Studio Z owner Zara Bari makes every client feel like a star. Zara gives Sana Zehra great tips for achieving red carpet hair and glowing skin

What products do you use/recommend and why?

I think product usage varies on individual preference and correlation with the environment, i.e. climate. However, the non-negotiable that I insist upon in a healthy regular routine are:

  • Regardless of the number of times, varying from person to person, one must wash hair, sulphate free shampoos and conditioners are the way to go. Simply eradicate the use of detergent or other lustre regressing components.
  • A good sunscreen is a must use/must have at all times.
  • We are fortunate to be in a country where organic items are accessible. Go organic!

There are so many salons opening currently. What does Studio Z have that others don’t?

It’s true that the industry is going through a mushrooming effect. As a result it’s essential to stand apart.

We are a small and involved team, staying ahead of the pack by ensuring product authenticity and specification of needs in accordance with clients. We don’t pursue clients by cross selling impulse driven products or services neither by joining the trend or hype bandwagon.

What is your take on having great hair?

It’s essential to know how to handle your own hair. You can get the colour you want; you can get the style you want; but think how much you want to put you hair through.

At Studio Z, we discourage over colouring, over bleaching and over styling. You may walk in with a makeover agenda for your hair but if the hair strength is compromised, we make it our business to take you through a journey to rebuild, and strengthen your hair first.

Can you please tell us how to keep our skin healthy throughout the year?

Other than sunscreen, it is imperative to know your skin well. Hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and adopt a skincare routine according to the weather. Your routine cleansing must be detailed. Wash your face at intervals, use the right cleaning products, and remove makeup thoroughly. Know your skin well. All the basics!

What is one beauty trick you swear by?

I wish we could sell water bottles as skin tonics. Keep yourself hydrated; no product matters if there isn’t adequate amount of water in your system to cleanse you inside out. When facing breakouts, dryness, roughness of hair notice your water intake and fix it.

What are the current beauty trends making the around?

  • Make a personal statement.
  • Stay subtle but stunning.
  • Keep and carry natural hair texture, brushed up brows and even toned natural skin.

Bare breathable skin with a pop of colour on eyelids.

What are the three makeup items one should not leave out?

  • Moisturizer
  • Mascara
  • Tint

How has makeup evolved in the last few years?

In today’s technologically advanced and research friendly world, a lot of detailing and knowledge of product range availability is needed to make informed choices. The makeup market is highly competitive and extends from drug store brands to high end makeup products. Now makeup is all about individuality unlike earlier s where it was skewed toward the trending colour palette.

“You can get the colour you want; you can get the style you want;

but think how much you want to put you hair through”

What’s most important for brides to remember for their wedding day makeup?

Makeup artists are there to enhance your beauty, and not transform you into somebody else. Embrace your skin tone and your flaws that make you unique. You can carry a look off confidently, if you are comfortable with yourself. Don’t insist on being a photocopy of someone else. Find your own statement look. We can help you with that.

“No product matters if there isn’t adequate amount of water in your system to cleanse you inside out”

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

We don’t overdo or over complicate but emphasise on completing your look. Makeup is no short cut and supposed to be a detailed job. Customisation and personalisation is key. We look at the face, type of person, desired look and style accordingly.

Changing skin tone is a popular request. However, if you try to change your skin tone, you will start looking grey, which is a very common problem. We look towards winning customer trust and try to be on the same page style wise.

Who would you like to give a makeover?

My dream come true would be Shahnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan.

Do you have any favourite makeup products? We’d love to hear!

Here are a few of my favourite makeup products:

  • Musarrat Misbah Foundation. It’s perfect for our skin tones so you may not need a colour corrector with it.
  • Christine Dior Skin Star Foundation. It’s SPF 30 and long wearing.
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  • Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara
  • Becca Highlighters
  • A Girl Pro Conceal & Contour
  • Estee Lauder Pink Kiss Satin Blush
  • Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray.

Photography by Arsalan Bilgrami of A.Bilgrami studio

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