result won’t be any different.

Trimming often is the key to rapid hair growth!

Cut it or not, your hair will grow approximately half an inch per month. So the only benefit of frequent trims is giving your hair less split ends!

Switching shampoos makes your hair better!

A change is better but not in every case. People believe that prolonged use of a particular brand or variant of shampoo makes it less effective for your hair. Total gibberish! Although you might keep trying different brands to see which one works the best, hair never becomes immune to any product. So if you are happy and satisfied with the one you are using now, carry on with it.

Air drying is better than blow drying!

Let us blow your mind away with this amazing info. By comparing blow drying with air drying, we concluded that as perceived blow drying can cause “some” damage to your hair while air drying too can damage your hair. Experts say that the interior of hair swells if exposed to water for longer periods of time, thus, resulting in more damage than heat styling/drying. If you are running late and want to dry those flicks in an instant, then do it guilt free!

Flat hair can never have a voluminous solution!

People with flat and fine hair seem to give up on the road to thicker and bouncier hair. But don’t lose hope because the equipment today is so advanced that a good 15 minute twirling around with large hot rollers or a curling tong can make your hair go full volume. So if you have resigned on your dream of having voluminous locks then buckle up, get the right equipment or visit a good stylist and your hair can get the bounce and thickness it craves.

Plucking one gray hair brings back two!

A gray hair signifies that your hair has entered the phase of graying but people strongly believe that plucking that one gray hair will double the growth of gray strands. We will recommend you not to launch that plucking war on your hair, not because it will gray more rapidly but because plucking it harms the hair cuticle and root.

Dandruff signifies a dry scalp only!

Newsflash: Dandruff is not just a sign of dryness ,although we have long associated it with a dry scalp only. Dandruff tends to grow due to the type of yeast that overgrows in an oily environment, so to get rid of those dry flakes, look for hair masks or treatments specifically for dandruff and not just for a dry scalp.

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